Sunday, May 16

The Great Leap to The Unknown.

Events would seem to have conspired to prevent postings.
As well as Cat Ownership.

We have had Specialist Doctor Visits to contend with. These bore news. Slightly positive. Rather a lot of Bad.

We have had a Visitor from Another Country.
Since this Visitor named her first born after me~ the Given name I rather dislike~ deference and respect have been accorded, as is only fitting.

I was delighted to see photographs of the beautiful children, two gorgeous little girls, progeny of my namesake.

My Friend and I shared many laughs and reminiscences from the past 45 years of our acquaintance.
Gom was entertained and delighted by the visit from this lovely friend~ who once advised me not to marry Gom!! She is now one of his favourite guests and friends.

During this period, I met the Cat of my Dreams. He is gorgeous, slightly Ginger and so beautiful, I fell instantly in love with him.

I was scolded, and scorned, when I first met him.
Not by the Cat, I hasten to say. He greeted me with joy & positive love!

I was told I do not 'need' a cat. Gom loudly declared this fact.
In fact, he has told me he is leaving home, should I get this cat! I could not be so lucky! 
Only Joking.
(I have a fear of what will happen. The Cat will become his Greatest Love and Fan, and I will be out in the Cold, once again.)
As I stood and communed with this gorgeous cat boy, I was repeatedly told he was "Not for Me!"

I thought about him over the past three days, picturing his lovely face, hearing his voice. I decided if he was still available today, he was mine, and he was meant to be mine.

I collected my daughter and Grandson, & went to get my gorgeous Cat Boy. ( I have a name for him, but do not want to 'jinx' my ownership.)
Imagine my horror, on finding his cage empty.

Imagine my joy, on finding he is still for sale.

However he was unobtainable today.
Tomorrow will be the day he will be able to be collected.
He was 'adopted', but the elderly cat-in-residence could not bear his prescence. So, he was returned.
Poor little Boy.

My daughter has agreed to come with me tomorrow to collect him.
She agrees with me. Life is Bl**dy Short.
Gom sits innocently unaware of our new family member's impending arrival. haha.

I have had travels, and many laughs over the past few days.
I will probably post some of those glimpses of the human condition, over the next few days.

David Gray, Be Mine.


Pauline said...

looking forward to photos of the new cat (and possibly of Gom's face when he realizes...?)

Jennifer said...

Lovely....everyone needs a kitty in their life!

VioletSky said...

Oh, exciting times!
I do hope he turns out to be a great lap cat, full of cuddles.

daysgoby said...

My goodness! Guests and a new lodger!

Can't wait to see his handsome face!

Cathi said...

I cannot wait to see a picture of the new kitty!!

quiltmom said...

HI Meggie,
I love our Orange cat Mars- I was not sure I wanted a cat but Bruce thought we could benefit from a mouser.( She is a hopeless Mouse catcher) but a sweet cat. We love having her- She has coped with her environment having two different dogs. She and the big dog, Venus were good buddies after initial fitz- roar but she and are current dog, Dusty just tolerate one another. They do keep life entertaining. Hope you and Gom enjoy your new pet VBG, Hope Honey and Leo are not too put out by your new guest.
Have a great week,

The Sagittarian said...

Am keen to see your new handsome fella, and find out what his name is...I love ginger cats (and all others)

Warty Mammal said...

I am so glad you're going to have a new cat friend! I hope that his moving in will go fairly smoothly.

ancient one said...

There are bunches of cats around my mom's home and also my sister who lives across the road... no one claims the cats, but everyone feeds them. LOL