Monday, May 24

That heavy, menacing, feeling...

When you know you are in for a dose of the flu, or some hideous cold.
My Daughter has recently been infected.
I have been in confined, close quarters, with similarly infected people.

I tried so hard not to inhale!! haha, Impossible, of course!

In the meantime, I have been getting Cat Scanned.! All my reading choices are being scrutinized. Or catinized!

If they are ok, I might go to sleep, says Morty!

I will rest & relax. Says the New Boss of The House!

On the other hand, you might read something inappropriate, or even 'Bizarre'!! I have to be Vigilant!!

Morty seem to know "Who loves you, Baby?"
He stays close to my side when I am sitting down, & he plays guardedly with Leo, & Honey if she is in the mood, but he steers very clear of Gom.

I have caught Gom trying to win favour, by patting & calling. He even bought Kitty Treats to entice. Morty is very cautious however, & he has steered a wide berth about the Gom,

How stressed does Morty look??

 If I try to post pics in My Choice of location, I am thwarted by Blogger! GRRRR.

Apart from the Domestic Scenes, we have had other Close Encounters.

A sad, elderly woman weeping at the Vet's,` where I went, to adopt Morty. A time of Joy, for me. But such a sad time for this dear old lady.
Her little 13 year old dog, had to be put down. She wept as she paid for the Euthanasia.
Somehow, it seemed so wrong to me, that she had no support, no comfort.
So I put my arms about her, and hugged and patted her, as she mopped her tears.

She paid, and she thanked me for the support. I felt so sorry for her. She had given a loving home to a Rescue dog, who had become the Center of her Universe, as she put it.
She told me she  could not bear to have another dog. She still has a bird. 

I went shopping with my gorgeous Daughter, & we overheard some very strange conversations.

"I said to her, she needn't be impressed by those cars"
"Go & have a look, everyone owns the BMW these days!"
"Some of those Eastern Suburbs guys are bluddy unattracrtive. You need to be more choosey than a bluddy car!!" 
"Look around, they are a dime a dozen!"

I looked at these people, making these declarations, & I privately thought they look like they dont have a "Pot to Piss In" which was the vernacular, back in the day. But I loved them!
They are the salt that keeps this country Honest. They are the reality of this current life.

There have been some shocking political revelations recently, here in New South Wales. Sad, for the most part. On so many levels. I have sympathy for all concerned.

Mark Knopfler, Telegraph Road.
How good is this!!


Jennifer said...

Morty is a beautiful boy, isn't he!

persiflage said...

He is really beautiful How old is he? I wonder whether he and GOM will become friends. Stroking cats is very therapeutic.
I am glad you were able to comfort the woman over the loss of her pet. What a good person you are.

Kate quilts... said...

Morty doesn't look one bit stressed - and nor should he.

Sad for the lady who lost her little dog. It's always difficult.

Molly said...

I'm so glad you were there to comfort that poor lady. Without compassion what use is anything?

Very handsome fellow, that Morty!

Ali Honey said...

Good on you Meg. That sad old lady needed someone.

In the top photo I think Morty is sitting on the mouse? perhaps he knows what it is called.

I think you have your self a new distraction there. That's the best sort of cat scan.

quiltmom said...

Hi Meggie,
I can see that Morty is fitting in just fine- doing what cats do best- helping with the computer and such- He is beautiful- I can see why you chose him..
So sad about the lady and her dog- if you can bear to read a post about loss of a special dog then go to my blog list and read
Be well,

Penny said...

Hello Meggie,
The little cat is such a pretty colour. And he can read as well, perhaps he should run for office...

Marja said...

Oh what a cute cat. We have two cats. One is attached to my son, the other to my husband They don't want to know about me. Only when my husband isn't home the black one sits on my lap.
You are so lovely that you gave that lady a hug
wow. Love the guitar play of mark Knophler

~Sheila~ said...

I do love his majesty.
Cats are such great companions, not demanding or slobbery. I do like dogs, but cats have IT for me.!
I feel deeply with the lady on the loss of her dog. I'm sure your concern helped her through today. Now for the days to follow, who knows. Perhaps she might adopt an older dog..?

Don't you love overhearing convos like that. Better than the telly sometimes..

Katherine said...

Fab track! MK is wonderful.

Tanya said...

You did the right thing putting your arm around the poor woman in the vet's office. I know I would want someone who understood when I had to face the inevitable...