Wednesday, May 26

Quilty Thoughts.

Just a bright spot to begin.

I have had far too little of Quilty content on here lately.

Mostly because I am not really currently doing any quilting. I do have projects awaiting my return, but they remain on the back burner, as it were.

However I would like to mention a wonderful Birthday Giveaway by one of my friends, Miche'le of By Hoki Quilts.

I still love to read all my quilty friends news, and see their wonderful creativity.

I recently tidied the sewing room, and really thought the open spaces would inspire creativity again.
Doesn't seem to be happening.

Distractions in the shape of a kitty, two dogs, and a Gom,  seem to take up my days.

I was kindly given some Chokoes.
When we were children growing up in New Zealand, we had a garden, as did most householders, back in those days.

There were huge Choko vines which grew and flourished, on a trellis our Grandfather had built before his death. Our Grandmother would ask us to pick some fruit and she would prepare them for our tea.
How we loathed them, when we were children. Usually our Grandmother boiled them and then put them into a white sauce.
I was lactose intolerant, so I rather detested white sauces, but I did enjoy the delicate flavour of the chokoes.

My B Brother on the other hand, did not acutally mind white sauce, but he positively cringed at the mere mention of Chokoes, and I know he would have given anything to be able to sabotage those vigorous vines!
The variety we knew back then, bore little resemblance to the ones we see here now.

They were huge creamy/white looking fruit, covered in horrible prickles and the skins were like leather, so every trace of them had to be removed. Then the centre seed area of them was tough and so that had to be carefully cut away.

Sometimes our Grandmother would roast the chokoes, but to my brother, that did nothing to enhance the flavour.
He remains of the opinion that Chokoes should be banished from the planet.
I on the other hand, have grown to be very fond of them, and once paid a rather large sum of money to purchase some, when I was living in the South Island. Chokoes don't like the cold, and I cant remember seeing any growing in Christchurch, when we lived there.

We are having cold wet weather. Ideal to cuddle a cat, or just dream. Or sew, of course, if I could only find my missing mojo!

This is one of my all time favourite pieces of music. I have posted it before, and once had it on the 'soundtrack of my blog', before people found such things irritating.

Just a thought; Why do I find an increasing number of things irritating?
Is it part of the general condition of growing older?

One of my pet hates of the moment, is the habit of people to refer to bast*rds who have committed dastardly deeds, as "Gentlemen". I can hear my mother's voice ranting on here!
She would explode with wrath, and declare the rotter was certainly NO gentleman.
People have lost sight of the meaning of the word!!


Stomper Girl said...

My best friend in Year 12 who worked at McDonalds told me that the McDonald's Apple Pies are actually about half apple, half choko, as chokoes have no flavour and were an inexpensive filler.

I'm really glad you were there for that lady at the vets (your last post), and I think Monty is gorgeous.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Okay, I confess, I have no idea what a choko is......... If they use them for filler in McD's apple pies, then I am assuming they take on the flavor of whatever you apir them with.

Morty is a sweet guy and smart, too. must be fun watching GOM try to win him over.

I, too, am lacking inspiration in the sewing room of late!

ancient one said...

I think I'll go google the choko to see if they have a picture of one. I have no idea what they are. My husband loves the McDonald apple pies... I like the Burger King's apple pie..haha

Enjoyed your last post too! I'm catching up....

Penny said...

Never eaten chokoes - didn't know what to do with them. Now I do mmm...

As for "gentlemen": it used to irritate me the way "lady" is overused as well. That one's definitely changed its meaning.

Thanks for sharing Andres Segovia. When I was a kid my Dad was given tickets to a concert Segovia gave, and Dad took my brother and I along. I'd never heard classical guitar before and was entranced. We met the man after the concert and I still have his autograph. He was a lovely person: he must have been exhausted, after the performance,but he had time to talk to a couple of kids.
Some things stay with you forever.

Jennifer said...

"Recuerdos" is one of my favourite pieces of all time. Perhaps if I had been more diligent when I was younger I could play it on guitar, but I don't think my fingers would do it now, not all those tremolos!

Ali Honey said...

Wonderful gerbras. I like chokoes but hardly ever see them and we don't boher growing them.
Glad new puss is settling in and taking over( grin ).

Mary said...

I had completely forgotten about chokoes in a white sauce. We had a choko vine and mum used to do that too.

I'm with you - I liked it - although until you wrote about it I had completely forgotten that old old memory!

julieQ said...

Hmm, never heard of I googled them! I know what you mean...I don't think we are grouchy, just more selective of what we will tolerate in our lives!

Anonymous said...

Chocoes are ppretty tastless. If I am ever gifted any I usually pair them with a zucchini/garlic/onion/tomato dish. Love the gerberas!

Marja said...

Never seen nor heard of chokoes So not a christchurch thing. So they grow on the North island.

Like your music It sounds very spanish
Have a nice warm day (by the fire)
It is raining here for ages Lots of flooding everywhere and snow in dunedin

Anonymous said...
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