Friday, February 11

Little Wisdoms.

Little Wisdoms, or Life's Free Treats, come in many guises.

One of my little Treats  was upon alighting from our car, I spied the Dandelion in full bloom and full seed.
As I mentally recited, "One year's seeding, Seven year's weeding."
Little SG leapt from the car, and picked the full seed head, declaring.
"Oh Look! An Opportunity for making a Wish!!"
And he blew the little parachutes, loaded with their precious cargo, into the world!

 I decided then and there, I needed to change my perspective and look upon the positive side of life, as it is presented to me.

SG is a source of wonder to us both, as he comes to visit, and spend time with us. He is so aware of the world, while being so aware of all the technological changes that are taking place. He has a very soft heart, and is a very loving, and rather gentle child.

On the other hand, he can exhibit quite ruthless thoughts about various things, when he deems it necessary!
"Well Nanna, dont worry about the Cicadas that Morty caught. Perhaps they were meant to die!"


We made a mercy, or therapeutic, visit to Gom, on his last Hospital  stay- well the Xmas/New Year stay.
We loaded Leo into the car, and took him to the Hospital.
As I led Gom down the corridor to the outside door, he guessed what he was about to see.

His beloved Leo, who was somewhat freaked out at first, and he tried to leap into my lap! However he realised where he belonged in the end, and when I took Gom back to the Ward, he had tears in his eyes. He did declare he was so glad to have seen his 'Best Mate'.

Leo is his constant comfort and companion.
Leo has behavioural problems that our son disapproves of. I do too, but I can see, that out of Gom's narrow, & somewhat miserable life, he needs the comfort of Leo in his sad, diminished, 

On lighter note...
What is it, with me and hats??
I find I hate hats.
I have loathed them since I was very young.

I knitted, but refused to use, hats for my babies. Luckily, it was not really cold when they were born, so hats were not necessary.

I look at women, wearing knitted hats, crocheted hats, which I find very ugly.
Not the acutal hats, but the hats on heads.
I look at Pop Stars, who wear all manner of hats... why?
What are they hiding from?

Is it a way of proving your identity?
I find the male fedora, panama,  or pork pie,  or caps,  of any description to be hideous to my eyes, upon female heads.
And, I must add, offensive to my eyes upon many male heads, also!

My son tells me to loosen up.
Hats are choices.

I just fail to get the message? the meaning? the statement?

How do you feel about Hats??!

Bread, If


crafty cat corner said...

Hi Meggie, thanks for taking a look at my blog, I will be posting more crazy patchwork stuff in the future so keep an eye out.
I love your little dogs, they are so cute, I would love a dog but with the 5 cats I think we have enough to be getting on with.
Send some sunshine over her please, it is so dismal it sometimes gets us down, the sky is a battle ship grey and bearing down. Spring is around the corner so here's hoping it won't be too long before the weather changes.
Aren't grandchildren a joy, they do say some lovely things.
I remember once remarking on how wicked it was to keep a fox tied up and he remarked that it was not wicked it was cruel, his interpretation of wicked was entirely different to mine. lol

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Taking Leo to see his master brought a tear to my eye. Grandchildren are so wonderful, literally, full of wonder. It is sobering to see the world through their eyes. Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

marigold jam said...

I love the story about looking at dandelions in two different ways and applaud your decision to take the positive view of life! Hats - I love them though I hardly ever wear them as my hair gets squashed and when I take one off I look a mess. However I love trying on those wonderful big briummed Ascot type hats just for fun - can't see me ever having occasion to wear one but I can dream! Isn't it great that your little dog is such a comfort to GOM?


Catalyst said...

Great picture of Leo and Les.

As for hats, I love 'em and have a wide variety. But SWMBO won't let me wear ball caps - she says I look like a fool in them.

~Sheila~ said...

I don't like hats much Meggie, but in this cold climate, way North of the Equator, they are often a necessary evil. Until this Winter I have gone hat-less, but did give in a couple of times last month when it was bitterly cold.
GOM looks so happy to have Leo with him. It probably did him good too. They say pets can help lower your BP and help you to relax.
And as for the dandelions..well I'd be quite happy to see a garden full of them right now instead of the snow I can see.

Jennifer said...

Hats......I like a nice hat, a shady brim in summer because I have fair skin, and a warm brimmed hat for winter. Not, heaven forbid, a beanie. What a lovely picture of Gom and his little mate Leo!

ancient one said...

Okay now... go to

and see my great grandson in a hat and necktie... the one with his hands in the air and his tongue hanging out... I love that hat !!

I have never liked the knitted and crochet hats either. My SIL is taking chemo and she is wanting to make some hats for those who lost their hair.

I love your SG... and I remember how tickled my husband was to see his dog when he got home from the hospital...

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie -- what a wonderful story about taking Leo to see GOM! And SG -- what a little sweetheart!

I'm thinking your attitude about hats might change if you'd been here for the last week. Our temps were around -10F in the early morning -- a hat sure keeps those ears more comfortable in that kind of weather!

Jo said...

Hi, Meggie! I haven't had time in a while to visit my favourite bloggers, and I am so sorry to hear of GOM. I feel as if I know him, through your writing.

Please take care of yourself too!

I love your new avatar picture. Very pretty!



Isabelle said...

I am quite ok with hats as long as I don't have to wear them.

Hope GOM gets home safely and that things improve.

The Sagittarian said...

Wonderful, am so glad Leo was able to bring some joy to your GOM. Here's a cyber hug to you all. xx

Meghs said...

THe pets we love can be be a pretty good medicine in themselves can't they!
Having grown up and lived in areas that were scorchingly hot and harsh in summer and very cold in winter, I don't know that I see hats as a particular statement but rather as a practical way of keeping my head cool and comfortable in summer or warm in winter. That, I find, keeps the rest of me more comfortable as well.

Ulrike said...

What a brilliant idea bringing Leo was! And I loved your post the other day with the surprise of the yellow roses.

I have been neglecting blog-land lately, on account of so much else going on. I have missed it and must try to make the time.

I'm wishing you that life does bring you lots of free treats, and that the not-so-positive side of things doesn't get you down.

You write so beautifully and your crossing out words always gives me a good belly-laugh!

Floss said...

I am not looking forward to when LM finds that she can blow Dandelions in the wind, but I knew it is coming and I will have to loosen up about it too.

Anonymous said...

I love the dandelion paragraphs. We call them fairies, and too, we wish on them. Bugger the weeds :)

Cathi said...

I've yet to find a hat that I'll wear -- and in this climate in the winter, I really should! But I'd rather be cold, it seems.
What a great story -- taking the dog to see your husband! Pets really do have a wonderful effect!

Marja said...

Hi Meggie How touching to see Hubby and leo reunited. The dog looks excited on the picture and his boss too.
Loved the story about the dandelion You have indeed a great grand child and I am happy for you that he can cheer you up. Send you lots of love from NZ

Tanya said...

I'm glad to hear that Leo has been cheering up your GOM. They need each other..

Hats, I like trying them on but feel very silly wearing them. The ones that are fashion statements seem to try to hard. The ones that keep me warm... well okay. And the ones that are supposed to be protecting my delicate skin... I need all the help I can get. But right now I'm living with a silly beanie winged hat that goes with my crosswalk guard uniform. It is such an embarrassment and doesn't seem to have much of a purpose. Yuck.

Tanya said...

I'm just hearing about an earthquake in your part of the world. Hope you are alright... Let us know when you can.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely idea taking Leo to see GOM. Great therapeutic value too, I am sure.
And I'm with you about hats.

Pranavam Ravikumar a.k.a. Kochuravi said...

Nice idea, well presented.. My warm wishes!