Monday, February 28

Friends are SO precious!

Recently, because of events outside our control, we have been taking stock of who, and where, and, perhaps, what, we are.

This my beautiful daughter, and I, on her wedding day.

I was so happy to share in her day of Joy, as she married the man of her dreams, and she feels, the man of her destination.

These next photos are from long ago, ~ and may seem inappropriate.
Perhaps I wish to post them, in affirmation of friends, who are gone, and perhaps no longer in our world.

This next photo, is of myself, with a lovely family friend from childhood, who has since died. We were fond friends and shared many memories of growing up together.

Here is a photo of myself on the left, and my BFJ in Nelson, when we went Apple Picking. What a revelation that turned out to be!! We shared our daily grind with an Author, and his beautiful  Nordic wife. They were appalled at the conditions and housing we had to endure.

This photo of BFJ and I, taken in Neslon, would seem to indicate the toll the fresh bread, and the fresh apple diet had taken on us!

 I am sure I had gained a good 10+ pounds. in 'old Money' so to say!!
My goodness, just look at those eyebrows, before I destroyed them..! Those chubby cheeks!!

This next photo is of a lovely Australian "'Gentle Man." He proposed to me, and I I did not accept. He returned to Australia, and proposed again. He was/is a lovely man, and I hope he found the happiness he deserves, when he returned to Australia, without me.
Our friends, truly are, where we find them.

Hope for the future, for all our friends, and all our relatives, and all those we love, who have touched our lives with love, both near and far.

There has been a recent birthday for me, and friends came to celebrate,
Not least of which, was my wonderful, beautiful, halfsister, from NewZealand. It was like a special treat to have her here. She is the image of our mother, and her every experession and mannerism, is like watching our mother, recreated, here on earth. When she left, it was like losing our mother, all over again.

She phoned me today, to give support and love. She is a true, and loving sister.
I am so lucky, with my family, as they are all supportive in our crises.
My dear old 94 year old Uncle rang me to wish me Happy Birthday. He is a lovely man, who never fails to say, "I love you girl!!" His wife is equally wonderful as she had embraced us all as 'her own'. I am blessed with a lovely, loving, and wonderful family, who are both relatives, and friends!

I have had wonderful messages of support and strenghth. over the past few days. We have had phone calls from friends in Christchurch, in resonse to our calls.

We just hope everyone is safe.
Love and thoughts your wayXXXXXXXXX


Jess said...

Lovely, lovely!!

I hope you are well, Meggie.

Bren said...

You have been in my thoughts and prayers! Your daughter is breath-taking! She looks like you! I love the old pics. You are movie star beautiful!

Angie said...

Your daughter is beautiful!, Meggie, and the spitting image of you!! I've thought so much about all of you during these painful times and send healing hugs and thoughts to all of you. My birthday was Saturday (26th), and I thought yours was close to mine so please tell me which day. :) Happy belated birthday, dear friend.

crafty cat corner said...

Thank you for such a lovely post, very heart warming.

ancient one said...

Lovely pics... and wonderful memories you have...loved this post!

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy birthday greetings. There is no greater blessing than great friends and relatives.

Linds said...

Happy Birthday for whenever your special day was, Meggie. I have been thinking about you - and in addition to the normal thinking, there has been NZ as well. So much devastation and sadness. But the rebuilding will start and the city will be stronger. I am just so glad those I know are safe.

Memories are occupying a great deal of my mind too. I think that any crisis seems to trigger the need to remember stuff. Hopefully the good ones outweigh the not so good ones.
Take care, my friend. Lots of love.

Catalyst said...

Belated happy birthday, Meggie. With the tragedy in Christchurch you are in my thoughts often.

Sheila said...

It's nice to look back at old photos and see ourselves as we were.
You were (are) a lovely looking woman.
You have aged well. You must have good genes. You have obviously shared them with your daughter.

Ali Honey said...

Happy Birthday! Oh Meggie. it's tough isn't it having places of the past disappear.
The building I stayed in on my first( accident prone ) visit to Christchurch in 1966 is no more, ( Old red brick 4 storied corner site.) The only other hotel I have stayed in recently is just by Hagley Park so I imagine it is okay.
I have photos just like yours - we must have done much the same things at the same time( hair and dresses suggest so ) Having those photos along with the memories is really nice though.
Stay safe - look for little pleasures my friend. Hugs from Ali.

Thimbleanna said...

Isn't it fun to look over old photos? You and your daughter look so beautiful in the picture. And Happy Belated Birthday Sweet Meggie!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Happy to hear you had a good birthday full of family wishes. Add my good wishes!

Molly said...

So sorry about the damage to your beautiful Christchurch, Meggie, and all the tragic loss of life. Glad that your friends and relatives are safe! Love the old photos! Life would be so much bleaker without the wonder of photography to capture memorable moments for us.....

Happy belated birthday too....May you have many more!

quiltmom said...

Happy Happy Birthday Meggie-
I hope you know what a special lady you are.
I am wishing you a year with renewed health and fun with loved ones.
I loved the photographs- I am sure you and your daughter are often told how much you look like one another.
Friends are treasures and it appears that you have had many with whom you have enjoyed treasured relationships.
Wishing you many more treasured relationships.
Warmest regards,

Kitty said...

Belated happy birthday from a very chilly UK, for you Meggie. I think looking at photos of old friends is a lovely thing to do at any time. Friendship is such a precious thing in our lives. Take care of you. :) x

Marja said...

Belated happy birthday dear. You look so beautiful on the pictures as your daughter does. Is GOM ok?
Yes we experience now how important people are in your life.
On our site of the city things are coming slowly back to life. Lots of shop opened throughout the week, sitting next to buildings broken. But we won't give up. Love from Christchurch

Floss said...

Lovely pics, and happy belated Birthday.