Saturday, February 26

Too Sad For Words...

I have found it almost too sad for words, to post about the Christchurch Earthquake.

How does one write about the destruction of a dearly loved city?

I remember all the good times I spent in that beautiful City.

My Gom was born, and grew to Manhood,  in that City. Our children were born in that City.

I spent very many wonder-filled months in that City, with BFJ, who is my best friend. We laughed and cried together in that wonderful, mysterious, beautiful City.

We ran to work, our black stockinged legs flashing,  through Latimer Square, which became a Triage Center for the wounded in the latest Eathquake.

We smelled the wonderful, woodsmokey air, in the evenings, as we ran home together, from nights out, when we chose to keep our own company.

The Street we shared a flat upon, is now, largely,  destroyed.

My BFJ would now be a widow, ~though not as a result of this earthquake~ but the time has flown, and memories remain, of times, with joy, and laughter. Times as young mothers, young wives. Christchurch was a unique and magical City in many respects.

Memories of times spent with our children, upon the banks of the Avon River. Rambles in the Botanic Gardens, which were, effectively, our back yard, when we lived in the Inner City Hotel.

That Hotel is long gone, pulled down, because of instability, and a lack of interest in restoration. Our Country Hotel is now gone, as a result of the previous Earthquake.

A photo of the rubble left, after the Earthquake.  This was once the Christchurch Anglican Cathedral, which was a landmark and the Central focus of the Square, of Christchurch's Central City. BFJ and I once visited on an Easter Sunday. Goodness knows why.

Another shot of the destroyed Cathedral. Many lives are believed to be lost in this Cathedral, when the earthquake struck.

The Earthquake did not discriminate between Religions. This is a shot of the Catholic Basilica, which stood on a steet BFJ and I once lived upon.

These are before and after photos of Christchurch Cathedral.

We seem to have no anchors left in that beautiful City, we love, and have loved, these many years before.

We have managed to contact most of our friends and the few relatives Gom has left. All say they are well, and safe.

We are nowhere near this disaster, physically, but mentally, it has left us all feeling very sad, depressed, and fearful, for the future of this once glorious city.

Our personal tragedies, and day to day dramas, seem to have little importance, compared to the magnitude of this tragedy.
We still have our lives, and we still have each other.

Chris Bolton. How am I supposed to live without you.


Andrea said...

Truly, truly awful xxx

~Sheila~ said...

So awful Meggie, and when I heard the news I thought immediately of you.

Good news that those you love are safe, but heartbreaking for those who are not.

I'm saddened for you that with all else you are dealing with these days, that your memories must be shattered.

Let's hope that the quakes are over and they will be able to reconstruct the buildings, the lives are another matter.

Thimbleanna said...

Gosh Meggie -- it is terribly sad, isn't it? I can't imagine how heartbreaking it is to live there now. I'm happy to hear that your loved ones are safe!

Catalyst said...

Great sympathy, my friend.

jovaliquilts said...

I'm sure you feel this loss more than most given you used to live there. Everyone touched by the tragedy has been in my mind all week. So sad.

quiltmom said...

Me too - it is so awful to see all the damage in the photographs.
It must be very frightening and depressing all at the same time for the people living in the area.

This has been a hard year for many people in different parts of the world.
We have had more snow than I can remember in a very long time. It is snowing again today but it is a small inconvenience compared to some of the terrible storms down under.
Sending you warm thoughts.
Warmest regards,

ancient one said...

I've thought of you often and your kinfolk since I heard of the earthquake. So glad to hear that all are okay. There's is no way to prepare for an earthquake. I'm sure your title says it all... too sad for words...

VioletSky said...

i was checking in, hoping for a post with some good news from you. I am glad your loved ones are safe. As difficult as it is for many of us to see these pictures of destruction, i can only imagine the pain it must cause to see the familiar being torn apart.

Karen said...

So sad. And so soon after the earlier one. It does humble one to see what nature can do.

Tanya said...

I've been thinking of your GOM because I knew he has relatives there. Though I have never been, I remember wonderful presents from my mother's New Zealand penpal who lived in Christchurch. We've long lost contact with that family but I remember picture postcards and tea towels with the Christchurch on them.
Glad to hear GOM's friends and relatives are safe.

Sue said...

The devastation is awful, so sorry that you've lost those special places that you have such good memories of. But thank God that your friends and relatives are safe.

Pauline said...

Ah Meggie - I'm so sorry to know the loss touched you so directly. It's so hard to see a place once well loved lie in ruins. Keeping you in my thoughts.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I am sorry for your sadness, but glad that your family and friends are safe. Sometimes remembering is almost too sad to bear.