Wednesday, March 9

Brief update.

Gom is home once again.

We had him for 'Gate Pass' days but now they tell us he is not 'bleeding out' fast enough, to qualify as a Patient Transfer. He will have to be referred as an Out patient, and it is our responsibility to see he can attend.

I cannot drive that distance, nor can we travel by train, as suggested by some Doctors. Gom is almost blind, and I am crippled, so train would seem to be no option at all.
Our son had offered to take us, but that may entail his having time off work.

We had been offered a lift with our Son In Law, but seeing he had his hand broken, in the line of his employment, he cannot honour that promise, as he is in a Plaster cast, and a great deal of pain.

The Hospital has a record for hanging theiir employers out to dry. His Human Resources Pitbull representative, today, demanded to know why he was not reporting for work! What the Hell?? He is in pain, and has his hand in a plaster cast, awaiting assessment for surgery to repair the broken bone in his hand. I find the whole procedure ugly, inhumane, and obscene. The HR woman suggested to our daughter, that he needs to look at changing his job! How bloody inappropriate does this woman have to be, before she is sacked? What a horrible individual. No allowance for stress, or pain. A heartless person, just 'following  protocol', to quote her. 

We had learned, earlier in the day, that our GPs are closing their Practice as of this Friday. I cried. I was shattered to learn the male, husband, Doctor.  has his cancer returned. His wife cannot possibly cope with a patient load of 1,000 plus. and I understand, wishes to care for her lovely husband.  We are in mourning for everyone, as they have  become friends, after 12 years of association.

We have had to scramble to find another GP. since we both seem to need ongoing care.  It seems we are lucky to find a practice,  which will accept us. How sad to think our Health system is so bankrupt.

We know Gom will need further tranfusions, but we are told it may be arranged for him to have regular transfions... whether he needs them or not! Hah! What a crock of rot!!
We had previously been advised he bleeds out approx one Unit every 3 days.
The sad fact is, when he comes home he inists on doing stupid things, which I am sure, accelerates his blood loss.

As I told the Dr, the mild, sweet old man they see in the Hospital bed, is nothing like the "Mr Poos", we have to deal with at home!

A very draining and exhausting shouting session ensued today. He went out to sulk, and has not spokent to me since.

Too much info, I guess. but I am at the end of patience, after all the cooking, and visiting, I have provided for him, while he was in Hospital.
He comes home, and turns into Toad. from Toad Hall!! GRRR!

Bryan Adams, Please Forgive Me.


marigold jam said...

Oh Meggie my heart goes out to you - what a horrible time you are having one way and another. It's good to know though that bad things happen in the health system in other places too as our NHS comes in for quite a lot of stick at times! I am sure GOM didn't mean to be such a grouch and it must be hard for him too to be so unwell but that doesn't make it any easier I know. Do hope that it will be your turn for some good things soon.


Thimbleanna said...

Ah Meggie, I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles and really, I'm at a loss for words. I hope you can find a few moments in your day for yourself -- to maybe enjoy a flower or a ray of sunshine or just some simple little thing to keep you going. Sending big hugs to you!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Sometimes it seems a little hopeless, doesn't it? Poor GOM has to be on his best behaviour in hospital and then takes it out on the one he knows will love him in spite of himself.
Health care is an issue everywhere it would seem. We have no health insurance and our doctor has MS and is failing. He camps here and we had a barter system going on. I found a clinic that will take us for what we can pay based on our income, but a trip to the hospital would bankrupt us.
I hope things will be better for you and GOM.

crafty cat corner said...

I was so sad reading your blog today, I know how the system works in this country and yours sounds about the same.
Sometimes I just want nothing to do with human beings and would like nothing better than to just communicate with animals and plants.
Go on, put it all on the blog, at least you will then feel a bit better and I am sure no one minds one bit.
Here's for a better day tomorrow and my good thoughts are going out to you.

~Sheila~ said...

Dear sweet Meggie, it seems you are at the end of your rope. This is so unfair. My dad, must have had a similar problem to GOM, as he used to 'bleed' and required regular transfusion. Can they not provide an ambulance, or is there a 'hospital friends' association that might help..?
If I lived nearby I would drive you..

ancient one said...

Not what I wanted to hear.
Sometimes it just seems to pile on, doesn't it.

I was so hoping that this would be a happy post of how well GOM is doing since going to Sidney, etc. etc...

I know what you mean about doing too much when he gets home. I have one of those men too. I just pray about it and trust GOD to take care of it.

I'm praying that what looks so hopeless now, will be resolved and everything will fall into place so that you and GOM can get the help you need.XX00XX000 (hugs)

Molly said...

What can I say? Sending a hug instead!

anne bebbington said...

sending you (((((mega hugs))))) from the other side of the pond - wish I could give more practical help but wishing and hoping that you will be given the inner strength to cope x x x

Stomper Girl said...

Gee Meggie, this sounds so stressful and awful. Maybe when you find a new GP they can advise you on help for getting GOM into hospital, surely if you can't manage it there are back-ups available. Surely.

Anonymous said...

Dear meggie, take up your son's offer. I am sure that he wants very much the opportunity to do this for you. Wishing you the patience of Ratty as you cope with Mr. Toad.

Karen said...

it is so very difficult to deal with illness during the best of times - but dealing with it and everything you have going on has to be so very hard. My heart goes out to you both and now you are in my prayers as well. I hope for better days ahead for you.

Pauline said...

This is a safe place for you to gripe, Meggie - one needs to vent somewhere to someone! Sorry to hear things are so difficult for you.

Anonymous said...

What an ordeal..............thinking of you. Sending hugs.

Christine Thresh said...

Oh no. If there is such a thing as sending good vibrations to you to give you strength to cope, we are all sending them with love.

Kathy said that GOM takes his anger out on "the one he knows will love him in spite of himself." So true.

Isabelle said...

Oh Meggie, much sympathy from me too.