Saturday, March 12

Global Crises

Our particular little crises, seem to pale in comparison to the Global disasters we are witnessing.

Our beloved Christchurch, virtually destroyed.

Now.  the hideous Earthquake in Japan.

We  watch the events unfold, in fascinated horror. We feel ashamed at watching, but we want to know the magnitude and we  feel for the suffering of so many.

We are quietly disgusted at the Media take upon it all. The incessant braying about the 'death toll'.?? What the Hell is that about?

They should surely be celebrating the living? Incomprehensible.
As our son would say; 'People are "No Damn Good"!'

Our thoughts and hopes are with the folks of all Earthquake affected areas.

We consider ourselves 'lucky; to just be dealing with personal 'crubbish'!.
I shamelessly stole this word from Kitty,  who is a long time friend and blogger. I am sure she will understand, and forgive my stealth.

Gom is very unwell, once more, and I have had some further health issues. I refuse to address those at this time, and just want Gom to get the attention he needs.

I confess there have been moments when I have wished I could just drop dead, and not have to cope with anything, anymore!

There have been moments of such sadness, when we said Goodbye to our lady GP, as she has retired to look after her husband, who is forced to retire, due to his ongoing health crisis.
They are facing the return of her husband's Cancer. Everyone who knows them is  utterly devastated by this news.

They have been such dedicated and caring Doctors, and they are/were a dying breed. True, Family GP's.

As our lady GP said, no one wants to work the long hours they did. No one wants to have to care, when they go home. Nowadays Doctors want to work out of Medical Centers, where they can "piss off home and forget it all" when their shift is over, to quote our lady GP. She is so right!

The beautiful receptionists, who were always so courteous and kind, and understanding, as they 'knew us' and knew our particular problems. How they will be missed!
So many receptionists seem to be Rottweilers or Pit bulls these days.

This is the way of the world now.

I have to add something happy to this post.
This is my Great Nephew, who has just turned Three, What a gorgeous boy, and Hope for the Future.

Sheryl  Crow, & Sting.


ancient one said...

Let me start with the end of your post. You have a very handsome Great Nephew. You know how I am about babies and young ones. GaGa..

I'm sorry that GOM is still having problems and hope that your health problems are the kind that can wait. I do hope you are taking care of yourself.

My BIL (who's wife is taking chemo) is now in the heart center. He was to have more kidney stones removed and had a heart attack before they got started. Now they say the heart has to be fixed before they can take care of the stones. SIL is staying with him as much as possible. Every night so far. We worry about her as well as him.

The earthquake was so terrible and I worried about all the people in Japan. But my main worry was my granddaughter in Hawaii (tsunami)and am so thankful that she was safe. Your son is right. We should know that all of us are just human beings and stop all the fussing and fighting and help each other.

My mother's GP doctor is alot like yours. We got out of there at noon yesterday and that was closing. I went behind the building to get to the drive in drug store and there was the doctor with a stack of patient files as high as she was, heading to her car. It is comforting to know that she cares enough to study up even when she is off.

One more thing. I really, really, love the picture of you on the side bar. Beautiful !!

Isabelle said...

You do sound down, Meggie. Hope you find yourself some free treats to cheer things up a bit. And that you and GOM get stronger.

Jennifer said...

Doctor's receptionists have always been rottweilers, in my memory! Hope you are able to find another sympathetic doctor, it's not always easy is it. Best wishes to you and Gom, take care of your own health - you are both important, neither one more than the other.

Fi from Four Paws and Whiskers said...

Don't you dare neglect yourself - get some help and treatment - you will be drained looking after GOM and need to be at your best, not tired and rundown.

Christchurch will rise from the ashes - seeing Japan will remind us all we have got off lightly. Despite the loss of buildings, we did not get a tsunami and although ife is different, it is just a matter of adapting to the changes... for many, it means getting out of a rut!

Molly said...

What a sweet, innocent face! Here's to life treating him gently. I hope that knowing you have so many well wishers around the world will cheer you and give you courage to go on Meggie.

The Sagittarian said...

I do hope you are taking care of yourself as well, you have to be in a position to be able to care for GOM and that means being well (if you can be). Sounds all very difficult for you and I wish there was something we could do to help. Sending you a cyber hug is the best I can do today! xx

~Sheila~ said...

Hopefully there will be a suitable replacement for your GP Mr and Mrs?
I hate changing Doctors or change of any kind. Don't neglect your own problems for too long Meggie, take car of your self.
I can see why you adore that little chap. He looks lovely.
Your brother's grandson if I remember correctly?
These terrible earthquakes do make us count our blessings but that doesn't make our own problems any less worrying.
All the best

anne bebbington said...

Meggie that little chap is just such a cutie - boy will he break some hearts a few years down the line :)

Pauline said...

Thinking of you Meggie as you wade through the latest round of doctors. Keep that photo of your beautiful nephew handy and look at it often - it will make you feel better.

Marja said...

So sorry to hear about GOM I can understand that there are moments of despair. It must be hard. You look first after GOM AND yourself.
What a gorgeous little nephew you have.