Tuesday, June 5

Just the Random...

This is a nonsensical post, about the randomness of my (or anyone's) life.

As many of you know, I have had a rotten previous fourteen, or eighteen, or,more  realistically, twentyfour months, in my life.

Life tends to be like that, with random swings to good fortune, and the alternate swing into hell. With no bells, cushions or creature comforts.

I suppose it could be said, that our 'upswings' have no fanfare, either. Other than what we might afford it/them.

We tend not to notice the upswings, and almost choose to register only the downturns.

I have been watching 'Her Maj ' conduct herself with diginity and grace, & we are all aware that her life has not been plain sailing, and she has had to endure some hideous events.
I am stunned, and a little envious, that Her Maj can still wear high heels at her age.
I am lucky to crawl some days, let alone prance about, ~well maybe she is not prancing, exactly~ in low down sneakers.

I had a recent Ultrasound perfomed and the man who was doing the sounding, got into conversation with me.
He told me had been a sheep farmer, and now lives in Sydney, and is learning to like fish on his menu. He also said he will never eat sheep meat again, whether it be lamb hoggart or mutton! Fair enough, neither will I.
I am left kicking myself, for not asking how he became an Ultrasound Technician, after being a sheep farmer!
The question haunts me every day, as I ponder the turn in his life that could have led him to become an Ultrasound technician.
And yes, he is a genuine Ultrasoundist, he did not fall off a passing sheep truck. As he is an older man, I am assuming he took some 'mature age' training. He works for a reputable Medical Center, and did send the results to the requesting Dr.
(Results OK as it happens~ Just in case you are left wondering about the outcome.)

Son came home today, to go through some paces, with various Occ Therapy and Physio persons.
He will be 'let out'  to return home to live, on Thurs, all being well.
Morty was quite happy to see him, and Honey was positively overjoyed.

We asked could he stay home for lunch and he was happy to be able to drive us/himself back to the dreaded hospital, with it's grim room, and boring bland food.

The City Hospital, where his surgery was performed, has an almost restaurant quality food menu, and even some mulitple choices. The horror of the local food has to be sampled to be believed, and yes, I have sampled it, in my recent stay.
Who would have guessed that Lentils could be stuffed up and ruined?

I know my driving slightly 'disturbs' Son, and lately, it downright terrifies me!
I seem to have become 'spatially challenged' as it were, and parking the car has become a task/chore/challenge to be laughed at! Or cried at depending on one's mood.
(Mine is always the diagonally parked vehicle, in the straight parking bay, in case you are looking.)

I am waiting for the opportunity, should someone toot their bloody horn at me, such as the cow who almost reversed into the front of my vehicle, ~ to leap out and offer to toot their horn, while they check my car for dents and damages! Grrrr

It is raining, and has become very cold. We are advised that the weather will be very ugly this evening, with much rain, and high winds. Nothing new there, then. Very inclement.

I have always loved Autumn the most out of all the Seasons, but now, I am finding it tinged with much sadness, and find I regard the dead and fallen leaves with quite a changed perception, and somehow feel it will never be the same for me.
I loved the spectacular Autums in Christchurch, and know now I will never see another Autumn in that ruined city.

Just one more random. Why am I craving nothing but seafood of late?? haha, my childbearing days are well over, and as far as I am aware I have no deficiencies as per diet. My body must be craving something in the seafood and fish, that no other food has to offer.

I have posted this before. I still love it!
Porcupine Pie. Neil Diamond.


marigold jam said...

Great post Meggie. Glad that your son is making progress and that your ultrasound scan found nothing sinister. It's true that life is a series of seemingly random times. Ultrasound scanner from Sheep farmer sounds very random! Her Maj is amazing isn't she and she too has had her ups and downs and an "annus horribilis" as she called one year. Poor old Philip is in hospital now though - maybe too much for him on Sunday! But I would like to think we might be like them at their age - though I suspect we commoners are not made of quite the same stern stuff!

Nadine said...

Oh yes, I do agree, GREAT post Meggie!
No matter the subject, be it sad, melancholic, or simply daily-life, you always hit something in me and bring me to some quiet self reflections (including your music!). THANKS for that, dear ;>)
I'm so happy that your courageous son is feeling better and I do hope this new challenging life of him will somehow bring new horizons and accomplishments...
NO high heels for me, either, Meggie, but did we ever got an "army" of diligent, caring people, just paid for
checking the well-being of our poor feet & leggs ?
On the other hand, I wonder if her Majesty ever experienced the joy of walking barefeet in the grass ? ;>)
Autumn used to be my favourite season as well, because of the colours, although now bringing some nostalgia to me and I understand your feelings...
Some years ago, my life totally fell into ruins of which I thought I'd never recover. And then there was that little sentence of Maya Angelou that still accompanies me every day :
"self-espression heals the wounded heart"
those 6 little words lead me to patchwork handpiecing and I'm So grateful.
I'm still mourning, I'm still feeling that "big hole" into myself, I'm still wounded... but I can now peacefully reflect on my life's ups AND downs, while handpiecing those patches of my life.

In thoughts with you, dear Meggie.

Nadine said...

PS : NO good parking for me, either ! HeeHee...

ancient one said...

And as I read your post this morning I thought of Her Maj being alone today as her husband had been hospitalized with a bladder infection. It happens to all of us no matter our status in life.

I was so happy to hear that your son got to come home and was able to drive back to the hospital.

I have never knowingly eaten any form of sheep. There really aren't many raised in my part of the country. AND I have never eaten goat. LOL

Don't worry about parking.. as long as you stay in the lines.. (that's my rule, haha)

We're having an overcast day. It feels like the sun just doesn't want to get up this moring. Hope today is good for you!! XX

*Sheila* said...

I'm so pleased to hear that your son has been able to have a visit home, and was able to drive no less. Great news, and a sign that things are getting better. My parking sucks too, but at least we are aware of that and don't ding other peoples cars in the attempt. I try to park where there are less cars even if it means I have to walk a bit further to get where I'm going. As for high heels, well since I'm quite tall I've never been much for wearing them anyway. As for Prince Phillip being in hospital. She will not visit him (according to the BBC news) so I suppose they 'communicate' by phone. Probably a blessing, because if he's anything like my hubby, he is all sweetness and light to the nurses and a bugger to her, at least she doesn't have to listen to him whinging, and if he does start she can always hang up!!
Her Maj is a trooper, and I wonder if she has been able to cope because she was taught at a young age to keep a tight rein on her emotions?
Glad the ultra sound was okay, hang in there, things can only get better.
Hugs ♥♥

Jennifer said...

Her Maj has indeed done a sterling job of coping with her jubilee events, even though it meant facing the last of them without her beloved prince.....and as you say in high heels, low high heels but heels nonetheless. Such dignity and bearing! People's lives can take unexpected turns, but from a farmer to an ultrasound technician is quite a jump. So glad to hear your son is coming home! Parking is something to be feared, I am afraid.

zXc said...
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