Saturday, June 9

Lost.. One Ka-ching

I have definitely lost my Ka-ching.

You know the one, that says Ka-ching, when you are full, sated, satisfied, nay almost bloated, and need no further food ~ of any description. No matter how desirable a packet of Tim Tams might appear, the Ka-ching keeps you from gorging  eating more than you really need.

I have no idea where my Ka-ching has gone, but if you find it, don't be a selfish mule, and keep it to yourself. Return it to me, Post Haste, before I get to Ka-Boom! as I explode.

Admittedly, I have not been able to get to the pool for two weeks, but how did my Ka-ching vanish so completely in that short time frame??

I did briefly, have a change of medication, which I am told is notorious for weight gain... as in Ka-Blooey!.
I had no idea it would work in such a short time, or, with such explosive consequences.

I am in emminent danger of going Ka-Splat!!

I am so glad I did not cast aside my Fat Clothes. I have learnt from past expeiences, Fat Clothes can be banished to some corner of the wardrobe, or drawers, but they are never to be cast out, which I tend to feel only tempt fate..

Really, it is the speed at which the Ka-Boom has set in, that I find most disturbing.

I am gazing with sadness at my new Ka-Skinny clothes, and have a horrible feeling I may never wear them with comfort, ever again.

The Great "They" say you will feel so much better if you finish things you have started.

Ummm, no. The packet of Tim Tams, the slices of Pizza, the leftover chicken, the bottle of excellent Marlborough Sav Blanc... the list goes on.

And still, a part of me craves food, and more food. I must be Ka-Plooyed/Ruined ~totally minus my Ka-ching.

Perhaps it has become Ka-Chomp?

There is no good news on any other front either. All is black, and blacker.

Although, there was a bright spot today. I went to a local garage sale, & met lovely friends. I bought a shower chair for $4. It is for me, as I seem to be somewhat unsteady recently- put that down to the Ka-Boom, I guess!

I also bought a very nice coffee mug, for very little money.

My friends found a wonderful bargain and hopefully it will be all installed now, and ready to go.

Because I love their sound, Powderfinger, Drifting further Away


marigold jam said...

Oh dear! How dispiriting to be eating like that and gaining weight into the bargain. It is so difficult isn't it to stay on the wagon of healthy eating and one little extra can so easily start the downward spiral - do hope you will find your Ka-ching soon and before you reach too large a dress size!

ancient one said...

No Fair !! Medicine we sometimes "need," do make us want to eat too much. As the adjusting of the thyroid meds has me putting on extra pounds. (My doctor is happy with the weight gain and I'm okay with it at this stage of the game.)

This was a funny post with all the Ka-words. You have such a brilliant mind. However the last part about the black and getting blacker worries me. I hope that part improves soon.

I love that you are going to the yard sales. I really think that helped me with my depression as much as anything else. That's when I started all the "collections"..LOL

Hope every day from here on is a better day than the one before. XXX

Kathy's Klothesline said...

I know just how you feel!! I went down in my pants, but that will come back as I sit here behind this hateful counter and repeat the same rules and pool times over and over again. I tend to eat junk to soothe my frazzled nerves. It doesn't help, but I feel better until I try to get into my clothes!

Ali Honey said...

I am trying to "think," you slim!

persiflage said...

Life has been treating you very roughly indeed. You have had so much to bear. I hope you can get back to the pool soon. Love and hugs to you.

Kitty said...

I have been Ka-booming for the last year or more. I have decided I cannot Ka-boom any longer as I simply cannot afford (and truly can't be bothered) to buy new clothes to accommodate my Ka-boomed figure. I am Ka-cutting back. Almost a month of being 'good' ... not a single lb gone :( But at least I have stopped putting it on.

I hope your Ka-ching returns soon. x

John Gray said...

I am battling through a diet at the moment!
hard hard work!

Anonymous said...

When I hear Ka-ching, I think of the ring of a cash register. But I enjoyed your Ka-speel. Good Luck with the Ka-slimming.

*Sheila* said...

For the past few years I have not had any old 'fat' clothes, I keep gaining weight and all my old stuff is 'less fat', (notice I don't say skinny). Three friends have had heart attacks this month, one fatal. I should take heed. Food is a comfort to some, while others lose their appetites. I'm with you, the pizza, the TimTams and the vino do help at the time, but long term we really know what happens.Ka-boom indeed.
Good that you found some nice stuff at the garage sale, and hope it added a little Ka-ching to your day.