Tuesday, March 10


I have been challenged by the lovely Marianna, to a 'blog game' as she calls it.

I have done these before, in various guises, but they are not onerous, & can be fun. I guess this one is called the 6 Things meme, & can be as frivolous as we like!

Herewith, the Rules:

1) Put the link of the person who tagged you on your blog

2) Write the rules

3) Mention 6 things or habits of no real importance about you

4) Tag 6 persons adding their links directly

5) Alert the persons that you tagged them

So here goes. In no order of importance, or indeed even truthfulness, I will list 6 'things'.

1. A dear friend had a birthday, last Sunday. Since this friend is special, & always seems to have wonderful ideas for everything, we wanted to get her something special.
I have already given her a quilt, so that was a bit old hat.
Besides, I have not been sewing lately, too hot, too sticky, & too lazy, I guess.

I found what I considered the perfect basket, for her.


Gom & I, in one of our rare points of agreement, thought it would be nice to fill it with exotic fruit. The type one doesn't normally buy oneself, but would like to perhaps sample.

So off we went on a shopping spree for 'exotics'. Might have been easier in Queensland, but we felt happy with what we found.
A Pineapple, a Mango~ from Qld!, 2 different types of Peach, one white, one golden, Passionfruit, Apricots, Nectarines, Grapes, of the seedless variety, which the official Gom-taste-tester, assured me were delicious a Carambola, aka a Starfruit, a Pomegranate, a Dragonfruit, & a Mangosteen.

Looked good enough to eat!

2. How does one wrap it all, I hear you ask? With difficulty & the aid of a Gom, for holding the corners of the RED cellophane together, while I did my best to tie it together on the top.
I forgot to take a photo of it all wrapped up, but trust me, it looked rather nice.

3. We were invited for Coffee, ~the *good stuff*!~ & cake, also 'good stuff'! We watched in delight as her youngest son brought her presents, in relays. He had been delegated to to wrap each item, & he was so thrilled as he presented each gift. He gave colourful accounts of where he had 'found' each item, & we were quite entranced when he told her last had been found 'drenched in the bathroom'. (It was beautiful bath products, as she is partial to her long baths, in delicious potions) Since he is only 9, we thought he did a marvellous gift-giving presentation.

4. I have been happily reunited with my pendant. It is satisfactory, & I am happily wearing it again, & it seems to be nonetheworse for the hideous deformity it initially suffered! I enquired if the rude young woman is a relative of the owner. "No" was the startled reply. I asked her name, & will now address the letter to the Manager & name the girl, so there is no mistake as to whom I refer. I must admit, the steaming anger has largely gone, & now that I have my pendant restored to almost perfect former glory, I am almost prepared to forgive & forget. Won't stop me telling friends about the p***-poor service for repairs though!

5. If you would like to read about my skating escapades around the local carpark, or other preposterous subjects, just type in 'list 7 things memes' in the top of the 'Search this blog' space. All my old memes come up, with surprisingly, not a heck of a lot of changes. I was surprised to learn it was 2006 when I began blogging. I seem to have lost track of time....

6. I have been priveleged to be able to provide photos of my father when he was young, to members of his second family, ie, my half siblings, & their offspring.
I have been surprised to recognise how much like my father one of my sisters is, & her two children, are also very like their Grandfather. It is a curious thing about genetics. Brown eyes are supposed to dominate, but that is not always the case, & there are both blue & brown eyed members of many in our families.

Now this is the part where I fall down. A lot of blog friends do not wish to be named for memes for games, so I respect their wishes.

I also urge you, who read here, to do this, it is quick & fun. You can lie if you wish, it will all be for fun. Let's face it... we don't know where you live!!

Have I been watching too much Underbelly?? Or Gangs of Oz??

We would seem to be moving into Autumn, thank goodness. I am ashamed to say I have challenged a cousin, resident of New Zealand, to do the BOM of Bunny Hill Designs. She has done her first 2 blocks, & I ..... well, I have done none!! Shame on me. I promise, the cooler weather will produce some sort of results.

Go you quilting ladies - & lads! I have been letting the team down, but somewhere it is winter, & lots in the quilting fraternity are keeping on keeping on!!

Augie March. I do so admire this musical talent, I so enjoy the music.


persiflage said...

I am so happy to know you got a satisfactory job done on your pendant. You must have been very impressive and clear in your instructions and statement of your dissatisfaction. well done.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The fruit basket looks delicious, glad your pendant has returned and is, at least, satisfactory!

Jennifer said...

That fruit does look good! Pleased to hear the pendant has a happy ending but I would still write to the manager if I were you - you know what businesses say, "if you are happy tell your friends, if you are unhappy then tell us".

Anonymous said...

The lovely basket of fruits would delight anyone, it's beautiful! So glad the pendant story came to a pleasant end.

Molly said...

Your gift basket looks beautiful! My green-thumbed youngest bought a starfruit several months ago, ate what was edible of it, and saved the seeds. Don't know what kind of incantations he intoned over them but we now have a forest of carambola plants!

So glad the pendant saga had a happy ending.....and, after all, to forgive is "divine!"

I'm addicted to those Bunny Hill basket blocks! I love applique anyway, and this makes me get regular practice without too large a commitment! Looking forward to more quilting from you as you move into cooler weather....

ancient one said...

This was such a happy post... started my day just right.. loved the song...

Thimbleanna said...

Oooh Meggie -- that basket of fruit looks divine -- what a great idea for a birthday gift! So glad your pendant has been restored to its former glory and can't wait to see your Bunny Hill blocks!

Marianna said...

Thank you Meggie!

Thanks for playing. It is always fun reading you posts :-)

Happy to know your pendant came back to you safe and sound!!

take care now
peace and love

Kitty said...

That basked of fruit is glorious! What a wonderful gift.

I'm really pleased you got your pendant back and it's ok. I think you're right to complain though - every time I think about that woman my blood boils on your behalf! x

April said...

The Fruit Basket looks tasty :D

Thanks for sharing the music :D

The Sagittarian said...

That fruit does look wonderufl, you get such a variety "over there". When I was little it was a thrill to get an orange!

Kellie said...

I'm with the others Meggie ... that fruit is to die for!!! I love the basket too! Perfect match!

Princess Banter said...

I've never heard of Augie March but seeing that video definitely piqued my interest! Thanks for that -- I love discovering new music :)

Prabath said...

Nice post, I like it. Keep it up.

Stomper Girl said...

Write the letter meggie, that chick has no right to be so unpleasant.

quiltmom said...

I love the basket Meggie- what a perfect gift for your friend- I bet she enjoyed all the exotic fruits - A friend told me that there are 24 different kinds of mango.. I guess they would be like some other fruits with lots of different varieties (apples and grapes come to mind) I have never eaten dragon fruit or a mangosteen or passion fruit- they are indeed exotic looking.
I am glad to hear you have your pendant returned to you in its former glory- When you have a piece of jewellry that you treasure, you want to be able to wear it and enjoy it..

Keep on sending the funnies- they always make my day..