Tuesday, March 3


I don't seem to have much luck with jewellry, if I ever have to get it repaired.

Some years ago, my mother gave me a lovely pendant, with an Amethyst set in among delicate scroll work. I have loved that pendant from the minute I saw it, & have had many compliments about it, over the years.

One morning in the shower I heard a metallic click, & there was the pendant lying at my feet. The chain was still around my neck but it seemed the little ring that threaded onto the chain, had vanished.

Upon examining the pendant, I could see that the little ring in the top of the setting was worn, almost to a gap.
You can see the thinness in this photo I took of it. I have blogged about it, & took this photo. I am really glad I did, because of what is to follow.

This is the before photo. Note worn ring.
This is the after photo. Note heavy link for chain.

I also had a ruby & diamond ring, which Gom gave me about 19 years ago. It is very unusual, & I have worn it with much joy. One of the claws came off the large ruby, so I decided to have both pieces of jewellry mended.

Today, I went & collected the repaired items. I wore the ring, & am very happy with it, it was polished nicely & seems to be well repaired with a new claw on the central stone.

The pendant is another story entirely. I had forgotten to take the chain with me, so I didn't wear the pendant home. When I got home, I unwrapped it, & felt immediately that there was something 'wrong' - different about it. I threaded it onto the chain, but it still didn't seem right.

I noted there was also a twisted little filigree that could have been straightened, surely not a difficult task? (It had been twisted previously, so was not new.)

Upon consulting my 'before' photo, I suddenly realised why I had thought it to be 'wrong' somehow. It is upside down!!

The instructions on the receipt docket are printed thus.

"1 ym pdt purple stn 1.8g. build up ring on pdt $****(price) & supply & solder on lgr J ring $****(price). Tasks:(NUMBER)build up ring on pdt. Qty: 1."

What I am wondering is, should I take it back to be further 'modified'. Or should I wear it, as is. I realise the original hole is worn STILL, after requesting it be built up!! I also rather think the link that has been soldered on for the chain, is too large for the delicacy of the pendant. It has changed the look completely. I am left feeling very disappointed, but also fearful of further wreckage.

Gom doesnt give a rat's, daughter J says take it back. I am left feeling somewhat peeved. I have had some other disappointments in repairs in the past & do not trust jewellers as a result. I never actually spoke to the person who was to do the repairs, but I thought the girl's instructions were clear enough?

I can hear some saying, well there are plenty of REAL things out there to be peeved about.

Yes indeedy there are!!

Son in law walked into a peice of funiture & broke his little toe. A huge purple mess is the result, & some time off work.
His partner at work, was even more unlucky. As SIL was being sent home, his partner was called to an emergency, for an out-of-control "Loopy", for want of a better word. He subdued the Loop, the police somehow lost control of the Loopy, & Partner managed to recapture the fleeing Loopy. Police crash tackled the Loopy, somehow the end result was, Partner's leg got in the middle of the tackle, & is badly broken in 2 places. Partner is a very fit man, who regularly works out at the gym. It seems hideous to think of all the pain he will go through. The disruption to his family, his routine. No doubt Loopy won't suffer any consequences. He will keep taking his drugs of choice & messing up everyone else's lives.
It just didn't seem to be anyone's day yesterday. Apparently SG got encouraged to shout out the bus window.

There is a nice Young-Older, neighbour boy, who did his best to prevent SG shouting out the offending word. The "Do it Do it" cries won. Silly SG yelled F*** out the bus window! Umbrage was taken, & some woman, I would guess a mother, reported it to the school personel, & so SG got into trouble. Apparently no more was said, after a phone call to his home yesterday, to 'report the matter'. It is a bit sad, really, but it is a word that is as common as bugger or damn, about the schoolyard, the streets, & in many homes. I have never heard SG say it. He doesn't 'swear', as a rule.

We have an underspace under part of the house. There is a door to allow acess, but it just consists of clay & pipes etc. Granddaughter refers to it as the "Dirt Room". She had threatened SG that she would banish him to the Dirt Room. I was quite shocked, & told her she mustn't threaten him like that.

We all burst out laughing later in the day when Granddaughter said she had opened the door to the Dirt Room. SG piped up, & said "And out came Nanna's bum!" After I stopped laughing I said I wondered where it came from!

When you are only 6, "bum" is really quite exciting, isnt it! Almost like swearing!

John Denver Grandma's Feather Bed.


Arcadia said...

Lot's of times only when we lose something, we discover their true value.And when they are broken we would do everything to fix them or bring them to the initial form.
Thank you for sharing this article,it really helped me to see not only things but also people as a true value.
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The Sagittarian said...

My younger brother is a jeweller, and in the past we have had to "amend" a few family pieces that are now not as original as they were. I have to say I noticed the change in the photos without reading down your blog but I think it is a lovely pieve nonetheless. However, if you want it up the other way there doesn't appear to be any real reason why the ring at the top cannot be fixed. Take it back and ask at least! I have a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring which I had to have "updated" but it was all done in the best possible taste! (To quote Kenny Everett)

Blue Mountains Mary said...

I think I would get it fixed - it will just irritate you more and more otherwise.

And it is too precious to be an irritation!

kathi said...

Oh dear, I see why you're upset! I would take it right back and make them do it right! Makes me wonder if I should take in some of
my broken jewelry for repairs??
Hope I can find a better jeweler!

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Linds said...

I would take it back, Meggie. It doesn't look the same, and it will drive you crackers. I really hope today is a better day for all of you!

jovaliquilts said...

What a cheery ending -- Grandma's Feather Bed! I haven't heard it in ages, but I always liked it.

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Yes it happens....

To cry for what we don't have and to not value what we have is LIFE..

daysgoby said...

Did they put SILVER on your lovely old pendant? Take it back, take it back....

and tell them you want the sighted jeweler this time!!!!

Warty Mammal said...

If the pendant is annoying, take it back. My husband has a saying, something about it being worth spending a little money (or time) on the things we use every day.

I'm afraid my gut reaction is "what in the dogflog were they thinking?". There's pretty clearly a loop that needs to be fixed.

As for SG, he is now well and truly part of the school set if he wasn't already. The dares to do things that are foolish, even (especially?) if they aren't in a friend's best interest. My brother once got in trouble for peeing on the tire of a competing school's bus. I got in trouble for repeatedly howling like a dog.

Veronica said...

Oh Meggie your pendant is beautiful and I agree with everyone who says 'take it back and make them do it again. properly. for nothing. beep. beep.' What on earth were they beep beep thinking? Perhaps they might be interested to see an article in the local paper about their handiwork??????? Or on the internet?????

And re: your question yesterday, yes, Troy is Bear but the names have become so interchangeable over the years that I forget that not everyone knows this!! sorry about that one. Hugs to you V xx

Kitty said...

I noticed straightaway that it was upside down - I think you should take it back, and ask to speak to the jeweller him/herself. You paid them to do a job and they didn't do it. Turn on the old Meggie charm and tell them you'd like to 'give them the opportunity' to put it right before you complain. x

Cloth, Yarn and Life said...

Dear Meggie,
I too will jump on the band wagon of take it back. I would also be very specific about them using yellow gold and not silver and also about using a jump ring that isn't the size of a .... well I don't know what but that is certainly a bad job. I make beaded jewelry and I know that that job is not a difficult job. I do know however that to repair the correct ring requires soldering. Some stones don't take well to the heat from soldering so I would be aware of that and bring that up as well. With all the lovely opals in Australia there must be a jeweler around who knows exactly how to repair this for you.

Take heart and know that it can be fixed and I would return to the scene of the crime and if you are not satisfied with the answers you receive perhaps you need another jeweler. I'm so glad your ring was done well.
My best wishes to you, gosh I just love your blog.

Lover of Life said...

Unfortunately, I have had the same problem with beloved jewelry taken in to be repaired. A gold and pearl necklace that I bought for myself with money from my first job after raising my girls, and going to college as an adult, ruined by the jeweler losing a 1 inch link. He refused to accept responsibility so it sits in the bottom of my jewelry box.

I'm thankful every day for that "thin blue line"! I hope his leg heals well and soon.

Christine Thresh said...

I would take it to a new repair place and bring the original picture with you.
The new loop is way too big, plus being on the wrong end.
I would not trust the place that "repaired" it again.
It is too precious to have ruined.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie! What did they do to your pendant??? I'd definitely take it back. Even if it's to be worn upsidedown, they should put something a little more delicate on it. Doesn't that just drive you crazy? What on earth were they thinking???

VioletSky said...

You lovely pendant looks so very wrong the way it is. I would take it back, with your photos and "kindly request" if there is another jeweller there who can do the repair with a bit more respect for the piece.

Julia said...

It doesn't look right Meggie..take it back!
That's a precious piece and it should have been done better than that...so that you couldn't tell where it had been fixed..
"Not happy Jan"

Julia ♥

Lorna said...

Meggie, for what it's worth, I like the first/top picture of it a lot more. There is a grace to it that I like.

I say, go back and get it fixed because I doubt that you will ever be happy with it upside down...


Jeanette said...

gday Meggie..
I noticed it was the wrong way up soon as I saw the 2 photo's.. Its beautiful.. Im like the others Dont sit and brood about it. I would take it elsewere were you can speak tt the jeweller him or herself.even if it cost a little more,regarding the repair.. I would not leave it with the first jeweller under any circumstance that did the job incase he damaged it further..
Please dont let it sit in a draw get it repaired...

Sheila said...

One of your previous commenters has a good idea. Take the pendant back with the original photo, or maybe a copy of the original photo, lest they screw that up too.
I like kids with spirit, and if that is the worst SG does, he'll be alright.

Robyn said...

I love your pendant and I'm going to stand out of the crowd here... (ducking)
Even though, it's not what you expected...and you may not be able to enjoy it this way...I wondered...

I see potential here for a new lease on life for a beautiful piece of jewellry, plus I can see a lovely little teardrop pearl hanging off the bottom of your pendant.
My thoughts only and I understand if you cannot.
Maybe you've taken it back already.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my purple... my purple is pink now...lol..ah that's better... giggle

Nice to 'meet' you.
Robyn xx

Marianna said...

Beautiful piece of jewelery...something to hold on to.

I seem to have the same problem with wrist jereleries. I had a wonderful bracelet that I couldn't wear because of a broken ring :-)

Take care
peace and love

Tanya said...

When my nephew was little the neighbor's dog was barking furiously at him and he said, "Be quiet, A**hole!" My sister in law was horrified and scolded him to no end. Mouth washed with soap etc. Found out later that the dogs name was Axle and the other way was the way my nephew heard it!