Friday, March 13

The Hurt They Never Know~or Care About.

I have been lately reminded of thefts.
Of jewelry, identities, property, money.
Of Trust.
Last but not least, of Beauty, & Pride.

I guess, most of us, over a certain age, have experienced some type of theft.
It could have been theft of an idea, in school, those long years ago, when you excitedly told your best 'friend' of your excellent 'idea' for a story, an art project, a presentation.
Only to watch, as that 'best friend' stole your idea, or presented your art, as their own creation. And won accolades, & you could only stand & watch.

You hurt, as you realised the betrayal, the loss, and the actual 'theft'. Your dismay, that someone could do that... with seemingly guiltless ease.

I only remember it once in Primary School, but it made me stop, & feel appalled.

Later in life, we were burgled. I lost dearly loved, & sentimental pieces of jewelry, irreplaceable in the 'real' world. A ring my mother had given me, for an accademic achievement. A piece of Greenstone a dearly loved suitor had given me. Rings my husband had given me.

Our son lost coins, irreplaceable, & frightening to him, at his young age. The pages slashed from his collection book, with some sharp knife, as the police suggested.

The police seemed to feel we had been burgled whilst asleep, which further disturbed our son. We had recently had jewelry valued for insurance purposes. Of course, we were suspicious, as to who had perpetrated the burglaries.

Another theft has been the graffiti, which debases the beauty of our environment. The weak, egotistical, small-penis statements that those sad people feel they have to leave. Can they not see, how they expose their indequacies so boldly for all to read?? When will they realise? Expose them, I say, & let everyone 'admire' their 'small' stature!!

A friend who was assaulted has been told he can write a 'Victim Impact Statement'. He has been told it will have no impact on the sentence of the 'scrote', ( to borrow an American term, which seems so appropriate!) who has now pleaded guilty to the "assault with grievous bodily harm". It makes one wonder, why do they bother to pay lip service to this idea? Why do they offer 'deals' to the little P*!*ks who will just keep offending?

If it has no bearing on the sentence, or the court hearing the crime, why do they encourage people to write them? It would seem to be merely a venting outlet, with no value or impact, on the eventual outcome of the sentence. It seems the victim's suffering, or distress to his life, or family life, is totally irrelevant.

It smacks of the 'wet bus-ticket slap' & we are not expecting the sentence to reflect the pain or life changes, dealt to the victim, by this hideous, injurious attack, this rotten little 'scrote' caused, to be reflected in his sentence.

What price is the loss of pride, & personal repsect a disabled person can extpect, in our society?
I have come to believe in a whole different structure to the human evolutionary story.
It is not pretty, but it may not be true. It is just my private belief.
One more gripe out of the current buildup!

Neil Finn, Fall At Your Feet. A Kiwi with soooo much talent!


Miss_Nobody said...

Heh,this happens loads of times at school,so much that the number of people in my *trust circle* has fallen alarmingly.*sighs*Great post:)

Vinita said...

this takes me back to a painful incident many years ago. I was in college, and I shared my project which I worked hard for with a friend of mine. She copied it as it was shamelessly. Our reports were evaluated by two different lecturers and she scored more than me.

Alby Mangroves said...

I believe that even though we don't get to see them and revel in their fairness, the just desserts always reach those who need to be taught a lesson. I think I beleive in Karma, although there are times you feel tempted to take it into your own hands!

Lee said...

I know the loss of family jewellery affected Mum greatly. It is not the worth of the item, it is the family history that goes with it.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Grievous acts of theft that take so much more than dollar value, it's a tough place out there sometimes. It makes me sad and mad when acts of violence permeate the lives of the elderly and those unable to fight back.

persiflage said...

Theft and betrayal: the inability or unwillingness to put oneself in the place of those robbed and betrayed. We do not hear often now the injunction to do unto others as you would be done by, but rather that 'we' deserve to have whatever we want, come what may and regardless of the effect on others.

Thimbleanna said...

Well, you've left me speechless Meggie. But I will say, that last line brought a little humor to your serious subject!

Warty Mammal said...

You make an excellent point, that these thefts are a matter of degree, not kind. Theft of an idea, theft of a possession. Either way, one is left feeling violated, either by a person one trusted or some unknown faceless entity.

I am sorry about the friend who was assaulted. I hope he (or she) is physically better now?

ancient one said...

Such an interesting topic. I guess everyone has been tricked or had something taken from them. Some things are just mean!

Marianna said...

I think I ll always remember the day a man stormed into my mother's kiosk, while I was out helping a woman in a wheelchair get a newspaper (it wasn't till later that it was revealed that she was in on it!).

It was in the middle of a crowded street, at noon, that I yelled and nobody came to my rescue. I felt violated alright but I don't know which hurt the most; the man who grabbed a few hundred euros or the people who just sit and watched the whole thing happen...

Great post Meggie lol
Take care
peace and love

Ian Lidster said...

Theft of any kind truly devastates the soul.

About victim impact statements, I had a client for addictions counselling who had once robbed a bank. At his trial the teller he robbed made a VIS. He said it devastated him with guilt and made him determined to get clean and sober. Maybe they sometimes work, depending on the individual.

Lover of Life said...

Sometimes it feels like the bad guys are winning, doesn't it?

Isabelle said...

Hmmm. Hope life feels brighter for you soon.

rhubarbwhine said...

The feelings of betrayal are feelings that take such time to heal from. Where are bandages for your soul?

Reluctant Blogger said...

I have to confess that I do not believe in karma. I think some people do evil or thoughtless things and get away with it and go on to continue to live happily often unaware of the devastation they have left in their wake.

It sounds over-dramatic but I always feel I had years stolen from me. I know it is not true but it felt like it, and I still feel bitter about it sometimes.

Oh and I have always loved that track - beautiful!

julieQ said...

I had my purse stolen once...felt quite betrayed, because the thief was my friend. Talk about conflicting emotions! Ideas that are taken without credit are very painful, too. Great post, quite thought provoking.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I remember a "friend" telling me she stole an idea from me. It really bothered me...why not just ask? It ended up ruining the friendship...I did not want to be stolen from!
Humans can be so mean and hateful...also kind and loving...I like the kind ones.
I have begun saying to "unkind" shop keepers..."Better be nice or you could be out of business soon!"

The Sagittarian said...

I know what you mean, Meggie. Our family home was burgled many years ago and priceless items went who knows where but to pay a drug debt I suspect! My Dad was particularly upset as he had precious little from his family and to loose it was very distressing.
Good to see a Kiwi Clip, mind you I suspect it is because the Kiwi artists got a deal with YouTube....

Sunnie said...

My home has been broken into two different states!
There's that terrible feeling of your personal space being violated.
And then, after the last time, I was so full of anger until I realized what was taken is just stuff...things...I became glad for that lesson, being the packrat that I am.

Christine Thresh said...

Meggie, I never know what subject you are going to tackle, but no matter what they are always interesting.
We had groceries stolen from our car one time when we were young and poor. That hurt.
I had a pattern design stolen once, but I went after the person with a lawyer and she stopped. That felt good.
That's about the extent of it so I am a very fortunate person. I still trust and feel there are more good people than bad in the world.

Selina Kingston said...

Hi there Meggie,

I have just discovered your blog and I love the way you write.
This particular entry is thought provoking. I know I should feel sorry for these people who get something out of destroying or taking what belongs to other people but I can't. When we were burgled it took a long time to feel comfortable in my own home again and I still resent that.
I see you already have hundreds of followers but I want to be one of them too!
If you have a spare moment, do take a look at my blog
All the best,