Wednesday, March 18

Indulge me...

"LOVE" Is the message I read from the cloud in the sky this morning. I giant Heart, which I must admit, does not look as clear as it appeared to me, when I snapped the cloud.

Surely though, Love is all around,

Here is a cousin, with his beloved first Grandchild, a grandson, as it happens. He is a lovely member of our wider family.

Here he is, surely laughing at the world, & all it has to offer him, in his years to come.


Here is my beloved Great Nephew, on his first birthday. Truly a golden child! I love how he glows, in the sun's light.

A true source of much joy to his family, & his wider, honarary family, who love him, unreservedly.
His Mum took this pic of his wider family, at his first birthday. His two Uncles on the left of this pic, with Aunt & cousin, then with Daddy holding him, his honorary Uncle next, then his Grandmother, & Grandfather.

Here he is with his Uncle H, from Australia.

Here, Uncle G loves you Baby!!

Here, with his doting Grandfather, my beloved brother.

Blowing out THE candle!!

Here with his wonderful Uncle C. " Will always catch you N"!!

My wonderful Mum, K, will always be my best friend!

My wonderful Dad will always be my Hero!!

Yesterday was St Patrick's Day.
It was also Sweet K's birthday. Next week will be Daddy DJ's birthday. Their birthdays are all a week apart, in the month of March.
The Grandparents wedding Anniversary is in March also. Hmmmmn. It can be a volatile month at times.
As I sit & fume cool my heels, about the soaps on Teev, & the many things I wished to gripe about here, .....I feel perhaps I was not meant to gripe?
I went to Spotlight yesterday to look for inspiration, though my light seems to be turned off, presently. I got into a conversation with a lovely lady of 83. She had the most beautiful complexion. She did not look a day over 60. She was somewhat crippled with her back, but refused to let is slow her down. She still drove her own car, had her hobbies.
She told me 60+ is young, & to fight for feeling young. Good advice, but hell, my body betrays me. I seem older than Gom, who is 72, going on 73!! He bemoans the fact that he seems so fit & well.
We have a mind wander occasionally. We went to a shopping mall today. After we parked he asked the way. I was a little shocked he could not remember, yet her has such clarity about many other things. Ask him an actor's name, a movie name. He will most likely remember, whereas I do not know.
I have to say, Feck! It is bloody scary getting older, no matter what field you fail in!
Yes, yes, I know you can't say that... but I did, & have, so there!!
I have decided to do the modern thing, & ignore grammar & correctness!


fifi said...

Gorgeous cloud, a heart cloud!
I love that.

A beautiful happy family you have. Good things to be cheerful about.

Ali Honey said...

Lots of smiling lovely faces there!
Yes, definitely a whilt fluffy Heart.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Such precious children and a wonderful, happy, loving family. Thanks for sharing, Meggie.

Kitty said...

That cloud is beautiful Meggie! So lovely to see your pictures of a happy family celebration, and the little people (not the leprechauns!)

My grandmother had beautiful skin too - even in her 80s. She never, ever sat in the sun, always in the shade - I wonder if that's what helped keep it so lovely?


Anonymous said...

I always think being with infants makes life somehow seem more straightforward. They are so open and trusting and of their own minds.

Lovely family photos.

persiflage said...

What a lovely baby. It is beautiful to see how much joy he gives to his family. What gorgeous hair! Mine were bald for most of their first year.
Happy St Patrick's Day. I wore green for it, and I see the baby is too.

~Bren~ said...

I have been reading you in my feeds but had the time to check in and actually leave a comment! The heart in the sky is gorgeous...painted there just for you ;)
I love those pics of that sweet seems he was JUST born and now he is ONE!!! Love those curls and he is truly "golden".
Oh I wanted to tell you I LOVE that owl bra!! I could see myself wearing that!! HA!!

flowrgirl1 said...

Beautiful babies!!! Love those chubby cheeks!

Christine Thresh said...

I agree with Bren, that heart cloud was put up in the sky just for you.
All the babies and family pictures are more expressions of love.

Molly said...

I'm a firm believer that even if they are poor in material things babies will thrive when surrounded by people who love them....That heart cloud was a special message to you....

Literary Nut said...

What a wonderful message of love to have come floating your way! It is always a bit shocking what is used to remind us of the richness and wholeness of life. You have a beautiful family and I wish you and them a life filled with as much love and blessedness as you can hold.

Marianna said...

Thank you for 'bringing' Brian Adams into my day Meggie lol

And the pictures are so wonderful to see! thanks...have a great day (or night:-)

Take care
peace and love

ancient one said...

from the heart cloud to the babies and all the family members, this post is full of love.... Enjoyed all those photos!!

Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful family pictures Meggie. And I do agree -- getting old sucks -- although, as they say, it's better than the alternative!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

How LOVELY! the cloud, the baby, and all the happy family pics!

Q said...

I too see a big heart...yours!
It is surprising to look in the mirror and see me in an older ladies face. I still know me as I looked 20 years ago...
Your extended family is beautiful!

Loida of the 2L3B's said...

Lovely family.. You're so sweet..

Veronica said...

Definitely a heart in the sky - and all the photos of your family have brought happiness to my day too. Thank you my friend. Love to you, Vxx

Robyn said...

A 'love'ly day!! :D

lovelyprism said...

That's a nice way to start the day, thanks. :-)

Frankofile said...

This aging business suddenly starts to look real to me - those birthday thingies keep whizzing by!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful babies! Wonderful family photos!
Jeanne :)

introspection said...

A Huge Heart in the sky, and A hugely loving family photos.
Great pictures...!!!

Sheila said...

What a beautiful little chap, no wonder his Granddad loves him so much.
My hubby is far more patient and playful with our grandchildren than he ever was with his own. Age has given him patience perhaps. I look in the mirror and see my Mother. If she was here she would say
"And what's wrong with that...!"

Warty Mammal said...

Sweet little fellow.

Say, there's an award over here if you want it:

Granny J said...

That heart is a lovely way to introduce your family!

Anonymous said...

That cloud looks like a very good omen!

Mike said...

Lovely family Meggie. Henri looks quite content there with his grandbaby.

Floss said...

It lovely when the family can all get together. I will be visiting mine in a week.

Cool heart cloud.