Thursday, March 5

Further (mis)adventures, with ugly people..

Last evening's sunset. Truly a promise for a lovely day, & it has delivered on that promise. It really feels like a perfect Autumn day, clear blue skies, no humidity! & a light breeze with bright sun. Bliss.

Scenes from yesterday.

Meggie, entering Jeweller's, wearing a smile thinking honey catches more than acid. silently wanting to screech, but determined to be pleasant... mistakes happen
Shop assistant of the previous dealings, is serving another customer. Upon sighting me she quickly drops her eyes. She carefully avoids me, thereafter, for the entire time I am in the shop.

Out from behind the glass comes Ms Simply Superior, herafter referred to as SS.
"Can I help!" not a question.
M, presents 'before' photo, of pendant, then produces pendant.
M indicating photo, "This is what I brought in for repair. This is how it was done."
SS looks at the picture, then takes the pendant.
"It has been made upside down, that is why the ring has been put on it up that way"
M slightly speechless initially, says "It was made that way & that is how I have worn it these many years I have had it."
SS, in supercilious tone, "Well usually, they go up this way!" dangling it by the overlarge j ring. "They always make them up this way, that is why it has been mended that way." 'they' should kick your smart little bum!
I then broached the fact that the J ring is far too large for the delicacy of the pendant.
"Well," SS again, "That is because you didn't have a chain with it. We always make them large in case you want to wear it on a large chain."
M is even more speechless at this piece of 'logic'. Especially since I did take the chain in, when I first took the pendant to be mended. The other assistant sited it, knew it's size, but told me to take it home.
I venture to tell SS this piece of news. She totally ignores that, implying once again, it is my fault for not leaving the chain.

As it happens, I have the chain with me again, but she tells me I need not leave it.

I realise further discussion with her is pointless, so I ask to see the jeweller.
"NO! He is busy, I can deal with this it will all be repaired. So do you want the J ring half this size then?"

I attempt to suggest something in keeping with the size of the pendant would be ideal. I again show her the chain. She is determined to ignore it. She tells me again, "Lots of people like to wear them on large thick chains."

My fingers tingle madly. I am not one to slap anyone. But for her, I could have made an exception! Twice!

I mention the fact that the stone looks different. The original stone always seemed to have a slight flaw. In it's now 'polished' state, it looks quite different.

For that heinous suggestion, I get told "Only very low grade stones have flaws"
I was tempted to say, "So? Maybe it was a lowgrade stone. I dont care. It was a gift, I treasured it, & loved it just the way it was."

I decided to leave it. No point in talking to someone who knows everything. She is so lucky as she is only about 20, give or take. I hope she has left home, seeing as she knows everything. She would make her parents life a misery, I am sure, should she still be living with them. An absence of rings would seem to indicate there is no 'partner' on the scene.

I then venture to say "I hope there is going to be no charge for this, since it cost rather a lot in the first place, & the new J ring will be much smaller."

SS looks disdainfully at the docket, sniffs & tells me it was far too cheap for the ring in the first place, & should have cost a lot more than that!

I was flabbergasted again. I blurted out "I don't believe that. That is nonsense!"

SS calmly repeats, "It was far too cheap."

I leave the shop. I am secretly shaking with rage. Why didnt I just stand my ground, demand to speak to the jeweller? Why do I let people bully me?

I seem to do so much better on paper. I have decided to write a letter explaining why I will no longer be patronising the shop. Of course, I won't deliver the letter until after I have the pendant in my possession once more.

I have to wait until next Tuesday for the (hopefully) last part of the story.

Gom had left me to fight my own battles, which he always does.

He decided to sit in the car to wait for me.
He must have gone to sleep, since he didn't seem to notice I was gone nearly an hour!

Haha, I sneaked off for a haircut after the unpleasant encounter at the jewellers. I have finally found a hairdresser I can trust, after all these lately years of wanting to die after haircuts.

The hairdresser is actually a barber. He has a real 'feel' for hair, & I have never seen him give a bad haircut. He plays music, -sometimes wonderful Italian Tenors singing.

Yesterday was Irish dance music? Not sure why. He told me a client had given him the CD. I could see his young assistant was not really enjoying it. He told me the tunes all sound the same to him, but the client had said each was better than the last! He seemed genuinely puzzled as to how the client could think that. So was I.

I still dont think Gom has noticed that my hair has been cut! It is a lot shorter than it was.

I am off out to accompany my daughter. She has had dreadful pain in her neck & shoulder area. She has been to see a Specialist, who did a full body scan, & has recommended a series of injections. She had decided not to have them. However since she is in agony, her GP has recommended she have them, as he has seen dramatic pain relief achieved from this man. I so hope she gets some relief.

Simon & Garfunkel, Bridge over Troubled Water


Blue Mountains Mary said...

Oh my. Such restraint.

I am afraid that that sort of thing makes my blood boil and I do let go a few sharp words.

That has made me quite jittery with anger!!

Warty Mammal said...

Grrrr! Grrrr! I hate situations like this!

You're right to, at the very minimum, write them a letter stating why you won't be giving them business anymore. I wonder if the jeweler is aware of what a "gem" he has in his assistant, and how supercilious she is?

Heather said...

As a former jewelry sales associate, and young one at that (I started when I was 18), I am appalled for you! Our store was regularly disgusted by the attitudes of other folks in the business, and tried to show solidarity with our customers if something went wrong in a repair.

You should write that letter, at the very least!

Lorna said...

I would have wanted to smash her face. I think that you should report her. It's infuriating just to read it, meaning you wrote it perfectly!


Catalyst said...

Meggie, you should have insisted on seeing the jeweler but at the least you should write him a personal letter! Grrrrr!

Molly said...

I think you should march back in there, refuse to enter into any discussion with miss SS, demand to see the head honcho, explain your problem to him, tell him you expect a full refund, since the service you requested was not the service you received [if indeed it could be called service at all!] take your refund and your jewelery and beat feet out of there, and don't look back! Find yourself a jeweler's like the one mentioned in a comment above, where they're in business to S.E.R.V.E the customer, treat him/her with respect and bend over backwards to make sure he is delighted with their work---or no charge! There! I feel better now....

ancient one said...

I like Molly's attitude... but would have probably done as you did...give 'em another chance... but if it doesn't suit you when you go back on Tuesday call for the boss and have all your pics and chain, etc... and get your money back...

Glad you liked your haircut...

Lover of Life said...

You're a lot nicer than I am.

Kitty said...

Good for you for deciding to write a letter - I hope you detail in it your dealings with that stroppy young Miss! I wanted to slap her too - just from reading your post.

Oh, and your hair looks lovely ;-) x

persiflage said...

I hope this time you get a better, indeed a satisfactory response this time. What an appalling person and how unprofessional. Such total rudeness is almost unbelievable. They obviously took no trouble with your lovely pendant, and seem most incompetent. Grrr.

holly said...

You are much nicer than I would of been. You should of took the picture with you. I would of told the lady that I didn't want to talk to her anymore to get the jeweler. I hope they fix it correctly this time.

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Whenever I am faced with a similar situation, I, like you always know what I should have done after the fact. I think it is because when I am especially angry I cry. This seems to indicate weakness of mind to whoever I am chastising while the tears roll down my cheeks. I always resort to letters, since I can construct my thoughts better on paper. Most of the time I get possitive results. Not always, though. The act of putting it down on paper is very cathartic, though. Good luck.

Veronica said...

Meggie your restraint is amazing... but oh yes, write that letter and I hope they finally repair the pendant correctly... and definitely take the photos in with you next time if you possibly can.

I hope your daughter is OK and that these injections will help her. Bless her. Hugs to you, Vxx

Isabelle said...

How very annoying. I hope it turns out better next time.

Mike said...

I truly, truly admire your restraint Meggie.

Jo said...

I could feel my anger rising as I read this, Meggie. What awful customer service! Keep us posted as to what happens.

Glad you like the haircut, anyway!

Jennifer said...

One day that little chickybabe will be on the receiving end of the same treatment she gave you, and I bet she won't like that! Definitely, write that letter.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

What a pain you had to endure with that one, it reminds me of a saying I heard recently : "those who think they know everything are an annoyance to those of us who do". I hope the situation can be suitably rectified. I hope your daughter gets to feeling better, too.

Kiera-Oona said...

I totally agree with you that you have the full right to be ticked off. Even by looking at it and being a amature wire jeweller, I would be able to tell which way the pendant goes. What a twit! I would suggest next time you ask for the owner. Explain to them the treatment you received from the younger staff. No one should assume that the patron knows nothing about jewellry settings, or repair.

I would suggest that you demand they fix it for free, back to its original position, setting, and size of jump ring, since they botched it so badly. they didnt even do a good job at soldering the loop on the wrong way. it looks half assed done and lumpy to my eyes.

Pauline said...

I am flummoxed as to why you would leave your pendant again with that jeweler, unless the shop is the only one available? I'd be fearful of what would be returned to me the second time round! I'm with Kiera-Oona. Demand to speak with the owner (in the presence of the staff) and refuse to leave the shop until you do.

Ulrike said...

That made me so furious. How dare they? They are not jewellers: they are butchers.

I admire your restraint and share your rage. Good luck for Tuesday.

Pat said...

I thought rudeness such as that was something that was common in my part of the world - South Florida, USA. Someone must have taught that clerk well -- to be so rude at such a young age. Hope the pendant comes back in better conditon.

Awfully ignorant of the young clerk to think she knew more about the pendant than you did! Please do send them a letter.

Cloth, Yarn and Life said...

Meggie, you are a jewel of rare beauty and restraint. I wanted to shake both those "people". It is so easy for us to sit here and make recommendations as to what you should do. Did I understand that you thought the stone had been polished with out your permission. Nasty B....! Do they have any kind of consumer advocacy group in your town. Sometimes here a local TV station will have some kind of advocacy for consumers who have been ripped off. Maybe a letter to the owner, registered so you know he received it asking for full refund of cost and an apology or you will go to this group and make public the humiliation you've endured.

I know sometimes its just easier to let it go, but you must do what you can live with. Bless you in your endeavors. Hang in there.

Team Tabby said...

So sorry to hear the jeweler's shop refused to admit their mistake and the assistant was so nasty towards you. What an awful experience, and you were so nice about it.

They should restore the pendant the way it was to your satisfaction, if not, register a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau.

The Sagittarian said...

Wow, jobs must be easy to come by in the jewellery trade over there eh? That 'young lady" needs a thick ear (as my Gran would say. Yep I agree, you need to see the jeweller. Most jewellers worht their weight in chocolate fish take pride in their work and if you're not happy with it, that should mean something to the person who actually carried out the repairs. good luck.

Anonymous said...

You are far, FAR more patient than me. I am sure I would have lost it.

Marianna said...

Hey Meggie!

Sorry to read about your...jewelery adventure. Hope it worked out OK!

I Tagged you on my blog. It is a blog game. Drop by and take a look :-)

Take care
peace and love

Pearl said...

oh boy, I would have been very tempted to tell them to stick their business, but you should have your pendant fixed for no further cost, they made a big blue.
it certainly looks upside down to me. good luck. :)

Best said...


Tanya said...

I like your control. I'm afraid I don't have the guts to confront people very well either. I thought husbands were supposed to do that. Definitely get your pendant back looking like a delicate heirloom rather than something a gang member has flopping on his chest. Yep. It's the big link that does it.