Sunday, June 7

Vital Statistics

Pauline at Writing Down the Words, has done this. She got it from someone else, & so the short meme goes on.

One of the requisites is an embarrassing photo from your past.
This is mine.

This was taken at a Dance- remember those? This was taken in 1962.
My hair was long, backcombed, to give it a bit of height, & done in a 'French Roll', which was the fashion back then.

On to the 'Vital Statistics'

I drive
A Toyota Camry, 4 cylinder sedan.

If I have time for myself
I read, spend time on the computer, sew, or watch bilge on TV for light mindless entertainment.

You wouldn’t know it but I’m very good at
Knitting, Crochet, cooking, & enjoying food prepared by others!
Laughing at myself, & with others.

I’m no good at
Mathematics. Numbers of the universe puzzle me, & will forever.
Working to a deadline. I hate to be rushed.
Taking orders, if they are given in a snarky manner.

Books that changed me
I love reading. All sorts of books from fiction to biographies, to non fiction.
I can't say I can think of a book that I would say 'changed' me.
The Dictionary would probably be the one I could say changed me, since it is so full of wonderful words to discover.

Movie heaven
Steel Magnolias. Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Terms of Endearment. Pulp Fiction. Shawshank Redemption.
Too many to list really.

Comfort eating
Gravy, haha.
Mashed potatoes (preferably with gravy)
macaroni and cheese
Roast vegetables such as pumpkin, parsnip onions potatoes carrots, with gravy of course.
Pasta with vegetable & tomato sauce.

When I was a child I wanted to be
A nurse, a nurse & a nurse. I did want to write also.

All my money goes on
Staying alive. Any spare gets spent on books & fabric.

At night I dream of
Often my family or family who have passed away. I have very vivid dreams, which haunt me during the day, in fleeting glimpses.

My favorite buildings
My home. old Churches, which is curious because I dont hold with religion in any form. Sydney Opera House. Modern houses in New Zealand.

My biggest regret
Never really having the chance to know my father.

If I wasn’t me I’d like to be
A Cancer Researcher.

My favorite works of art
All sorts of art from paintings to simple projects from my children & grandchildren. Wonderful quilts made by others.

The current soundtracks to my life
The sound of cockatoos screeching over head. The Kookaburras laughing. Music of my choice when I can. Honey barking at passersby, Leo 'talking' to us.
Almost anything classical.

The best inventions ever
Showers. Sewing machines. Printing presses, for books. Music for all. Radio Television Computers to communicate.

Now, Who will be next to do this meme?

We had one nice day, yesterday. It was sunny & blue.

I bought my daughter a fabulous cookbook. I got some beautiful locally grown oranges, they are so sweet & delicious & are the size of Grapefruit! They have stains on their skin, & they beat any supermarket product hands down. They were 10 for one dollar!
I got two books for next to nothing - true stories.

I made a lovely salad for my tea, using watermelon, orange, radishes & mixed green leaves, with olives & a light dressing of fresh lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil! I got the recipe from Huey on TV. Well worth making.

On the down side of yesterday, I bought a lamp which is defective, & can't be fixed. Buyer Beware!
Today it is back to clouds & greys. Poo.

Augie March, The Hole in Your Roof


Thimbleanna said...

Great to get to know you better Meggie. I share your same list of comfort foods! Your mention of the cookbook for your daughter -- reminds me -- I was going to look through cookbooks tonight instead of read blogs LOL!

knitwit said...

I love your "embarrassing" photo! Very classic, and beautiful. Not embarrassing at all!

Catalyst said...

I like your love of books.

persiflage said...

I really liked that photo. There have been many many much worse hairstyles - before and since. Such as spiky and ratty hairstyles.

~Bren~ said...

I love your photo. A true beauty Queen.
I love old churches too. ;)

Lucy said...

Your favourite foods are all mine too! You make me hungry for gravy...

What a babe you were!

Mary said...

You were a beautiful girl...

and I love your movie choices..

ancient one said...

Love when you do the memes...

most of my extra money goes on books or computer related extras...

Your comfort foods similar to mine...

And I see nothing embarrassing about that photo... just a young and very pretty girl...

Okay.. I think I need to go to bed... its getting a little late for me..

The Sagittarian said...

Great post, as always! I don't think thats an emabrrasing photo either - I bet you had a GREAT SOCIAL LIFE! :-)

Jellyhead said...

That's an embarrassing photo of you? I think you look gorgeous!

I learnt a few new things about you with this meme. Did you ever end up working as a nurse, or was it just your dream career?

Thanks for welcoming me back Meggie. It's so nice to hear from lovely people like you :-)

Selina Kingston said...

Why is that photo "embarrassing". You are beautiful x

Marja said...

You look very pretty Meggie Beautiful picture and I enjoyed your meme

Anonymous said...

I adore that photo of you, very classy, cool and elegant. Not at all embarrasing!

helen said...

Enjoyed your meme too - & "You are still beautiful on the outside, as well as the inside"!

Pauline said...

great list meggie - you're as lovely on the outside as you are on the inside

Pan's Island said...

I did this meme a couple of days ago as well and like you I found it on Pauline's blog. Anyway, I completely agree with you about the old churches and like you I don't hold with organized religion. For me it's hard to pinpoint why I like them. I know I like the look of them - they remind me of castles somehow. And I like the amount of time that must have gone into building them, just the sheer amount of effort... but I think more than that there's something more about old churches that has nothing to do with the stone blocks and age. I think it has to do with the purpose of the building - the knowledge that people go there looking for solace, even the concept of community however isolationist it might be in reality. Not to sound overly religious or anything but there's a genuine "holiness" to all those old churches. I imagine this feeling can be felt around Stonehenge and I've felt it around ancient First Nations spiritual places as well...
That's my two cents anyway. lol.
P.S. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you :)

Warty Mammal said...

That's an embarrassing photo? But you look great! You'll have to do worse than that, I'm afraid. Didn't your husband snap a morning sickness photo?