Thursday, April 3

In search of the mystical...

Whilst jogging - metaphorically speaking- around the blogging community, I read the lovely Kitty's account of close encounters with "The Scary Lady".

Having consulted more than one 'scary lady' over the years, in search of the Unkown, or perhaps the Unknowable, & let us recognise, this may be for the good of all concerned I felt a recognition in the search. It is human nature to seek out the 'secrets'. Or the 'Answers'- which could be so much hog-wash.

I admit, I have had some eerily realistic insights. Once Gom & I went to consult a self titled "White Witch". She was insistant that we were not married to each other. Nothing we said could convince her that we were. I was somewhat indignant. However, leaving that aside, she stunned Gom by making some very astute remarks & very accurate statements. Gom had been sceptical, so he gave nothing away.

She made me shiver with statements of such accuracy, which she could have had no knowledge of, realistically, I left feeling my privacy had been invaded. I would say, in retrospect, it was of no use or value whatsoever, in my life, or Gom's. I was staggered that she could 'divine' that knowledge, but it was of no benefit, other than to prove she could 'see'.

Other consultations involved Tarot cards. One large woman, overflowing her chair, such was her bodily mass, did not come to the door, but had an automatic door, which she seemed to control, once she had established my identity. As the door opened, I almost retched at the strong stench of dog pee. Several small indeterminate breeds of dog rushed to greet me, sniffing & whimpering. Some wet themselves in excitement, adding to the already unpleasant redolence of the atmosphere.

Stifling the urgent wish to flee, I entered the 'inner sanctum'. Curtains, loud music- 'the neighbours are taping me, they try to "report" me' ???

Out came the cards. Plain playing cards. What, no Tarot? No I use these. Okaaay.

One hour later I reel out, reeking, in all likelihood, from dog pee, & hair, & loud earsplitting music. She did tell me I needed surgery- true, as it happened. She did tell me some career news which turned out to be accurate, & something which I had no idea would, or could, be true.

I have attended hypnotherapy, for Past Lives. Very interesting experience. Very moving, very real feelings, & very real emotions.

A feeling I had been deemed a witch in a previous life.

Who knows.

I have always had a fascination with wolves. Reading Bruce's blog, where he did a test to find out his Native American Horoscope sign, I found I was also a Wolf.

I recently read Nicholas Evans' The Loop. I cried at the fate of the wolves. Such beautiful wild creatures don't deserve to be slaughtered so mindlessly.

It is sad to think they have been brought back from the brink of extinction, only to be once more declared 'open season' for hunters.

Another fascination has been Owls, of all sorts. I have a collection which is mainly the gifts of family. I know they are birds of predation, but I find them so beautiful.

They are so perfect in their form, I just cannot dislike them.

As a child I would listen to the cry of the New Zealand Native owl, the Morepork. I would lie awake & picture the bird, out hunting for it's young.
I have never got tired of the image of the Owls.

I have more tales of consulting the 'Seers'. Hysterical tales, where the patent fishing has been embarrassing, so a stringing along has been the only course of action. Determined to be entertained! Revelling in the ludicrous suggestions you have planted.
I don't know that I discount all of them. I have had some very good Astrological readings done. I have probably more 'faith' in Astrology, having learnt to do charts myself, for family & friends.
I found I could read palms. I would have some startling insights to people. I gave it up, because I was learning things about people I would rather not know. I once warned about a young man's propensity for dishonesty. I was ignored, & he absconded with the funds of the Social Club!
Other news is, the gift quilt for my Great Nephew has arrived safely.
Here is the Proud Grandfather, my Beloved Brother, with his first precious Grandson. I love this photo.

This is the quilt I made for his Grandson, & I hope it will be used in good health & happiness.

Every child needs a Rocking Horse! Yes?

Crowded House, Something So Strong


alice said...

I love this post. I confess to having a 'thing' about the Tarot, and have had some eerily good readings. And some terribly off the mark ones too!

So - did you convince her you were married? :)

alice said...

I love this post. I confess to having a 'thing' about the Tarot, and have had some eerily good readings. And some terribly off the mark ones too!

So - did you convince her you were married? :)

Anonymous said...

the quilt is so sweet!

Tanya Brown said...

Who was it who wrote a book studying spirit phenomena, and declared that being a ghost must be damned boring with all the requisite flicking on and off of light switches? Sarah Vowell maybe? Dunno, but I do hope that we don't have an afterlife fate which depends on using dog pee-smelling women as a sort of glorified organic telephone.

Wonderful, touching photo of your brother and his grandchild. His expression and the bend of his arm say it all. Beautiful quilt you made, too. I may not be a medium, but I foresee many hours of cuddling and snuggling in its future.

Isabelle said...

Oh, that quilt is really pretty. And the picture of your BB with his grandbaby is so touching.

I wish I were a grandmother (she said for the millionth time...).

Mike said...

I've had one experience with a card reader and it all seemed like a lot of "hokum" to me. The predictions were so vague that they could have been interpreted a whole bunch of different ways.

We have two different kinds of owls living close by my house. I've not seen either one of them but I hear them calling at night.

Thimbleanna said...

Meggie! What an adorable quilt!!! Congrats on the new great-nephew.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Meggie, thanks for your caring comment on my blog:)
Love the picture of the new Grandpa with the babe:)
The little quilt is beautiful. You do such lovely work!
I've never been regressed, but I think I was a Nun once, cloistered away..
I love the wolf and owl pictures too..our native owls have pretty much gone the way of the wolves..

Rosie said...

I love things like the iching and tarot...but dont believe a word! I'm off to find out my native american animal...

Kitty said...

Well according to Bruce's link I was a Beaver. Pah!

I love the quilt - it's wonderful.

As for the Scary Lady - she is the first person 'like that' that I've been to see, and I must admit to being a bit gobsmacked at some of the things she said. Last time we went she said there was a woman there (from spirit) who talked about having a 'leg condition' and went on to describe the very bizarre treatment which my grandmother really did have. She'd never met us before, how the hell could she have known that? It was too weird.

As I posted, I have a friend who practises psychometry - if I'm stressed about something, she'll hold my watch, but I think she knows me too well - her rational mind overrides her 'psychic mind'.

Interesting post Meggie.

Take care. x

Yolanda said...

I too loved this post. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Andrea said...

Wow - what a sweet horsey quilt. I also love your scrappy 9-patch too. I LOVE binding - so therapeutic and a great sense of finishing off.

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I love all the magical, mystery stuff! I beleive it all too...
I mostly believe in love!
That newborn is so loved by his Grandpa! Your quilt is darling. Yes, every little one needs a Rocking Horse and a wonderful Great Aunt like you!

Anonymous said...

I so love this photo of your brother and the baby. He has the definative expression of new- Grandfatherliness!

jellyhead said...

Great tales, as usual, Meggie! The story of that psychic who was so accurate is an incredible tale. I have never seen a psychic who was 'spot-on'. I remember getting a lot of mileage out of a psychic (who my best friend and I went to see) who told me I would meet my future great love 'Trevor'(!) at a train station!

The quilt you made for your brother's grandson is gorgeous .... and the photo of bub and grandfather, too.

Stomper Girl said...

I love the rocking horse quilt, and you can really see the grandfatherly bond in the photo of your brother- congratulations!

Josie said...

Meggie, that quilt is the most delightful thing I have ever seen. I can't stop looking at it. You are truly an artist!

Gorgeous picture of your brother and his new little grandson. Oh my gosh! Please tell him congratulations for me.

Josie said...

I meant to tell you, I love the little birdie riding on the rocking horse's back.

So sweet...!

bluemountainsmary said...

The quilt is truly lovely.

The look on your beloved brother's face is truly loving.

The other things of which you wrote is truly a bit goose bump inducing.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt. What a lucky baby. Congratulations to your brother on his new grandbaby.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie. Oh I just love the The rocking horse Quilt you have made for your brothers new Grandson. simply gorgeous

Sal said...

I love your blog..(have just discovered it!)The quilt is beautiful.Sal;-)

The Sagittarian said...

Great quilt! Lovely photos. As always, a pleasure to be here.

riseoutofme said...

Lovely post meggie. Isn't it wonderful the way newborns bring out such love in us?

Loved your owls .. I've never actually seen a real, live one! But did visit a psychic who resembled one about 30 years ago ... what she told me had the hairs up on the back of my neck! Kind of cured me of my curiosity for a while! As for astrology charts ... are you taking orders??

Lucy said...

Funnily enough I have no interest in divination type stuff, so I've never sought it out, and am, as with much, completely agnostic about it! You certainly seem to have had a wide experience of it. I like the idea of having a totem animal, or a daemon like in the Philip Pullman books.

Lovely grandad and baby pic, and the quilt.

Sheila said...

I've had very accurate 'fortunes' told, and also some really stupid ones.Overall I do believe that some people do have the ability to 'see'.
The baby us lovely and Grand dad looks so proud..

Nadine said...

Beautiful photos, especially the one with your brother and grandson : sooo cute (and moving) !
The baby quilt you made is adorable, LOVE it, Meggie !


Henri said...

Meggie , Of course, just one glance at the tiny fellow & I was ' hooked' for life. Our little treasure is changing almost by the minute -- His father , our son, is as besotted as we are too . He has not stopped smiling & I confess neither have I . The beautiful quilt will be treasured & loved most certainly. Our son still has & treasures the ' Teddy' which you made for him too, all those years ago .Thank You .

caramaena said...

What a cute quilt.

Btw - I'm a goose - lol!

ancient one said...

I have a new great nephew too! Mine was born the last day of March. He is still in neonatal at the hospital. Hoping he gets to go home next week. My sister is the beaming grandmother (her first). Her son has stayed at the hospital the most with his son, as the mom was at the other hospital recoving from the delivery. She is now able to join them at the Children's hospital.

julieQ said...

Lovely rocking horse quilt! Yep! Every child needs a rocking horse...