Thursday, April 10

The Spoilers.

These pics are the interior of the bush shelter, where I collect Small Grandson from his bus, when he comes home from school.
I have long admired the painting of the interior walls. Obviously, someone or several someones, have put in a lot of time & effort to paint this. It is Aboriginal in style, & has been carefully painted.

This is the side facing the oncoming bus. Just a hole, for watching to see if the bus is coming.

This side view is the other side, so no hole in the wall is necessary.
These are 2 kangaroos, & the most recent additions to these has been graffiti. It seems a shame to see it defaced in such a mindless ugly way.

This panel has a large blue turtle which has also been defaced, in an even uglier fashion.

I have tried to find out who did the painting, but so far, have not found any answers. There is another shelter decorated in bright floral abstract shapes, so perhaps there is a group who try to encourage these paintings to try to stop the ugly graffiti.

What ever happened to the wit of old, when hilarious or clever things would be seen written modestly on walls in public places, or public toilets- or even semi private toilets?

We used to find graffiti on our toilet doors or walls in the Hotel, from time to time. Not always of the "For a good time, phone Bella on *******"

Or "Lydia is a slut." To which some wit had added, "Is that the Lydia Teapot?"

One thoughtful soul had scratched " Beware the Limbo Dancers" on the door, which was about a foot clear of the floor.

Another had scratched right at the bottom of the door, "You are now sitting at a 45 degree angle".

Once on a trip to Sydney on holiday, we read, in huge letters, "The female orgasm is a Phallusy" . Which had a certain cleverness, & would indicate the writer had some brain.

Another, on a train, "Circumcision is no skin off my nose" caused muffled laughter as people spied it.

But the current scrawl of mindless 'foul' language & unreadable garbage does beg the question, have the perpetrators got any brain cells left alive? What possible pleasure could they derive from such mindless rot?


I have tried the Pinetarsol, & unfortunately, I have to report no decrease in the itch. If anything it almost seems worse, though I am sure that is not the fault of the Pinetarsol, but due to some other mysterious cycle my body is going through.


My Sister In Law, not the estranged crazy one has been asked to go to China, to spend a month! What an incredible opportunity for her. She has Chinese ancestors, though she cannot speak a word of any Chinese language. Her Chinese father was born in Samoa, , as she was, so she can speak Samoan fluently, but I doubt there would be call for that in China.

She has very green thumbs, & has worked with growing for export, plants , specifically flowers, & in particular Roses. A consignment of rose plants were sent to China, by the company my SIL works for. It seems the roses all died through lack of knowledge on how to handle them. So now, her boss wants to take her to China to train the Chinese how to grow the roses.

My Beloved Brother is very excited for her, & has told her to go for it. I am not sure what she will decide. Having a new little grandson to love & cuddle is a bit of a deterrant.
Leaving aside the politics of China, I think it would be a very interesting place to visit.
Joyce certainly enjoyed her stay in China.
Jean Michel Jarre, Orient Express.


jovaliquilts said...

What a fabulous bus shelter -- and it would encourage bus riding, too, I think! I frequently find myself wondering why so many buildings are so ugly when just a little effort could make things so much prettier.

Catalyst said...

That is one of the most beautiful bus shelters I have ever seen. It definitely looks like Aboriginal art. Too bad about the graffiti, though.

ancient one said...

I've never seen a bus shelter painted up in USA in my neck of the woods. That one is just beautiful.

I remember the graffiti you mentioned. It was interesting reading while waiting your turn for the toilet. LOL

You always have such interesting posts. You cover so many different subjects. I love the way your mind works!!

Mike said...

Beautiful bus shelter and I'm with you on the whole graffiti thing. I hate it. Over here we see it everywhere from on train cars to freeway overpasses.

Kellie said...

What a beautiful bus shelter ... what makes people think they have the right to deface such a thing of beauty & pleasure for the rest of us! What a thoughful council you must have! Locally that have just started to paint what I think are the traffic light control boxes - things like London dubble deckers & I have even heard talk of quilt patterns. I will take some shots and share sometime.

leslie said...

What a shame that such beautiful artwork is being destroyed by a handful of idiots. We get graffiti here, too, but it's just covering up advertisements.

Hope the itch eases off and that you can get in to see the dermatologist earlier than July! That's a LONG wait.

Just read your post on aging and I think we're soul sisters.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie,A lovely bus shelter. I dont know Why .so called Bl**dy graffiti artists have to deface anything that is real art and looks nice. Were lucky maybe living in a country town everyone knows everyone and parents would soon be told I saw your Son or Daughter doing *** theres NO graffiti to be seen Yarra----- ..

Anonymous said...

Wow what a bus shelter.

I remember my sons doing a term of Aborginal art and they made some wonderful things. I still have a few of them that they painted on wood. It really captivated their imaginations.

Glad the itching is feeling a bit better.

Rosie said...

Local graffitti artists are encouraged here to do real works of art on surfaces that might attract less thoughtful comments. Seems like a good idea to ask them to do something before they do it anyway!

Rosie said...

Local graffitti artists are encouraged here to do real works of art on surfaces that might attract less thoughtful comments. Seems like a good idea to ask them to do something before they do it anyway!

Thimbleanna said...

What a cool bus hut Meggie. I love reading graffitti -- mindless or not, just wondering what people are thinking. How lucky for your SIL -- what an opportunity!

Christine Thresh said...

What a beautiful bus shelter. I do hope the ugly graffiti can be removed.

the mother of this lot said...

I love your posts Meggie! There's an award over here for you.

Kitty said...

wow ... that is one brilliant bus shelter!

Sorry to hear the itch isn't better :-( x

Exuberant Color said...

One of the things they have been talking about in the local Dr. column in the newspaper is rubbing the insides of banana peels on the itchy skin. Don't know if it will work for you but you may want to try it.

CONNIE W said...

I'm guessing you have tried it, but will ask anyway....has your doctor suggested using an over-the-counter anti-itch cream, the kind used for insect bites, etc for the skin itching? I remember many years ago my mom had some serious skin itching issues and saw a dermatologist. Oh how miserable she was during that period of her life. It did pass but not without doctor visits and medications. I hope yours is soon resolved!

Tanya Brown said...

Meggie, these are simply stunning, even with graffiti! (Note to self: shamelessly imitate Aboriginal art at the earliest opportunity.)

I loved your examples of graffiti of previous years. Alas, I think today's graffiti is more about marking territory like a dog pissing on a bush than it is cleverness.

By the way, I'm concerned that in a previous comment, I phrased something poorly. I meant to say that I'm the one who is guilty of having poor etiquette and not responding to others' comments, not you. You've buoyed me up on several occasions, and on a couple of those I never even thanked you.

quiltmom said...

Hi Meg,
The bus shelter is really a beautiful piece of art- its too bad some fools don't have any thing better to do than to vandalize something so lovely.
You are a great observer - its one of the reasons your blog is so interesting-
I hope that you soon get rid of the itching- perhaps you have developed a food allergy or something else in your environment- Hope that they can find something to help resolve your discomfort.
What a lovely opportunity for your sister in law-Hope she has a great time.

Ragged Roses said...

What a beautiful bus shelter. I don't mind graffiti in the right place, there are some areas and walls here that have been assigned to graffiti artists and they look good but to mindlessly destroy something beautiful is just a waste!

Anonymous said...

I adore that bus shelter. I had thought to myself as I was reading your post that it was such a good idea as it would eliminate horrible graffiti on the bus shelter. Then I scrolled down some more and saw the turtle :(

When I was at university there was a lot of graffiti in the toilets, but it was often people having political arguments with each other (what a delightful forum for such arguments, I always thought).

I don't think many people write clever graffiti anymore - probably because the spray can fumes kill their brain cells before they develop any wit.

smilnsigh said...

This is beyond terrible.... That's all I can say, or get my blood pressure up. :-(((((((((((


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great opportunity for your SIL! I suppose the bus shelter artwork has been "tagged" by a group or individual staking some sort of weird and silly (at least to me) claim on the space, what a pity. It is a lovely, walk-in, art experience nonetheless.

Lucy said...

I don't think those kind of graffiti-ers would be interested in producing any sustained piece of spray art, they just want to be anti-social, or tag their stupid little group thing or whatever.

A school desk one I used to like:
My mother made me a homosexual!
If I give her the wool, will she make me one?

Isabelle said...

I hate the way some people just mess things. Throw litter and spray walls and - worse - your lovely shelter. Why on earth?

Finn said...

Hi Meggie, isn't it just like the world we live in, always someone to throw the first stone and start something. With intelligence, graffiti is interesting, as you say...the rest of it just seems like lunatics at work.
Probably suffering from lack of crayons as children.
The bus shelter paintings are beautiful. Hugs, Finn

Pauline said...

The most memorable public toilet graffiti I've ever read said: "Just think of the masses that've sat where your ass is."

It still makes me both chuckle and cringe.

What a marvelous bus stop box!

Valerie said...

I have really enjoyed my visit with you and will come back soon to see more.

fifi said...

Do you know the traditional owners of your land there?
It is the Darkinjung People, who, unlike many of the Sydney clans, have many descendants living in the area.
The bus shelter would have been painted by one of them. It goes against indigenous cultural protocol to enact the painting of traditional designs, as it amounts to cultural theft, therefore it would have been sanctioned by an official body.
It looks great, such a nice thing to look at while waiting for the bus.