Tuesday, May 20

Autumn Dreaming

The blue sky, the sunny, seeping, creeping, warmth,
the spendour...
The idle comfort of the warmth upon your limbs,
As you lie back, upon the cushions of the lounger.
Think to yourself, this is the perfect life,
Perfect comfort.

The gentle waft of breeze, gentle upon the skin,
Warmly caressing, lulling, into peace, & wellbeing.

The wonderful warmth, creeping into your bones,
Your whole being, warming, cheering, ...solace.

The sudden, sharp, chill wind,
Slyly, sneaking around the corner, bringing chills,
Nipping ankles, the small exposures of skin.
Cheeks, suddenly chill, red, glowing from cold.

A shadow over the sun. Confusion.
What is reality?
That wonderful warmth, lying in the sunsoaked backyard?
The semi conscious reality of the perfusion of the warmth?

Another reality, with family, cares, worries.
Autumn Dreaming is such Bliss.

BFJ.This is for you.

Roy Orbison, Blue Bayou.


Q said...

Wonderful poem. Thank you!
I am dreaming with you only I am "Spring" daydreaming with the sun and the cool breezes...
Happy Dreaming,

Mike said...

Nice Meggie, but I am seriously dreaming about summer right now.

Isabelle said...

Catching up... Lovely thoughts in your poem. I love peas, garden or otherwise. We do have to eat and I think peas are possibly less destructive of the environment than other things. Of course I may be wrong. And sorry about your health problems. Hope they get resolved.

Ian Lidster said...

Lovely versification. Captures the mood so effectively. Meanwhile, I shall continue to enjoy our spring. It's our turn.

ancient one said...

Nice Poetry! You know, you are good at this. Poetry was never my thing... my daughter, however, is good with verse!

Molly said...

Such a dreaming, smiling feel to this! Plus, I LOVE Roy Orbison! The reference to GOM as Hitler in your last post had me laughing out loud....

smilnsigh said...

Same here... 'tis Spring time, around these parts.

It's still so interesting, to realize that May means Springtime to me... and coming Autumn, to you. And that July means warmmmm to me, and means cool/cold to you.

Life on this planet Earth, hu? :-)


Maggie May said...

That's a lovely poem and we probably have all experienced the sudden shiver when the clouds cover the sun!