Monday, May 12

Moving Right Along

Just a collection of things that took my eye along the ways. Not in any particular order. The vehicle is for Granny J, as I know she likes decorated vehicles.
What is not to like about art like this?!

Leaving Auckland, & setting out along the Motorway. The ripples of clouds seemed harmless, & in the main, they were.

A timely warning on the morning we stepped out of our Motel Unit. We had cooked ourselves a slap-up breakfast with lovely local eggs, & delicious bacon. The smoke alarm had gone off when we cooked toast, & it was impossible to stop- or bear! So Beloved Brother took the battery out. The proprietor was less than happy about it, but as my brother declared, he needs to protect what little hearing he has left!

An interesting little side comment here, is about the Motels in general in New Zealand. Most of them have a stove, (with oven) a microwave, toaster, electric jug, & fridge. A sink & bench, dish washing facilities are provided with teatowel, & dishwashing liquid, as well as the requisite china & cutlery. We felt quite sad when we stayed at this particular Motel, as we had often met our Aunt, at this Motel, & she often had a slap-up dinner cooked for us!
There is a local Club, which also has a Restaurant, & we have often dined there in the past also. Now our Aunt has gone, but the memories linger on.
We visited our Grandparents Graves, & it is also the site of our mother's ashes, & an Uncle's also. It is an old Cemetary, which used to have wonderful heastones but this poor ruined Angel is the only one left now, due to vandal activity. We were pleased to see that on this visit the rabbit holes had been filled, & it seemed some attempt to rid the grounds of rabbits has been undertaken.

This is a shot of the main street of a small town, which I am rather fond of, & I have vivid memories from my early childhood. We often stop there for a refresher on our way to visit relatives.

This is the wonderfully painted vehicle which was in the street in Opotiki. I took these shots for Granny J- & myself! I looked about to see if the owner was about, but it was quite crowded at the cafe, & also the Home Bakery. No one looked to be watching my photographic attempts.

This, the other side of the van, & equally as well done. Some type of Taniwha? I wonder....

The following are pics of the flowers in an Aunt's garden. I am not sure what these first pink blooms are, but they were lovely. This Aunt always had a very green thumb, & her garden used to be legendary in the town, as they lived in a very visible house on the main road. People would stop to photograph her flower displays, & she successfully grew Pineapples to ripeness for years.

Here is a very pretty Kanagroo Paw, flourishing in her garden in New Zealand. They can be tricky to grow in Australia!

Another pretty rose, & I am sure this one was called Kiwi something? I have forgotten!

Another bloom of Tequila Sunrise. Beautiful full brilliantly coloured blooms.

Another lovely bloom. No idea of the name of this one.

This is a Bumble Bee. I tried so hard to get a good pic of him/her. They don't live here in Australia, & the first time my son's partner saw one, she could not believe her eyes. They are so large & seemingly should not be able to fly, but they can, & though they seem awkward when on the flowers they seem quite quick in the air. Of all the shots I took, this really was the best.

Here to finish are some rolling richly greened paddocks of farmland in the Waikato area. They have had a drought this year, but recent rains had superficially greened things, & gave the impression of the usual lushly green landscape.


An update on the itch. Sadly, it did not abate during my New Zealand sojourn, so at least that eliminates the carpet.
I am scheduled to see the Skin Specialist on 1st July.

Tracy Chapman, If Not Now.


bluemountainsmary said...

Another series of lovely photos from your home country. I particularly loved the kangaroo paw as I am pretty sure I have never seen a pink one before!

meggie said...

I don't think I have seen a pink one before, either, so I was very intrigued. This particular area is very rich in the soil, & is the heart of Kiwifruit Growing- going so far as to boast they are the Kiwifruit growing Capitol of the World. Just think, I left town before the Kiwifruit Milliionaires were made, & missed out on marrying one of them!
I do believe, however, we walk the road we are destined to walk.
I do still like the area, but could never return to live there.

Stomper Girl said...

Such lovely flower photos. That is sad about the graveyard vandalism though, pretty callous behaviour.

Elaine Adair said...

Wow, I had a nice, too quick visit with you, travels, babies, relatives, flowers, pine trees, carvings .... and more, puff, puff, puff. Thanks for so many lovely, informative, geographic photos. I had a lovely time. 8-)

Thimbleanna said...

I love your photos Meggie. If I can't visit on my own, at least I have your pictures. And no bumblebees in AU? So interesting!

smilnsigh said...

Great photos. But the best news here, is that you have a firm appointment to see the skin specialist! Yesssssss!!!


Catalyst said...

Thanks for the tour, Meggie, of a land I've always wanted to visit. Lovely flowers and a neat picture of the bumblebee.

Linds said...

I have so enjoyed all your photos of NZ, Meggie. It reminds me so much of our trip there last summer, and I can't wait to go back and visit again.
What stunning flowers. Maybe I need to be there in the summer next time!

Molly said...

That Kangaroo's paw is beautiful! All your flowers look good enough to eat.....

Ali Honey said...

I didn't know that there were no bumble bees in Oz. Isn't he lovely basking on the cherry pie flower.( their home is under ground ).
Kangaroo paw are a favourite of mine. I only grow dark red ones cause that was the colour scheme I wanted but have seen them in lime green; yellow; green and red, orangey red; pink and nearly white. ( NO blues or purples )Someone in NZ is breeding new varieties.

I love seeing my own coutry side from someone elses eyes!

( roll on 1st July )

alice said...

I am in awe of the pink kangaroo paw, like others. How striking! I am enjoying reading of your time there, your tinges of sadness are well balanced by some lovely happiness.

Anonymous said...

I was just going to ask if the itch had abated while you where in NZ. Sorry to hear it didn't, but on the other hand I suppose it means you don't have to buy a new carpet!
I loved the photos you took. The billboard is very amusing and the vehicle is very eyecatching. The flowers of course are beautiful. You do a good job with the camera.
Thanks Meggie.

Mike said...

They actually have an art showing in Houston Texas where they display artistically decorated vehicles like that. Very nice photos Meg.

ancient one said...

Loved these photos... it makes me feel as if I went with you... and I did in a way...My thoughts and prayers were with you!

Alice said...

I'd love a pink Kangaroo Paw like that one. I wouldn't feel so self-conscious growing it as I would driving around in that

Interesting comment about the amenities in the motels in NZ. When we were there on our honeymoon more than 40 years ago, all of the motels had water mixers in the shower - just turn one tap until water is the right temperature instead of having to adjust two separate taps. We couldn't work out why Aussie motels didn't install them - and they still haven't!!!

I have so many of your posts (and those of many other bloggers) to catch up on, Meggie.

Tanya said...

Such beautiful roses and flowers! That yellow and pink one is for the records. I love seeing the scenery of your time in New Zealand. How I would love to visit there someday (and Australia too!)

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
Catching up with you this morning. So glad you are back home safe and sound. I do understand the sweet-sadness of funerals. I enjoyed all your photos. Thank you.
Good you will be seeing someone about the itch. I bet you are tired of it!

Anonymous said...

No bumblebees. Wow, that is amazing. My garden is awash with them. Funny little beasties that they are.

And i love the painted van. There is one near us that is bright pink with a zebra striped bumper - gorgeous.

Sorry to hear the itching has not abated. That must be so irksome. I hope you find something that eases it soon.

Ian Lidster said...

Thank you for the travelogue. Gives me more of a thirst to head down your way. I mean, I have made it to the Cooks, so it's just one more hop to be there.

jovaliquilts said...

"hazardous waist" -- too funny!

Thanks for the tour, it's wonderful to learn about a place from someone who lives there.

And the van is great!

Joke said...

I love bumblebees.

As you were.


fifi said...

What a FAT BEE and what a cool campervan!

The Sagittarian said...

Great photos Meggie, makes me want to get out there exploring again but its getting colder here now and I'm too lazy!!

Granny J said...

Thank you for that van, Meggie -- you are so right, it is my kind of vehicle. The fish reminds me somewhat of the style from the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Enjoyed your trip, tho was very surprised about the bumblebees! That they have them in NZ but not OZ is the curious part.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie! I just love the 'hazardous waist'. Beautiful flowers ... I think my poor garden has had it!

Steffi said...

Really beautiful pictures and you have a nice blog!

Peggy said...

beautiful photos and memories. Thanks for sharing both! :)