Thursday, May 15

"I never thought it would happen to me"

How many times have heard that phrase, or thought it ourselves.

"I never thought it would happen to me."

I have been thinking it rather a lot lately.

I suppose I should be thinking,

"Why wouldn't it happen to me? It has to happen to someone!"

As well as this intolerable itch, of which I despair of ever finding any solution, I have other health issues that seem just plain bizarre.

I seem to be falling apart. The latest 'thing' has really depressed me, as, unless I win Lotto or thousands of $$$ some other way- which is hardly likely, since I dont even take tickets, haha!- I cannot get this latest wretched problem repaired, or corrected. Not deemed to be life threatening, it will remain to be an unpleasantly uncomfortable bane of my life.

I feel a little guilty for feeling this way, as there are people much worse off than I am, who are battling their own private hells, or health battles. With far more serious, & indeed, life threatening problems. I guess it is human nature though, to think of our own misery first. Selfish species that we are.

Somehow, knowing that we are not the worst off, doesn't help us to feel any better.

I feel a bit like advertising - you know the sort of thing,

"Available for learner surgeons to practise upon."

"Unusual & complicated surgery necessary, - Any one interested in learning repairs, on tattered old body."

I am to have a scan, just to 'reassure' us it is 'only' what we think it is. I felt a slightly hysterical urge to scream/laugh out loud when the Dr told me that.

I racked my brains, thinking of all the female relatives I could, who had never seemed to have this problem. Imagine the indignity of finally recalling a male relative who, I would almost bet, has it.

My blood pressure is doing stupid things too, far too high. Dr said he wouldn't worry about that, at the moment, as, if someone is worried about some other problems, chances are they will have higher than usual readings. Of course the fact that last time I went it was sky high too, does not auger well.


Yesterday, my lovely daughter took me out for lunch. Her Mother's Day treat for me. Just the two of us. We tried out a newly renovated establishment, with a swish new menu. Have to give it 9 1/2 points. The food was beautiful. One slightly mouldy salad leaf let it down a bit. Apart from that, it was just perfection. I had a nice glass of Chardonnay, & DJ had a beer. It was lovely to just sit back & chat. I realise every day of my life, that I am truly blessed to have a daughter that I get along with so well.


The day of my Granddaughter's birthday, we went to a Mall, to meet before our lunch. Gom loves playing tricks on Granddaughter- well he loves playing tricks on anyone, really!

So he appeared in the Mall wearing this mask. As it happened GD & her friend were outside a window in the Mall, & they saw Gom & were laughing. Our Daughter began to laugh too, along with our rellies.
As you can see, somewhat hideous, but not really threatening surely?

Next thing Gom knew, he was being tapped on the shoulder & told not to wear the mask in the Centre. Did he pose a threat? Was he about to hold up a shop? Or attack someone returning from the toilet block?

We moved away laughing, & as we stood about discussing our next meeting point, a female Security Guard came up to us, & asked if we needed help, or directions? Was 'everything' alright? We must have been under close scrutiny from the cameras! Surely 4 elderly, greying, people with 3 younger women did not pose a likely threat? We are not of any specific 'ethnicity'. Just plain old whitey folks doddering about, making plans to meet later for lunch.

Did the 2 teenage girls look like desperadoes, I wonder? Being tutored by the "Elders of the Gang"? Obviously masks are not good to take to shopping Malls.

We will know better, next time.

This next couple of photos I took one day last week. A moth, who suddenly appeared on Gom's shoulder. After taking my shots, I was urged to 'Get it off me!'

It flew onto the mop handle, so I took another pic, as it appeared so different.

Thanks for your indulgence if you read this rather crapulous post. I am sure I will get over my little selfpity party shortly.

Bryan Adams Cloud Number 9.


Tanya Brown said...

Heaven forbid you should have some fun in the shopping mall and even giggle a bit! GOM looks very dashing in his mask, although the dental work is a bit dodgy.

So sorry about the health problems. As if the itch wasn't enough to drive a person nuts, now there's a new thing. I don't suppose there's any Chardonnay left?

It's probably no consolation, but the women on my mother's side tend to go bald.

Mike said...

Well I sure hope everything is okay. It is damned frustrating dealing with medical people these days.

As for the mall and security guard thing--seems to me the world has lost its sense of humor. We probably just need to get over ourselves and learn how to laugh again.

ancient one said...

What ever the health problem is, I hope it will soon be better!

I can understand the rules for no mask in the malls, but GOM looked as if he were having a good time.

Glad Mother's Day was good for you... I had a very nice one too... the very best part... NO Tornadoes for us!!

alice said...

You were obviously terrorists.


Especially GOM.

fifi said...

Well meggie, I am sorry to hear about your ailments, hope you are feeling better soon.

At least you don't look like that mask, now THERES a skin condition.....

Anonymous said...

Well, he scared me so imagine how terrified those security guards must have been...

Leanne said...

Great photo of the moth I bet he would be hard to see on a piece of wood. Sorry to hear you have health issued it's part of aging. I work for a gynae and always joke "you can tell god was a man he designed women with a hole at the bottom so in old age our organs can fall out... thanks to gravity"

Alice said...

It's always the small, annoying things that get on our nerves, isn't it? Not that I'm suggesting your health issues are necessarily 'small', although you acknowledged that they're probably not life-threatening.

Nevertheless, I hope the remedies to both (all?) problems will be found soon.

I don't think you've lost your sense of humor - even if the Security Guards have. Although, in view of society and the world today, I can understand them erring on the side of overkill.

Frankofile said...

Bette Davies - old age ain't for cissies - and we women seem often to get most of the old age challenges :-(

Linds said...

Such a pity that a sense of humour is now an endangered species in modern day life, isn't it.Having fun is good.

I hope your health problems are resolved soon, Meggie. It must be driving you crazy. I don't mind if you moan. Moaning is good. I do a fair amount of it too. I am human. Not sure if I would trust learner doctors though!

Joyce said...

I hope your medical issues get solved soon.
As for the mask, maybe the guard had seen "The Mask" recently and was afraid to be seduced a la Jim Carey.
Grown up daughters (and daughter-in-laws) are indeed a blessing.

Angie said...

I've been remiss in not telling you how sad I am for your loss of your beloved Auntie. Zeesh, life seems to be zipping by so fast, I can't keep up with what date it is! It makes me feel lonely just knowing you are going to feel such a huge gap in your life with her gone.

You know, Megs, I've been keeping up with you and I have to admit that I'm constantly scratching....ROFL....and I must be your long-lost sister when it comes to the doctors and their 'non-life-threatening' wierd ailments that we can develop. :) But whatever strange illnesses you may be developing, you never fail to brighten up my day...and most of the time, to just literally crack up me with you writings and antics. ROFL You and GOM are just delightful...and as Mike said above, we all need to just get over ourselves again and learn to live each of these moments....well, the ones without itches and thumping skittering hearts, and strange ailments, anyway! ROFL Sorry I've been MIA so much these last months. But I'm always watching over YOUR shoulder, dear friend!

Love the moth, I've photographed one just like him here in the US of A! :)

Andrea said...

Sorry to hear you're having problems - hope things improve soon. I finally got your address through to my email so will be sending you a little parcel - maybe it will cheer you up - lol ! Take care xx

CONNIE W said...

I do agree with fifi.

At least we know that your mall security people are on their toes and not sleeping. One never knows when the real thing could saunter in.

Sorry about the health issues...reminds me of the Fortunes' hit song "You've Got Your Troubles, I've Got Mine"...I am facing a scoping of the nether-regions soon.......arghhh

Ragged Roses said...

Glad to hear that you had a good time with your daughter Meggie. Hope things start to improve health wise for you very soon

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, problems always come at once don't they?

I think the thing with some health problems is that it is just so depressing that they are not going to go away. The feeling that it will be with you forever. I have one such thing too - I've had it for 9 years and for the first few months I was really seriously miserable about it but gradually over time I have almost forgotten about it. It hasn't got better - I just live with it and I guess I always will.

Maybe yours can be sorted though? I hope so. and I hope you get the itching sorted too - that really should be sortable.

Elaine Adair said...

Oh crud -- I am sorry you must waste energy on these worries. Yes, I know about the advertisement for "surgery on this old body" mode. I think I have a neon sign on my forehead that says "Finally, this sucker is fully insured" .. therefore, to the DR. for this and that, and what about ...

Hope you find peace and satisfaction with the test results, and that you can END the tests with one swoop!

So happy for you to have a good day with the family and that kinda creepy person who almost got investigated!

PAT said...

I am sorry to hear about your healh issues, Meggie.

I love the mall/mask story! I wondered if Gom didn't have a bit of a problem with security, when I saw it. Sorry to hear about that, but you all have a great sense of humor..I love that!

Well wishes from another grey haired desparado,

The Sagittarian said...

Ah well, if the Gods of Mischief and Mayhem are annoying you it must mean they are leaving someone else alone!
Hope you're back on top of things soon, Meggie.

Marja said...

Oh Meggie sorry i am sorry to hear you got a problem. Hope it will disappear soon. Unfortunitely I am not a surgeon but I will sent you my blessings.
I had to smile when I saw that mask
These mall people are not used to anything. Poor mall people. Have a good day Meggie and don't worry

Ali Honey said...

I suppose it is all right to sell masks in that Mall , just not wear them.

Oh poor Meggie, I wish you were well. I do hope you resolve your health issues.

Maybe you should go to a Vet. Our cat got such good treatment and thorough examining that I just might start going there too. They seem to care more than Doctors!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
I so understand the health issues. I woke up one day and wow I could barely walk! I also have been stuggling. Hope you find relief soon. I am doing herbs and growing as much of my "medicine" as I can.
Thank goodness you have a great sense of humor. Laughter keeps me going too.
Your daughter and Gom are fun people.

Rosie said...

getting older is such a joy, with new little ailments jostling for attention as each day passes. I feel lucky to be blessed with such a noir sense of humour which amuses me through the darkest of times!

Rosie said...

I've just had another look at GOM and he has frightened the pants of wonder they wanted to strip his mask off!

Bren said...

So sorry about your ailments. ((((hugs)))) and warm wishes sent to you!
GOM looks a riot! Sad that people are losing their sense of humor with the way our world is turning!

Kitty said...

Oh FFS ... sorry, but honestly, what harm were you doing, having a laugh in a shopping centre?

That moth is rather beautiful - though like GOM I don't like them especially.

You sound pi$$ed off Meggie. And my bet is you have every right to be pi$$ed off - nothing wrong with expressing it. Look after yourself (((hugs))).


Exuberant Color said...

Nice moth pictures. We all have pity parties, and it is great that people will listen to us and reassure us that things will usually work out. I hope your health problems clear up.

Nancy said...

Sorry about the health issues, glad to see you and Gom have held securley onto your sens of humor! Was it a slow day for security??? Honestly, how could that be threatening? I'm glad you all enjoyed it before security got self-important. I've been reading your blog now for a short while and really enjoy it. It's interesting to note the differences and also the similarities of our two continents (I'm in the mid-western US).

leslie said...

Gee, maybe the security guards thought the teenagers were accosting the 4 grey-haireds. lol

So sorry to hear you've another health problem. Me too! (come & read about the bad back) But I'm sure things will work out fine. It's always the waiting for the answer as to what next that's hard.

Glad you had a lovely Mother's Day as did I. Have a wonderful weekend. :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
Thanks for your comments on the bag. Yes it is a Jan Knight pattern. I had to go and find the book to look! Just shows you how much I don't know!
Sorry you now have another health problem. No matter how small it is you have every right to feel depressed. After all, it was only a straw that broke the donkey's back. LOL Would you try relaxation therapy? It just might help to take your mind off the itch at least.
That aside, I do love the moth photo's. His colour must change like that so he is seen on whatever he lands on. Nature is very clever. (Sometimes!)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the health things that are troubling you. Ohhhh I don't like the moth too much I would rather see your flowers! :)

Helen said...

Love Leanne's gynae joke - haven't heard that one before :-) Sorry you are feeling so cr**. Bette Davis was right!!

quiltmom said...

Hi Meg,
Life is not being very kind to you these days- I hope that you are soon rid of the itching- it must be at the very least annoying, if not worrisome. Your GOM is full of fun - I loved the mask story.
Watch out for those security guards - you'll be in trouble for having too much fun LOL. How is it people are so serious all the time- (Perhaps the security guards have too much to watch these days that they can not take a chance on anything no matter how innocent-) That is not a very cheery thought!
As always Meg, you keep finding the funny side of life too- May you never lose your sense of fun..

Tanya said...

Ahh, too bad that the security guards can't jsut see the fun of things lin life. I'm sure they have to be wary of fullface motocycle helmeted people swinging chains and carrying a bat or something but surely not your very kind looking (even with the mask) husband.

Love the moth!