Tuesday, May 27

Spoilt- as in, How Lucky Can I Be?

I take my eye off the Blog world for 5 minutes, & everyone has posted such a lot, I have to spend all day catching up.

I have been very spoilt. We had our son to stay for the weekend, which was a treat. Unfortunately Gom was unwell for much of the time, & so he didn't enjoy the visit as much as he normally would. He seems to be ok again now.

SIL has had bronchitis, so he was not well. I am lucky, I had a little of what Gom had, but seem to be ok now. Perhaps the Cosmos figures I have enough, with the itches. haha.

We did have Small Grandson here for the night on Friday, & he was so good. He took all the orphan Teddies to bed with him, & went off to sleep as happy as a little sandboy. In the morning we took him to a couple of garage sales, & he found some magnetic letters, & spent a lot of time with his Uncle, making words with the letters.

My big treat yesterday, has been a wonderful gift from Mrs Nice Neighbour!
Look what she has given to me! This wonderful Buddha Garden she made.

I am terrified it might get ruined by Leo, so Gom brought it inside last night! He really likes it too, & we both have great admiration for the Garden, & all the miniature gardens Mrs NN makes.

She has also been making lovely little plaques for various friends & neighbours, & she made this lovely one for our dogs, Honey & Leo. As she says, they really do own our house, & they just let us stay here to cater to their every whim!

Here is a closer look at Buddha. The Cactus on the left in the picture really looks like a man, holding his arms aloft, & challenging Buddha! It even has eyes, & a nose!

I took this photo this morning, after Gom had taken it outside, & he was having his breakfast, admiring it. I see he has stacked the chairs so that Leo can't get up on the table to 'admire' the garden at close quarters!
Please ignore the weeds in the background of our garden! I have been pleading for a visit to the Nursery to get some plants. Perhaps I need to get some seeds. There are some lillies there, that have struggled through, but I have not seen any flowers on them as yet.


I feel I should defend our Doctor's office too. For such a smallish area, there seems to be much demand for Doctors. There are two large Medical Centres with what I call, Fast-Food-of-Medicine Doctors who work there, & tend to be very impersonal. Then there are several private surgeries with 2 or 3 Doctors. The couple we attend are a husband & wife. They are very popular, have lovely people skills, & have a closed register of patients, to try to keep their waiting times to a minimum.

As with most things, consultations cannot always be accurately timed to the minute, & particularly with elderly patients, or children, a consultation often takes a little longer. They really do try to keep things running on time, but cannot always predict how their day will run. They do try to be as accessible as possible to their patients, - and other practitioners- hence the taking of phone calls. I don't think patients generally mind, & it is nice to think the Doctors are so friendly & accessible. Plus there is the fact that the patient register is by choice, & people are free to change if they don't like the 'service', so to say.

So in spite of some fraught moments now & then, with waiting room scenes, on the whole the Doctors give very good service, & are caring & thoughtful. We have been patients there for 10 years.... a scary thought!


Sunday was my eldest 'baby's' 46th Birthday. I wished I could have spent the day with him, but he lives far away. I rang him up, & had a nice long chat. He sounds happy, & says he is very well.

Randy Crawford, You Might Need Somebody.


Mike said...

I spent a few days away too and yes, it takes time to get caught up. Glad you had your son with you for the weekend. My daughter was here for the weekend and it was great. Always so nice to see here come here but I hate to see her go home.

The Sagittarian said...

We have friends arriving this Friday from Sydeny, being our 13th wedding anniversary these two friends of ours come every Queen's Birthday weekend to help us celebrate! We're taking them to the rugby (of course) so I'm looking forward to that very much. I'm pleased you ahd a good visit with family, it's such a happy feeling isn't it when things go well and after the recent heartache it would have been a nice tonic for you!

jellyhead said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your son's visit, and hope GOM throws off his 'lurgy' quickly.

The Buddha garden is gorgeous!

Oh, and it's lovely to hear you defend your doctor & their surgery! Thank you for seeing things from both perspectives. Not everyone has the tolerance and understanding that you do.

Linds said...

You do have lovely neighbours, Meggie! What a beautiful garden.
I have not had time to comment all around the blogging world in the past few weeks, but I have been reading, and hopefully will get more time this week.

I hope Gom is better soon, and that you conquer that itch. Enough now! Begone, hideous itch! (She says, waving hands in the air and stamping her foot.)

Anonymous said...

Love the Buddah Garden. What a nice neighbour you have. It makes a difference when you get on well with neighbours doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

haha yes blogworld carries on relentlessly producing when we take a day off. It can feel quite overwhelming sometimes!!

Sounds like a lovely weekend.

And you are such a good soul, feeling all guilty about making your doctor's surgery sound less than perfect. We're all allowed to moan sometimes.

jovaliquilts said...

Love your happy buddha! I grew up with one that my dad picked up in Korea or Japan, and always found it such a contrast to the serene buddhas.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie. Im back,
Hehehe im just trying to catch up with everyones blog also.
Oh i just love your Budda mini garden ..I have a few large Budda's through my garden . but would love your mini budda.. ill be back soon

ancient one said...

Your garden from NN is so pretty. She is so talented and the plaque was perfect!!

Happy Birthday to your eldest Baby!!

I'm sure you enjoyed having your son. My daughter visited on Sunday. We attended her dad's family reunion. One of our sons was there as well. My other son couldn't make it. (conflict with some church duties)

Hope GOM feels better now!

smilnsigh said...

You have a very talented neighbor!

Take your eyes off Blog World for a bit longer, and some of us are being threatened with law suits. Come over and see...


Bren said...

Your garden is lovely. I love cactus! I think Leo would get the idea if he pushed his nose up against that!!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

You are blessed with your NN, such a thoughtful woman to make you such lovely treasures. Hope you all continue to improve, health-wise!

Lee said...

Imagine how far behind I am after three weeks!!

Lovely Buddha garden.

Ian Lidster said...

Love your Buddha Garden. That's brilliant.

Lucy said...

I think we ought to all just accept we can't all get round all the time. My feeds are going black faster than I can click on them, and I'm having to limit myself to catching up with just the last one or two posts I've missed everywhere rather than trying to go back through everything...

Anyway, I'll stop moaning, this is supposed to be fun not a duty, and coming back here is fun! Your buddha looks very happy with his big tum, rather like I feel sometimes, only jollier; I love the little bow tied underneath!

Molly said...

Your NN is a talented lady. I remember as a child always admiring the miniature gardens that were entered in the annual horse show. Her gardens remind me of those days, as I've never seen them anywhere else!

Rosie said...

Gosh I wish I had neighbours who were as creative and generous as you have. All I get is DIY at some ridiculous time on a Sunday morning!
Love the garden and the Buddha looks like he's having a right good time.

Thimbleanna said...

What a neat planter Meggie. If Leo were to disturb it, wouldn't he get poked with a lot of cactus stickers???

bluemountainsmary said...

I love these newsy posts Meggie

and that fat happy Buddha!

Ragged Roses said...

That looks like one happy Buddha!

Kitty said...

It's awful when Google Reader tells me I have over 75 posts to catch up on :-O I simply can't do it all, all the time - nobody can.

That little buddha garden is so detailed - you do indeed have a talented neighbour.

A belated happy birthday to your son.

Take care. x

Pauline said...

Visits with children and grandchildren are the best! And the Buddha looks so happy - as I would feel, I suppose, reclining in a garden all day! Lovely post.

Christine Thresh said...

I am glad to learn that your oldest "baby" is well and happy. A nice long chat is the best gift of all.

julieQ said...

I am sorry about your doctor-dilemmas! I so enjoy your blog.

Tanya Brown said...

I adore your Buddha garden. I'm green with envy, or perhaps I simply have dysentery? In any event - very nice.

Q said...

The Buddha Garden is fantastic. My tummy is out to there too...the joys of enlightenment!
I miss my kids! They live far away too. When we do get to visit it is an event. I also feel as if I am on catch up most of the time!

Mary said...

I'm so far behind on my blog reading - I also had my son visiting for the weekend over Memorial Day and we really enjoyed it. We're so far away from both boys since the move to Minneapolis it's nice when we get a chance to spend time together.

I haven't finished catching up yet but I hope that biopsy came back OK although I'm sure you've just about had it with the rash.