Tuesday, October 7

A Dearth of Frivolity.

Most of the time, I am reasonably happy in the skin I am in. as you may guess, this is not comment about the itching skin I am in! LOL Or to put it another way, I am not uncomfortable with 'who I am'.

I tend to laugh at off beat things. That is ok, to me. I might laugh at mainstream 'inappropriate' things, but sometimes I feel that is my default setting for coping with really distressing things.

I have sometimes, to my utter horror, noted things at Funerals, or other solemn occasions, that have caused me gut wrenching pain, to stop hysterical laughter bursting from my mouth.

Bad wigs can almost guarantee a burst of laughter, usually disguised to protect the bald. If my Beloved Brother is anywhere near me when we see a 'bad wig' the pain is excruciating, to not laugh. Give me honest baldness any day.

Sniggering in Church was frowned upon, but a good friend J & I could almost have been guaranteed to be caught sniggering when we were young, & before I realised the error in my ways, at attending church. Tales from a young male friend, of piddling in the font, somehow added to the need for hysteria.

Apart from those types of hilarity foolishness, I do tend to suffer from a serious dearth in frivolity in life in general.

As many of you will know, I love to make quilts. To me they seem practical, while also a source of some pleasure. I suppose some could be called 'frivolous' if they are wall hangings, or completely useless for any practical purpose. But then they can sometimes be regarded as ART, so that is not really frivolous.

I have been shopping for clothes, today. I hate shopping for clothes. I see things I rather like, then remind myself they are not at all practical, nor would I wear them much, if ever. So those items remain in the shop.

Always remember to look up! I try to keep this in mind, when I am beset with doubt about the wisdom of a project of any sort. I try to remind myself, life does not always have to be 'practical.'

I have steered away from 'frivolous' crafts. I cannot for the life of me, see making hideous 'assemblages', to be foisted upon unsuspecting friends or family kith or kin, heh!.

We have all probably been the recipient, at some time, of some hideous 'thing' masquerading as 'art' or 'decoration', & bitten back a bray of horror.

Sometimes I feel slightly sad, at the lack of frivolousness in my nature. I can watch others laughing or cavorting in frivolous manner, & wonder why I don't wish to join in, or behave in such a fashion.

I really don't have a lot of items in my life that are sheer frivolity. Though, I guess Teddy bears could come into that category. Or my doll collection. yes, that is probably very frivolous, & totally useless.

In light of my lack of frivolity, here are some pics I stole from LOL Cats.

I love this. This might be Meggie & Gom.

This is a comment to Politicians, to me.

This could well be another political comment.

Here is the sunset last night. It promised a lovely day, & it delivered on the promise.
I know that somewhere, somehow, I could learn how to get rid of those damn phone, & electricity wires, but I have yet to learn that skill.

Joni Mitchell, Little Green.


Frankofile said...

I'm with you on the lack of frivolity thing. Perhaps we should cultivate it?

On the other hand, I'm not going with the 'when I am old, I shall wear purple' idea.

No, on second thoughts, let's cultivate taste and refinement. Now where can I find those silk stockings and soft leather gloves?

ancient one said...

I've always been the practical person. I guess I got it from my dad who lived during the great depression. He always said you couldn't get anything else unless the present thing had a hole in it..LOL

I laughed with you when you spoke of laughing at the wrong time. Several people I know have said they sometimes laughed at funerals and never knew what set them off.. One lady said she was in the family room... she covered her face
with her handkerchef and laughed all she wanted.. the husband beside her thought she was crying during that time..

Your sky picture was beautiful even with the electric lines!

Sheila said...

I recall many years ago attending a funeral where the mother of the deceased was wearing a hat that looked like a pork pie. I bowed my head and stuffed a hankie in my mouth and my shoulders shook. I hope others thought I was over come with grief.
The hat wearer had an unusually broad face with strong features and the hat was miniscule, I suppose it was her attempt at correct attire.
I laugh at the most inappropriate things too, yet am otherwise quite sober. I recognise myself in your descriptions so often.
Oh Yes, and I love those animal photos too as you know

Kitty said...

I feel your 'pain' sister! I too am lacking in frivolity - or spontaneity. I look at more flexible and flighty folks and wish I could be more like them, but no ... I'm as grounded as a grounded thing.

I laugh at inappropriate times too. Funerals always have an element of hilarity I find. x

Q said...

I often can find the funny...
sometimes when no ones else can...
irony always makes me laugh.
I have been know to to spend way to much time in the ladies room.
I too am practicle. I like usable art, like quilts...

Mike said...

I once read a story about a man that had "no sense of the appropriate." The man lead a wonderful life and had a fantastic outlook and never spent a dull moment.

I always wanted to live a life like that.

Thimbleanna said...

Ah Meggie, you're always good for a smile and a laugh. And not in a frivolous way either!

Winterwood said...

Hi Meggie - thanks for visiting my blog - just taking a peek at yours and enjoying it immensly! I always say too that we should put the nasturtiums in the salad and a few weeks ago fast ed did just that on better homes and gardens, but when we tried that a few years ago - they were very bitter and peppery! Oh well maybe someone likes it hot and peppery - as I dont!

also love the kitty funnies...am going to pass them onto a freind who emailed me today from UK she just got 2 new kittens so she should enjoy the humour! cheers Krissie from winterwood.

Tanya Brown said...

You seem a likable and sensible person. Your blog is fun, and I'll bet your in-person observations are hilarious. A good person to have around when occasions are getting too stultifying.

You bring up a good point, though, about frivolous crafts and "art". Sometimes I wonder if making "art" (quotation marks intentional) isn't actually a bit frivolous. Just think ... there are so many of us creating what we think is "art" and a great deal of it is terrible. "Look! I've made a 3D model of the Last Supper from ear swabs stuck together with bits of ear wax!" What is going to happen to all of this terrible stuff when we die, the "art" quilts made to look like giant tiki heads and such? Given the number of people creating "art", I suspect that the answer is more along the lines of "Charity shop" or "trash can" rather than "world class museum".

A good honest and practical quilt, though, is a thing of beauty or whimsy and will be treasured by almost anyone. Not that that's going to stop me from making my ugly tiki heads, mind you ...

Christine Thresh said...

You said, "I have been shopping for clothes, today. I hate shopping for clothes."
Well, I went shopping today. I went to buy a few bras. The store clerk was so dumb. I said I didn't want underwires. She kept handing me underwire bras.
So, I bought a purse. I didn't need a purse and it won't do as a substitute for a bra. Humph. I guess I showed them!

Strider said...

Just to let you know I stopped by.

The Sagittarian said...

I know what you mean, there was this one time (no, not at band camp) when I was at a funeral with a friend and when we saw this gardener guy pottering about outside the funeral parlour windows with a bucket and spade we both got the giggles.

The Sagittarian said...

Oh, and there was the sign at the crematorium that always makes me laugh.."No smoking".

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Quilts aren't one bit frivolous. We can continue to indulge our passion with a clear conscience. Those cat photos are hilarious!

bluemountainsmary said...

This is the third blog tonight that has posted hilarious animal photos (that kneeling cat just kills me!).

Take a look at Eurolush and Sheep's Clothing if you haven't seen them already!!!

Stomper Girl said...

Ha! Loved those LOL cats, thanks Meggie.

Tanya said...

All your kitty posters were a real treat and a great laugh! Hey, I don't know about frivolous but you have a great sense of humor and that is probably better anyway!

Mary said...

I tend to be a very practical person too - 99% of the quilts I make are meant to be wrapped up in and I rarely make them for the walls.

I don't laugh a lot either - one of Keith's favorite jokes is to tell people that I've had my sense of humor surgically removed...needless to say, he laughs a lot.