Monday, October 13

A Kick in the....

I don't have any idea what the hell is wrong with me. I seem to have no energy.
All the medications I have to take for various ailments, seem to have warnings on them. All of them basically suggest they will turn me into some type of walking dead. and I had better be damn careful about how I walk while dead, because I am likely to be dizzy & generally stupified!

Do not drive motor vehicles! Do not operate machinery!

As soon as I sit down to read, my eyes close, & I wake up startled wondering where the hell I am, & what was I doing. It is really starting to worry me. I just cant seem to get anything done, & I beginning to think I would be better off gone. Or DEED as they say in the Scottish brogue (Watching too much Taggart, even if I do doze off in crucial parts!)

I have been out in the garden again. Ranting at the little spider who insists on building it's ladderlike web over the Donkey tail plant. I keep taking it down, but almost immediately, it is back again. I have even used an insectiside spray out of desperation, but no, the tenacious little blighter just comes back again.

Whoops, how did this get in here?? This is Spiderweb of another kind. Perhaps it sneaked in here to remind me I have not finished it yet. It needs sashing, & I got some fabric to do the sashing. Just haven't got around to cutting or sewing.

Here is another shot of the ladder web. I think that small gingery dot might be the culprit too.

On Saturday I got the chance to call in to see Granddaughter, & Granddog & also Great Granddog. Gom had not met GGDog yet, so he was there too.

Here is Oscar, looking all woolly at the moment. He gets some kind of skin irritation in summer, & usually plucks all his fur off his backside & back legs. He was missing his Mum. She had gone away for a holiday, & so Granddaughter was babysitting.

Here is beautiful wistful looking Great Granddog, Bailey. Isn't he lovely? He just tugs at my heart when I look at him.

Though you wouldn't know it, because he is so fluffy, he is very very thin. He was neglected, & starved by his last owner. His little ribs & his spine are so sharp.
I have never felt a little dog so thin. Our Granddaughter bought him off the previous owner. She is determined to fatten him up.

There is a problem. Bailey is a male, Oscar is a male, & there was some evidence of a pissing contest going on. Inside the house! Not a good look! Not good news for SIL. He thundered & threatened. He will not tolerate it. OUT! he said.

Now Granddaughter is trying to rehouse Bailey. She really wants to keep him, but as he is 7 years old, she is not hopeful of training him out of competitive peeing.

We feel very sorry for Bailey. He was a rescue dog. We don't know his history, apart from the girl who starved him. He is obviously an indoor dog, & seems to have a lovely nature. We think he is Maltese/Shitzu cross. We would take him, but I am sure we would have a problem with Leo, who is enough of a domineering male, without encouragement.

Well, I guess it is time for another snooze I mean read. I have not managed to make the Chocolate cake in a mug.

Speaking of Mugs.

Have you ever tried this Meal in a Mug recipe? Great for a light warm lunch when it is a bit chilly, but you don't want a huge meal.

1 oz butter

1 chopped onion

1 grated carrot

2oz rice ~ I sometimes add more, as I like rice.

1 packet Cream of Chicken Soup Mix, powder. The type that makes 1 litre.

Fry the onion in butter - I use marg.

Add Carrot, Rice & 1 cup of water.

Cook till water is almost gone.

Add soup mix & 3 cups of water, stirring well to mix.

Allow to cook for 5 minutes.

Add 1 cup of milk, & heat well.

Serve with crackers of crusty bread rolls.

No pics, sorry, all gone!

Simon & Garfunkel, The Dangling Conversation.


fifi said...

Well now you have made me hungry.

Sorry to hear about the tiredness, I feel like that quite often. Its just the adrenaline that keeps me going.

I don't kno if this is true but i am sure there is a spider plague. It started in the drought, my whole house is full of them.

Tanya Brown said...

I enjoyed your spiderwebs, both literal and metaphorical (quilted). Bailey looks like a little sweetie. Those eyes are haunting. I'd like to give the previous abuser ... I mean, owner ... a good swift smack upside the head.

Just for you, a new recipe, Drunk in a Mug:

1/2 c frozen mixed vegetables
1 oz butter
3 jiggers Kahlua
1/2 c milk

Feed vegetables and butter to the dog. Mix Kahlua and milk and drink rapidly. Try not to fall over dog on the way to the TV set.

quiltmom said...

It is interesting to see all the different things that you can cook in a mug Meggie.
I am looking forward to seeing your spider web quilt and that you are able to get rid of the other spiders...
Hope that you are feeling better soon Meggie- feeling tired is not much fun...
be well,

Kitty said...

Awww, that is one sweet dog - hope they manage to find him a loving new home.

Sorry to hear about your tiredness - could it be a thyroid problem? Always worth getting it checked.

Take care. x

meggie said...

Fifi, I think we are getting invaded by Daddy Long Legs, & I hate the thought of unwittingly eating them in the night! "They" say we actually eat on average of 3 spiders per person, per year!!

Tanya, Haha, I love the Kahlua recipe.
The worst thing about that 'abuser' is that the Rescue place gave her another dog first, which hung itself on it's lead. I was so enraged, I wanted to call the RSPCA, but my GD wouldn't tell me her name.

Ann, I am hoping to get more energy, but with a dental appt coming up, I am not feeling very confident.

meggie said...

Kitty, your comment must have come in while I was answering the others. I have had just about everything you can think of checked out!! LOL. Some of it must be age, but I can't understand why the sudden increase in lethargy. I even had a test to see if I have Haemochromotosis, & will hear the results of that tomorrow.
I am sure I wont have it, but since I never eat red meat, I can't understand how my iron is so high!

Peggy said...

Love the spiderweb! I say just let the talented spider stay awhile. Poor little doggie. Wish I lived nearby cause I would take him in a heartbeat. Hope he finds a good home.

jovaliquilts said...

Amazing spider web! I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. Certainly it must inspire you to finish your own spiderweb! ;)

Sheila said...

Poor pup..!
They are so trusting and loving how can people do this to them. I hope he finds a good home soon.
I'm glad to read that I am not the only one with 'sleeping sickness', I nod off constantly. I've checked my meds, the ones that keep me sane..(stop laughing)and the supplements, and they are all supposed to work together, so I've decided to just enjoy the naps..

Thimbleanna said...

Awww, what a sweet little dog. I sure hope he finds a nice home. Thanks for the meal in a mug recipe -- it certainly looks more appetizing than the cake in the mug!

Molly said...

Sounds just right for a quick lunch! I've seen webs like that in my garden...Don't you wish we were as quick and industrious with our quilts as those tiny weavers?
Hope you feel better soon!

Yolanda said...

I feel this way too.I wish I could find the cure. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Jo said...

The spiderweb is amazing. I would think the spider should have gotten the hint by now...!

I sometimes get the lazies like that too, where I just want to snooze.

Maybe some of your medications are "fighting" with each other? Perhaps a pharmacist could have a look at them all and let you know. That does happen sometimes.

Now I am going to go and make myself some meal in a cup. Yum!

Blossom said...

Hi there,
Bailey is a sweetie.
we also have a maltese x shih tze.
I love your pics of the spiders and flowers.

I have tried the cake in a mug recipe.very yummy!!!

ancient one said...

I've been blaming my sleepiness on the change of seasons... would not let myself sleep today... maybe I'll sleep better tomorrow...

I don't think I've seen a spider's web like that before ... it is interesting!!

Strider said...

Ah....medication confusion....but no worries mate. I'm sure there is nothing might not know where the car keys are....but at least you know what the keys are for. Take care my friend!

Jeanne said...

I'm fascinated by that ladder web! I've never seen one like that.

Anonymous said...

Hope the fatigue is short-lived.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am certainly with Tanya on her vegetable intake for the day. Hope you feel better soon

Tanya said...

Where do you get these lovely mug recipies?

I hope all will turn out well for Bailey. What a shame that people can be so cruel. Maybe he is just hoping to mark some territory for himself and after it gets marked he will stop the marking. I think our littlest kitten doesn't understand what a cat box if for... She thinks the hamper is a great place for peeing so I have my work cut out for myself too. I think patience is the key (try telling that to your son-in-law).

I actually like your ladder spider web. I've never seen one before! Great pictures! Spider webs are hard to photograph!