Thursday, October 30

Evil Fang no. 2.

Before I get to the ugly parts of this, I just thought I would like to post this delightful pic of my Great Nephew.
His Grandfather is staying with me at present, & I am feeling rotten & peeved, because I am spoiling his holiday, by being sick.

Isn't N a lovely little chap. He sent a coded message in an email from his mother, knowing that his Grandies would understand!

The Evil Fang has proved to be even more evil than it's neighbour. I still have the wretched thing. After having antibiotics, & having no relief from the pain, I am in despair.
Took some strong painkillers, & eventually went to have the fang removed. All painkilling injections, & nitrous gas.
Lying rigidly in the chair, twisted hands all deformed, & distorted. A picture of insanity, I am sure.

The removal instrument was engaged. Searing shot of pain!! More injections. More pain!!
In view of the proximity of certain appendages which could have been grabbed, I am sure the young dentist really has no idea, of how close he came to losing the lot.
By this time he no longer looked so young & handsome. He had begun to look rather like a fiend with torture instruments at the ready! Finally, he decided I needed a panoramic xray of my jaw.

Also, a referral to the Oral surgeon!

Another month to wait. More hideous shrieking pain! Kill me now!! They shoot horses don't they?

I have had the xray done. I have been to my GP for further antibiotics, & heavy duty painkillers- which finally seem to have kicked in!!
They also make me oddly drunken, & nauseated.

Thus, I have not been much company for BB. I just want to lie very still, & not move or speak. Yesterday we risked an outing. I barely made it home before vomitting.

I can't even bear to eat, so I must be sick.

In the midst of all this, Gom had suddenly grown a 'horn' on his forehead. We initially joked about it, saying it proved he is indeed a devil. He loves to pick at things, & whenever I caught him, I would a, gently remind him not to.
b, snarl at him to stop!

It grew quite rapidly, so I rang our Dr who does a skin Clinic once a week, & he sliced it off last week. It was cancer. So it is good riddance to that. Thankgoodness it was not Melanoma.

As I lurched to see the wound after removal of stitches, Dr decided I needed a shot to counteract the 'dopey' drugs I am taking. Thank goodness, I feel a little better.

I have felt so bad, I just couldnt face the computer, & I wish I did't have to prepare food also.

Daughter J has been good about bringing me food. Gom has been very good about cooking too, so I have been rather lucky.

The pain seems to have settled down in the tooth. I am going to consult another dentist, & see if he can remove the Evil Fang, & if not I will have to wait the month out. I hope I dont encounter Mrs Whipped Hairdo!

Thankyou for all you kind wishes & thoughts.

Bob Dylan, Jokerman


Pauline said...

wish I could wave a wand and make it all better. short of that, you have my sympathies. there is not much worse than a toothache.

Anonymous said...

Oh to wait another month while living with this pain is intolerable. Can't something be done? I would classify this as an emergency and that you should be a work-in with whomever can care for you and get it done. I can't even imagine living another month, after all you've been through, with this miserable pain. Perhaps a call from you to the oral surgeon's office explaining the nature of your pain might help?
I am so sorry you're going through this.

Linds said...

Oh Meggie - it sounds dire. I hope you can find another dentist fast, and get rid of the evil thing. Does your hospital have a dental section? It may be worth popping in there.

julieQ said...

Oh, gosh, tooth pain is the worstest!! Hope you are on the mend soon.

Catalyst said...

Gosh, Meggie, I feel so sorry for you in your pain. Hope those young ones around you will make you smile through the pain.

Tanya Brown said...

This sounds ghastly. (The tooth, not your brother and darling great nephew!) I hope the consultation goes well. Going another month - well, it's no wonder you're not feeling up to eating or pretty much anything else.

I wonder if the referral to the oral surgeon is partially because the standard dentist is facing the fact that he can't extract the tooth with you awake without hurting the hell out of you. I don't know how you feel about general anaesthetic, but it might be a blessing at this point if they'd simply put you under while they took care of business, and be quick about it!

I am sending kind wishes and hopeful thoughts your way, although my taking up a collection to bribe the dentist would probably be more helpful.

Mike said...

So sorry you are not feeling well. There's never a good time to be sick.

I went through that whole skin cancer thing last summer. I need to go back. I have another spot on my chest that looks funny.

I love that Jokerman song. My favorite.

Hope you start feeling better soon Meggie.

Fiona said...

Your dentist is clearly inept!!!! A month seems like a year when you are in that much pain - surely something can be done in this day and age? Hope the other dentist sorts it out before then.

Fiona said...

Your dentist is clearly inept!!!! A month seems like a year when you are in that much pain - surely something can be done in this day and age? Hope the other dentist sorts it out before then.

Fiona said...

Your dentist is clearly inept!!!! A month seems like a year when you are in that much pain - surely something can be done in this day and age? Hope the other dentist sorts it out before then.

Strider said...

Looks like a "fine young man." Glad the tooth seems to be getting miserable that must have been. Have a good weekend. Strider

Kitty said...

Oh Meggie ... here's wishing you lots of love, and hoping that the pain is soon gone. (((M))) x

Catherine said...

Oh, ouch! That dentist needs to pull whatever strings he can and get you seen now -- not another month from now! Hope the pain starts to fade real fast!!

VioletSky said...

Oh, Meggie, this sounds excruciating. Hope you don't have to wait a whole month.

jovaliquilts said...

Ouch! Sounds awful, so sorry. I'm having some major dental work done in a couple weeks and so I really do "feel your pain." And the great nephew is adorable!

~Bren~ said...

Oh Meggie....I so understand. I got that nasty wisdom tooth pulled last month and have had no sinus problems since....the pain effects areas that would not seem connected! I pray your pain will cease soon and that you can get that thing pulled quickly.
Now on a brighter note, that little guy is ADORABLE....what a beautiful boy!!!

teodo said...

Meggie I'm sorry and I hope the pain gone soon.
A kiss, ciao ciao

Knot Garden said...

There's no pain like toothache - I hope you can get it sorted out soon! It will seem like a different world when you've got rid of that tooth.

Isabelle said...

Oh dear, poor poor you. Like everyone else, I do sympathise.

I often think how great it would be if one's teeth gradually dropped out around the age of 50 and one grew a nice new third set. It seems such a waste for the first two to grow in so early.

Gorgeous baby!

BBC said...

I really don't think that you should post pictures of cute kids on the internet considering what it is.

And what sick people can turn them into with graphic programs.

Molly said...

Sorry to hear you are so unwell Meggie.....Hope relief will arrive soon!