Wednesday, October 15

Whole Years Fly By.

Just where do the years go? I remember when I was younger, being told, that "time speeds up, as you get older".

Of course, I scoffed. How could that be possible? Time was time. I passed. At whatever speed it travelled. Who would consider the speed of it's passing?

Time just 'was'. Noone considered the passage of it! Did they??

Well today I say, I do, I consider it every day.

Six years ago my little Grandson was born!

Here he is, with Dad & Mum. Only minutes old!

Here he is, with our beautiful daughter, his lovely mother. Approximately 30 minutes old!

Here is Small Grandson today, whith is adoring sister. Six years old!! Where did those years fly??

I promise, no one knows how much they can love a child, until they have a Grandchild!

I have got these photos out of sequence. I won't change them, because you cannot 'embiggen' ( TM Mike), if I move them.
Make a wish!!
He wanted a 'Jam cake, with Lollies'. Here it is!
OK, Nan, just one more photo! I have games to play! The rest of my life to live!

Here is Granddog Oscar. With Birthday wishes & smooches!

Yes, Bailey is still with them! He is stealing hearts. He need dentistry! His kisses stink! Poor little boy.

In other news. I have been to visit GP. I have some gene that makes me a carrier for some ailment. It is ok, I am probably not some threat to mankind, or my kinder ~ offspring, children, issue, etc etc. I have a recessive gene, which means I probably have not 'blighted' my offspring.

The secret life of our bodies, continues to be a fascinting topic to me. I have concluded I need to stop taking one of my meds to try to regain some 'wakeful' hours.

Momentarily, I am expecting accelerated sewing activity!! Or kitchen activity. Dare I say, jogging?

No, that will never happen. Never did. Never will!

However, we have been invited out for lunch tomorrow. Woo Hoo!

Mark Knoplfler, Anything he plays

It seems I posted the same damn clip twice... blogger shits me.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I swear time goes more quickly too. As a child the days were definitely longer.

Happy birthday to your grandson. He looks adorable. I have a six-year-old too and he is a non-stop action man! Interesting what you say about love and grandchildren. I don't feel that my children's grandparents are particularly devoted but I guess that is simply because they live so far away. Well, maybe.

Hope you have regained some energy and are all birthdayed up?

fifi said...

Happy Birthday, lovely boy!!

I just fancy a jam cake with lollies right now actually.

Was talking today about the notion of time speeding up, and how we are doing so many things at the one time. It's disturbing.

Kitty said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson!

You are so right about time. It didn't used to go as fast as it does now. I'm sure it lasted at least 4 times as long :-O x

Linds said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson! I cannot wait to be a granny - not long till Feb now either!

Stomper Girl said...

Oh, happy birthday to your darling grandson. You can tell how special he is to you from all the loving posts you write about the time you spend together.

Anonymous said...

Your little grandson is a cutie and I'm sending him belated happy birthday wishes.

jovaliquilts said...

Looks like such a wonderful family! Love the closeup photo with the cake.

Pearl said...

Kids do seem to grow up so quick now don't they, thats because the years fly past too fast. LOL.
The dogs are adorable, good luck with sorting out your medication, the side effects can be worse than the problem at times.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your special boy. I'm certain that he flourishes under your adoration.

Thimbleanna said...

Happy Birthday SG -- what a little cutie you are! I'm almost to the point of wondering if whole decades don't fly by. And I'm so pleased to know that the love for a child just magnifies with grandchildren -- I can hardly wait!

Molly said...

I'm convinced we don't know what real love is until we hold our first child in our arms. And grandchildren give us a chance to roll time back and do all the things we should have done with our children but were perhaps too harried and rushed to do enough of...........Happy Birthday to your lovely six-year old!

corry said...

Happy birthday to your grandchild! He is a lovely boy Meggie and you're right about really flies!

Rosie said...

of course time goes faster. it's later than I thought

Isabelle said...

He is indeed a lovely child. He looks like his mother and you.

Sorry about your recessive gene.

ancient one said...

Happy Birthday to your Grandson! He is so cute... even at a few minutes old he was a handsome baby... but look at his pretty mama ... she looks wonderful...

I don't know if time speeds up or we slow down.. but something sure is happening...

Ali Honey said...

My he is growing up! Belated Birthday Wishes!

When I look back time seems to have flown. When I'm waitingin a queque it seems to drag! (LOL)

Tanya Brown said...

Precious little fellow.

Can't time slow down just a bit so we can enjoy them?

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson! He is a cutie (and your daughter is a real beauty!)

I'm so glad that Bailey is getting into your family's hearts!

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Birthday to your grandson! When I was little I would always marvel that my mother couldn't remember how old she was and would take a while to remember and now it seems to be happening to me!

Pat @ Back Porch Musings said...

Yes, time does indeed fly, these days, Meggie. Who knew it would especially fly by, after age 60!

Such a sweet post. Beautiful photos of a beautiful grandson.

Ian Lidster said...

Indeed, don't they fly by. Alas. Nice photos.

Q said...

Zip zap zip...
the kids grow up and the next thing you know the grandkids are grown...time does speed up.
Happy Birthday to your Grandson.
I can tell you are smitten. He is very cute. I bet he is smart too.

Mike said...

That whole time flying by thing is starting to kick my butt big time. It's not a pretty thing at all.

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet grandson!!!! Only slightly younger than my Ben & Jess! :)