Friday, October 10

What's 'er name??

My given name, & the name on my birth certificate are the same.

The name I am known by, & use, for everyday friend ship, is not the same. I have become, essentially, 2 different 'persons'. Beings?

Am I a Split Personality?

I have long loathed my 'given' name. I am not sure why, but I have disliked it from as far back as I can remember. I hated to hear it, calling for my attention. I hated the film star who bore the same name~ though I am sure that is not why I was given the name, by my mother. It was considered an "Irish Name" & my mother loved it. She was quite sad, that I did not share her love for the name.
A school friend shared the name, & we sat together to defray the difficult questions. I answered the English questions, she answered the maths!
On the occasions her mother filled in as teacher, we just hunkered down, & hoped she would ignore us!!

I have foreign-born rellies, who pronounc it quite differently, & it sounds so pretty in their mouths, with the different inflections. I hear them call my name, & I could almost like it. But, I will stick to the name I am known by. It seems to suit me, after all these years.

After all, I am a bit of a witch! Meg, Meggie. Much more 'me'!

I have an Amethyst for birth stone. What does that mean? How does one interpret such a thing? I am not superstitious. (to Quote Cheri, I am "slightly sticious"). I do love Amethysts & have worn a pendant my mother gave me, almost to death.

I say that lightly, but it has worn out the connecting link to the chain, & came off in the shower. I just blessed the fact that it clinked, & I did not lose it down the drain.

Looking at it now, I see there is very likely a bit more that has worn out, & gone missing. I intend to get it repaired.

This Amethyst flower is very pretty. I have forgotten it's name. I nicked it from the internet.

And here, I am told, is Browillia, an amethyst flower. I have never seen it in real life. I do love the colour.

I am also fond of the Passion flower . However, I very likely will not wear purple whe I grow old. It has some very unhappy memories that go with it, so I may be excused!

It is late, so I will keep the remains of the day, for another time!!

Have a great weekend!

Marty Robbins, Devil Woman.


fifi said...

How can you torment us like that, and not tell us what it is!
I am intrigued now to know your real name. I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours! hee hee

jovaliquilts said...

I have a friend who deliberately named her two children with names that lent themselves to a wide variety of nicknames so that they could use any or all as they grew to discover which name/s fit.

Thimbleanna said...

Yes, but Meggie, what is the real name??? I love the name Meggie -- it's always been one of my favorites!

ancient one said...

Oh.. I can relate to this... Always at home I was one name...(my second name) at school another...(my first name.) All my close friends call me by my second name. All my business dealings and doctor dealings require my first name. I've always been two beings! LOL

Granny J said...

And so I shall guess from your nickname that your "real" name is Margaret, which reminds me of my mother, Marguerite, who was always being renamed Margaret by unknowing folk -- she absolutely hated that name!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Is it Megan? I feel like the queen in Rumpelstiltskin except that my first born son is quite safe now, thankfully.

I love amethyst, the stone and the flowers of that color, even though I was not born in February. And I think the flower in your first pic is Ranunculus.

Ali Honey said...

I love the amethyst piece of jewellery....yes, do have it repaired.

Well as I know your real name as well ( and No I won't tell )I'd like to say I like all 3 names Meg, Meggie and the one on your birth certificate.

I am very lucky I like my 2 given names and my Surname and my shortened nick name. Considering my maternal Grandmother was called Florence Hilda Mary I think my Mum picked some very pleasant names for me( LOL )

Henri said...

HaHa Meggie , I do know your ' real' name/s & don't mind it/them at all -- your first name could have had several diminutives- I wonder why none were used by our family ?
I have always been very pleased with the names our beloved Mary chose for me -- better , I think, by far than the ones our father had picked out for me .

Molly said...

Beautiful Pendant Meggie. And I love the colour of those flowers. I am amazed at the way passion flowers grow like weeds! I would have thought a flower so intricate and delicate would be difficult to grow!

Alice said...

They were showing beautiful purple flowers on Gardening Australia tonight.

I wonder how many people really like their own names? I disliked mine as a child, would sometimes avoid going to places if I knew I would have to tell people my name, but now I don't mind it so much, and it's not all that common.

Kitty said...

As a child I hated my given name. I now reluctantly accept it is what it is. Kitty has become so firmly attached that I now answer to both that and my given name.


Reluctant Blogger said...

Names, and the way they influence our characters, have always fascinated me.

I have one of those names that people always feel the need to shorten. I went through my childhood being called George or Georgie. When I got to University I decided I would break that and introduced myself as Gina. So I am called Gina by all my friends but George by all my family. I also use two surnames so live most of my life in a state of perpetual confusion.

But I am SO intrigued now to know what your REAL name is!!

Strider said...

I like the name Meg or Meggie. Certainly your "given name" can't be that bad....unless the movie star you're named after is John Wayne or something!!!!!

Mike said...

Names are such a funny thing. The name I have now is not the name I was born with. Sometimes in my head I say the name that was given to me at birth and it sounds so foreign. Yet it is still me. But not really.

My wife's name is Anne but if someone spells it Ann, the hair on her neck stands up and she will go to great length to correct it. My son's name is James and no one is allowed to call him Jim--ever. Except I think my mom did once. He let it slide the first time. Corrected her the second time.

Kellie said...

You know that I love the names Meg & Meggie!!! And we share a birth stone! I hope you had a good weekend too!

Kellie said...

You know that I love the names Meg & Meggie!!! And we share a birth stone! I hope you had a good weekend too!

Isabelle said...

I don't like my first name either. And yet I'd be hurt if my children didn't like theirs. Very inconsistent. Meggie suits you; I always assumed it was your name. An Irish name? Siobhan? Theresa?

Pauline said...

funny how so many of us don't like our given names. Mine sounds much better on a foreign tongue too - the French soften that horrible "leen" sound to "lin" but the Italians go one better by dropping the long e and substituting an a. Now, if only I looked like Paulina!

Connie W said...

I grew up hating my given name and would cringe when I heard it. I've been tagged with the nickname version all my life and the true name was used only by those who either didn't know me well or at times such as when grade cards were passed out by our priest in grade school. I always wondered why I wasn't just given the nickname to start with. Then again, I prefer my name to some of the most unusual made up names given to children these days.