Friday, December 19

Colour as Therapy.

I have been working steadily on my Riotous coloured 'Scrappy Happy'- which is just the working name. I still have not decided on the final name, & am trusting it will come to me, as I get closer to the finish line... which needs to be soon!

I had a name chosen, but the closer I got to the finish, the less it seemed appropriate.

As with a lot of my quilts, it has taken on a life & direction of it's own, as it evolved.

When I began the sewing, I knew who it was for, & how I wanted it to proceed- more or less.
As it has grown, & come together it has dictated some of the design.

I was unsure about the quilting, but then I had the sudden idea for the stars in the centre of the larger blocks.

I initially thought a meander in the large blocks would be nice, but I am somewhat hopeless at meander quilting on my domestic machine. I was looking for something closer to 'neat'.

My Janome is dear to my heart, but every now & then it sh*ts itself, & apparently goes on a sort of strike.

I am not sure why, but the tension just refuses to behave. An expert could not understand it, & he spent days trying to solve the mystery.

I also wish it had an automatic needle threading facility! I am getting tired eyes, & can be heard muttering blue things at the thread & needle!!

However, I seemed to overcome the sulky tension problems, & this is the finish line!
The binding has been completed, & now there is some hand detailing & all will be finished.

I do have a query, & plea for help.
I used a marking pen, for some of the stars. It is a purple pen, brand name ADGER*TM.
It also says, "Please try with a piece of wasted cloth before use.
Please take off cap with hands, not with a mouth."

Of course my twisted mind boggles!!

I used this pen on the lighter coloured fabrics, to trace the star outline.
I understood it would fade with light over 24 hours.
It has not.
Do I need to panic, or will it fade on washing in cold water?
I intend washing the quilt, & drying it in the clothes dryer, to make the quilting effective.

Some of the darker colours involved the use of Korbond Taylor's Chalk marker pencils, & they are proving hard to banish also.

Will these wash away?

The upside of all this is, I do believe in the power of colour. I feel happy when I work with bright colours, & find my thoughts are happy.

I find the Ming Blue reminds me of an Asian Lady- I think she is either Chinese or Japanese. She is very beautiful, & but has a somewhat cold demeanor.
Red, is too hot & hectic for me, but I do love to use it.. flirting with strong feelings?

Yellow makes me feel happy... Buttercup flowers, & sunshine, & golden days.

Green, the wonderful foliage of grasses, trees, & all living plants..

Blues.. deep seas, wild eyes, ...


Tanya said...

What wonderful, wonderful colors! This is such a fantastic quilt and the colors are going to brighten a home and many many hearts! I need to make a colorful quilt to but some brightness in the dark winter.

Lee said...

It looks fabulous!

teodo said...

Wonderful quilt and wonderful colours.
I will call this cover JOY.
ciao ciao

Pearl said...

Hi Meggie,your right about colour being cheerful, that quilt is beautiful & cheerful, I have removed odd small marks left by those pens by dipping a cotton bud in water & gently wetting the marks.
If you try a small bit like that you'll know then if it will come out in the wash. they also say don't iron on it, as the heat will make it permanant.
They usually fade faster when it's humid.

Blue Mountains Mary said...

I think this is my very favourite of all your quilts!

Warty Mammal said...

Boy! I was sort of muddling along feeling gloomy, then I saw your quilt. Whammo! Better than a cup of coffee!

I _think_ the pen marks will come out when you wash. I keep a little spray bottle handy and spritz mine out as I go, then do a final wash or dunk after finishing projects.

Fiona said...

Great quilt - the visual equivalent (to me) of listening to Jumpin at the Woodside by Count Basie - no one can look at it (hear it) without feeling happy!

Yolanda said...

The quilt is beautful.

Yolanda said...

The quilt is beautful.

Jellyhead said...

Meggie, your so-called 'scrappy happy' is far from scrappy. It is spectacular; a real work of art. I hope you are proud of your work, and I hope you know how happy it makes your blogfriends, just to see something so lovely!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Meggie -- your quilting mo-jo is back with a vengeance! Love this quilt and all the HAPPY colors!!!

Ali Honey said...

I just love the bright colours too!
Unless you have strayed from the lines you marked I wouldn't worry - it will probably fade. I just use chalk marker which dusts off.
I love your "Colour Burst," and if it is for a little person (?) I think he will love it ( might have dreampt up that idea )

ancient one said...

I have no idea if the lines will fade or not... I don't quilt... but I know what I like, and I like your quilt. It is beautiful!

Q said...

This is my favorite to date!
I love the colours too.
Everytime I see one of your quilts I think I just might have to make one. I just love them. The star is a great quilt pattern, Yep, you inspire.

Pauline said...

riotous colors! they do wonders for the soul. the quilt is beautiful!

Exuberant Color said...

Bright colors ARE therapy. It is a very cheerful exciting quilt.

The Sagittarian said...

Very lively quilt, Meggie! Liked the video clip too.

julieQ said...

The colors in this quilt jsut make the heart sing! Love it so much. Merry Christmas to you and yours!!

velcro said...

I love the colours Meggie, they're gorgeous and so uplifting on such a grey windy day

Debbi said...

old news now and possibly too late,
but Vim Cream Cleanser takes pens and marker off quilts. I know this FIRST HAND, as a pen exploded on an heirloom quilt my great grandmother handstitched. We tried everything, and Vim Cream Cleanser was the ONLY thing to remove it completely without damaging the colours underneath, or the fabric itself!