Monday, December 22

Stolen Ideas.

Look at this gorgeous fruit platter!
We had a little party yesterday, a sort of pre Christmas chance to get together with friends & family.

Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour came over, & Mrs NN had made up this lovely fruit cheese & cracker platter. The lovely little dresser on the plate contains little Pate knives! Isn't it so cute! What a lovely idea to make something festive & appealing.

We all had a great afternoon, with plenty of laughter. Time spent with good friends is so cheering & uplifting.
All in all, it was a lovely afternoon/evening.

Here is Red Square Dance hanging out on the line for the photo. It was a little breezy this morning, so a photo was a hard task.

The sun is shining & it is a very nice non humid day, thus far. It is not tipped to be too hot, so hope it lasts.

I even got most of my Christmas gifts wrapped up yesterday morning too, so that there were no inadvertant peeks to be seen. I am glad that is out of the way.
Now all I have to do, is prepare Sherry Trifle, mix a special Ice Cream I make, & then the remaining food will be prepared on Christmas Eve.
Time to relax.

I was tagged some time ago, by Anecdotally Yours, for the Deck the Halls meme.

Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? Hot chocolate. But here it is Summer! white wine.

Does Santa wrap presents or set them under the tree? Presents are always wrapped.

Colored lights on tree or white? When we had a tree, I liked the colours.

When do you put your decorations up? There are decorations?? Er, not very often these days.

What is your favourite holiday dish? Roast Pork & gravy.

Favorite Holiday memory as a child? Having time to read endlessly, & having cousins & family come to stay.

When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? Walking home from school across farm paddocks, the neighbour kids told me. I can still remember the shock, & how I cried when I got home. I was careful not to cry in front of the neighbour kids, though.

Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? No. I am a 'wait for it', kind of girl!The kids sometimes opened one gift, to stay the excitement.

How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Always put the children's homemade ornaments on- even when they were adults, & got embarrassed! These days, unless we have Christmas here, I don't bother. It is so liberating!

Snow! Love it or Dread it? I loved it, because we didnt ever have much, & it seemed special, & was soon gone. However, here downunder it was also never at Christmas!!

Can you ice skate? Never tried. Am sure I couldn't!

Do you remember your favorite gift? I presume this means from childhood? Always books.

What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Family get togethers.

What is your favorite Holiday Dessert? Fresh fruit salad.

What is your favorite tradition? Family gatherings.

Which do you prefer, Giving or Receiving? I enjoy both, but I do love to give something, even if it is only an ear to listen.

What is your favorite Christmas Song? Keep them away from me! GGRRRR!

Candy Canes! Yuck or Yum? Yuk, but I might have liked them as a child.

Ever recycled a Christmas present? Honestly? Never!

I stole this from one of the Sunday paper magazines, because it appealed to me.

What would you like for Christmas....

If you were feeling greedy?
A new small car, with a liftup hatch.
If you weren't feeling greedy?
Good health for all my family.
If you were being practical?
Baths & haircuts for the dogs!
If you had to share your present?
A first class trip for two around the world.
If you had a present for one day only, (then had to give it back)?
A chance to give the homeless 2 great meals for Christmas Day, with a bed for the night, in comfort & luxury. Well, one day is 24 hours right?

Try it if you like, I found it quite hard to think of things that were not flippant or ridiculous... after all it is just a fantasy...

I remember a Christmas when a Beatles album would have been treasure!!


Mike said...

When I saw the phrase "ice skate" my ankle started throbbing immediately. When I was a kid I tried it one time and my ankle has been messed up ever since.

I envy you your warm weather right now Meggie. It is 1 degree F here tonight and with the wind chill it is about -15. So freaking cold!

jovaliquilts said...

Absolutely fabulous quilt, and that fruit platter, well, it looks good enough to eat!

quiltmom said...

HI Meggie,
I am still here just have been busy with all the preparations of the season.
Your square dance red quilt turned out so beautifully- It is so bright and cheerful-
It is hard to imagine christmas without snow- it has been very cold this past week -25 to-35C with added wind chill so lots of time spent indoors. I haven't been nearly as productive as you.
Just trying to get on with the things that need to get done.
I hope that you have a terrific Christmas spent with loved ones making wonderful memories.

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your memes, and learning a little more about the special person that is you. (And I loved the appeal of that fruit platter. Yum!)

Catalyst said...

Happy holidays, dear Meggie and GOM. The weather f-----s are trying to give us a white Christmas but I'm fighting it!

That red quilt is sensational!

Shasta said...

Your scrappy happy quilt is wonderful - happy indeed. I love the bright colors. And your square dance quilt is gorgeous. You certainly have a way with colors.

Molly said...

That rad square dance quilt turned out beautiful! Merry Christmas Meggie!

Kitty said...

That red quilt is absolutely fantastic Meggie! So pleased you had a lovely time with friends - it makes the world a much nicer place, doesn't it?


Ian Lidster said...

Yes, that Beatles album would have been a treasure indeed. I hope you get the hatchback instead, though. I have one and still cherish that feature.

Happiest of Christmases to you and yours, Meg.

sueeeus said...

You're so GIVING! I hope you get your hatchback, and that the dogs get their haircuts! Merry Christmas!

We're covered in snow right now, so it's a white Christmas for us this year. Our homeless must be in particularly dire straits, so would do well with your 24 hour gift.

Always smiling said...

Hi Meggie,

I stumbled across your blog via some one elses and it was deightful to read. Your red square quilt is fantastic you are so talented... I am going to make a quilt one day????

Happy Christmas... my dh and I are visiting OZ in February and March as I have relations there more there than here in UK!

The Sagittarian said...

Merry Christmas, Meggie. We're heading to brisbane (of all places at this time of year) as my in-laws are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.
I wish I was clever enough and patient enough to quilt. Sadly I'm only good at sleeping under them.

ancient one said...

That fruit platter sure looks good.. too much candy around here!!

If I don't get back before... let me wish you a Merry Christmas now!!

Granny J said...

I, too, was fortunate enough to receive a small fruit platter for Christmas this morning> It's a super idea!

Lee said...

Hi Meggie, I hope your Christmas is a joyous one!

Pearl said...

The red quilt is magnificent Meggie, Have a happy Christmas.

Joke said...

Happy Christmas, Meggie!

Ragged Roses said...

Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas!

Lucy said...

I still can't imagine Christmas in summer...

A very happy Christmas to you and yours Meggie!

Ali Honey said...

Wishing You and all your family a very Happy Relaxing Christmas! It's fine in NZ.

Jeanne said...

Merry Christmas, Meggie!

Jeanne :)

Strider said...

Merry Christmas. Strider

corry said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Meggie!

Isabelle said...

Happy Boxing Day!

~Bren~ said...

I hope your Christmas was wonderful!! I enjoy seeing the quilts you are working on! Love the one for GOM!
I wish I could send you some of my snow!!!

Tanya said...

I think you should enter that quilt in a quilt show. The little yellow squares here and there soooo set off the red! Beautiful!

Helen said...

Hi Meggie

Your red square dance is VERY cheerful :-) It makes me hot just looking at it (oh, sorry, that was a hot flush!)

I hope you had a restful Christmas. I wish you a prosperous and happy New Year.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

Gorgeous quilt! And the fruit boats are what I like most to eat.

I'm glad your holiday was delightful and not stressful with good company and good food.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Christmas Meggie, GOM and doggies. I do love that gorgeous red quilt.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie -- the quilt turned out beautifully! I hope you and GOM had a wonderful Christmas!

Catherine said...

I love that quilt!! It is so rich and warm looking!

Kellie said...

Hi Meggie! My ADSL is finally up and running again. I so hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Your two new quilts are stunning!!! You know how I love colour!:)
I also was devistated when my Mother told me Santa was not real ... I still think she was lying though! ;)
Hope you are well!

Q said...

Love,love,love the quilt! always good to learn a wee bit more about you too. Memes are good for that.
Have happy New Year!

Strider said...

have a wonderful New Year my Assie Friends. Strider

MJ said...

Thanks for popping over! Happy 2009 to you too!

I was very much admiring your lovely red quilt! I have quilted too (& you will find photos if you go into archives!) so I appreciate all your hard work! Here's to more quilting in 2009!

Aranka said...

Wow, that fruit plate looks beautiful, and yummy too!

Debbi said...

That quilt is my FAVOURITE QUILT EVER!! no lie! Gorgeous!

DoesItRequire2toTanGo? said...

i love your Red Square Dance Quilt! and your blog. thanks for your words of kindness and wisdom.