Tuesday, December 9

The Faster I Pedal...

I see I have been missing here for a few days. Nothing dramatic.
Just life running away.
The faster I pedal, the further behind I get.
I had another attack of the itches, & so took the tablets for relief... with the result they seemed to 'lay me out' for 2 days. I slept almost a whole day, then the night as well on Sunday. Did stop the itching though!

When I think about the fact of how close Christmas is, I feel as if I am being approached by a runaway freight train! Yeek!

I have been given 2 awards.
Now I am appreciative of these awards & am happy to graciously (I hope) accept.
However, I do fall down in the rules department.
I always break the rules, by not posting the RULES, & not often passing the Awards along.
I figure everyone who reads here deserves awards too.
I certainly love to visit all your blogs, & so consider yourself awarded- Please!

This Award was given to me by Marja, of Dutch Corner. Marja lives in Christchurch New Zealand, & comes originally from Holland. I greatly admire her courage & adaptability for doing so well in a new country, with a new language.
Thankyou for the Award Marja!

This next Award was given to me by one of my longest standing readers, Ann of Ancient One's Place. Thankyou Ann. I do appreciate this Award, & we have had many laughs together.


We have been 'treated' to some spectacular thundery storms, with sudden heavy downfalls. So far we have been lucky, in that we have sustained no damage or flooding from the severe storms.

Down in Sydney they have not been so lucky & there have been flooded roads with traffic delays. The pattern for the daily storms seems to be a late afternoon or evening showing of the clouds, followed by 'hell & damnation', so to say.

Last night we got this, as our reward, later in the evening.

Yesterday was very hot & sticky, & we went shopping with our Granddaughter & our Honorary Granddaughter, her friend. We had a really nice time with the two girls, & we stopped at a food court in the Mall, for lunch.
Then Gom discovered he had left parcels somewhere in his travels. Off he rushed with HG in tow, & they came back, full of grins, with the retrieved packages. Phew!
Goody Two Shoes me, had mixed salads for lunch, while the girls had hot Chilli Wraps, & Gom had his favourite Chicken wrap, though he declared his homemade ones to be better! Probably right I would think.
GD sat fanning herself, & admitted the chilli had almost been too much for her! I can take or leave chilli, & at present seem to be on a 'leave it' phase! Though, I still love Tobasco on eggs.
Another view of last night's sunset gold. I liked the way the rays came up through the clouds, & made one black cloud appear almost like a balloon on a string.

I hate these thunderstorms. The changing pressure give me headaches sometimes, & I get tired & cranky.
The horrible build-up to the actual storm is usually so humid, I can hardly breath, or at least that is what it seems like.
(Yes, this is me, just lying about whining about the weather. Boring I know!!)
When I have managed to keep awake, this is what I have been working on.

My Brother refers to it as Red Devil, which is not a bad name for it.
However I have been referring to it as Big Red. So I might consult Gom to see what name he prefers.
Once I have this Red completed, I should finish Granddaughter's quilt.
I wont be promising myself anything. The stitching of the binding will depend on the state of the sweating hands, so could take some time.


Mike said...

It's funny, but I don't like the taste of Tabasco sauce at all. It's kind of like celery for me in that I can taste even the least little bit of it in something.

Congrats on your awards and I hope you are feeling better Meggie!

meggie said...

Mike, I feel sorry for your wife, since I love celery- it is supposed to be good for the kidneys too!! I wonder where your celery hating phobia comes from?
I am a bit like that with Worcestireshire Sauce. I used to like it, but not I cannot bear to be in the same room, if someone uses it!

Catalyst said...

I am not fond of Tabasco sauce either but I might drink it from the bottle if Sheryl Crow was in the room!

Joyce said...

I really like the red quilt. You should be here. It's -17 and sinking fast outside. Nice and warm inside though and perfect quilting weather.

ancient one said...

I like Louisiana hot sauce. I like celery in chicken salad. I liked your sky and your quilt. Christmas is approaching fast and we can't find a date everyone can come, so far...I'm just taking one day at a time... only way to cope!

Strider said...

Congrats on your awards you old rule breaker you!!!

Lee said...

There must be an award for the 'most stuff put into each post' blog!

meggie said...

Joyce, If only I could be there, I am sure I would just love it!!

Ann, I wonder if Louisiana hot sauce is anything like Tabasco? I used to fear it, but now, I love it!!

Strider, Yep, that is me, Rule Breaker. I love the awards, but the rules... they kill...

Lee, I think I must be a compulsive gabbler! Or Bloggler, or something...

Anonymous said...

Lots of hard work in quilting that beauty. I'm sure it will be well worth it.

meggie said...

Cat, Sorry I missed you last time. I love Sheryl Crow's voice!

Tracey, Shoulders feel the pain! I just 'ditched' it, but it was still quite a slog.

Marja said...

Congrats Meggie and oh those great quilts. Here we had hot,warm weeks in a row but it is over now Hopefully only for a short time

Warty Mammal said...

It's a good thing these awards don't have to go on your mantelpiece! There'd be no room left!

The red quilt is grand. A spread that will literally spread happiness.

meggie said...

Marja, I remember those hot Nor Wester days in Christchurch. We would hope for a Southerly change!!

WM, I looked at the 'loot' & thought well, the sidebar is long!
That Big Rufus is a bit of a Devil, sure enough...

Ginger Patches said...

Beautiful sunset! I love your Big Red or Red Devil...either way it's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

The awards are well-deserved, my friend :D congrats on both

Your red quilt is coming along beautifully!

Tanya said...

Ooh the Red Devil is looking MEAN! (That's meant in a good way of course!) And you quilting it on your DM! That takes a bit of the spirit too! Looking forward to seeing it all spread out on the bed!

Sydney said...

Wow you have alot of stuff!

Sydney said...

What do you mean new blog? I am NOT making a new blog!