Friday, December 12

Out & About..

Overheard, "You are too old to be wetting yourself in public!!"
on the way to the toilets in a Shopping Mall. Elderly woman.

"I wanted one of those. I saw what they cost, & changed my mind. What a bloody waste of good money!" Youngish Mum, looking very jaundiced.

"She gave me a list of what they would like. I thought 'Piss off, we can't afford that. They will get what I buy them!'"

"I would love one of those!". "Oh, look they even tell you how to wear them." "I don't need anyone telling me how to wear it!!" "oh! ok" Shrinks down a bit... moves away.

"HA HAHA" laughing like a Gallah! "Look at that! What kind of dork would by that??"
"Err, I got that for my brother?"
"Oh sorry Dude. That is major cool!"

"Thank goodness!! I have got all my Christmas presents!" "thank goodness that is over & done with!!"

So sad, to think it is such a chore. But how often do we agonise over such gifts, wanting to find 'just the right thing' 'the perfect gift'. It seems some people have this special gift, for choosing 'just the right gift'.

I have been given perfect gifts, that probably cost very little. But the thought that went into the gift made it perfect. And impossible to top.

In the past, I have been given gifts that I can see, the giftee, has thought to be perfect. The sad reality is, I have been shocked & surprised, but not pleased. I have struggled to appear so thrilled. I don't know if I was always convincing. It is too sad to look back upon.

On the other hand, I wonder how many times I have given, what I had deemed the 'Perfect Gift' only to have disappointed. Did the recipient disguise their disappointment? Did they manage to hide their 'non-delight'?

And, don't you hate it when someone, on your gift list, says to you.
"I am going to buy myself 'xxyt' on Saturday"
And you shriek "No No! Dont! Dont buy that! It is Christmas. For Gosh sake,"

And, they don't 'get it' .
And they reiterate their intentions to buy themselves the damn thing you want to buy them or have already bought them!!

So you finally shriek at them, you have got them that very item for Christmas!
Then they are full of apologies. Horrified, they have spoilt the surprise.

Usually happens to one of us, over the Christmas Festery Season!!

Ahhh the joys of the gift buying mine field!!

Happy Gift Buying or giving in your world!!



teodo said...

Meggie...........sometimes it's difficult to choose the right gift for everyone ..............
ciao ciao

meggie said...

Oh Teodo, how I know this is so true!!!!

Knot Garden said...

It's always been hit and miss for me trying to match the right gift to the right person. Now I often ask people what type of thing they would like. At least that way it's more difficult to get it wrong!

Lee said...

The biggest pain is finding the perfect gift for, say, one of your sons and struggling to find something for the others.

Pauline said...

I have learned over the years that every gift is the perfect gift because it IS a gift... I wish I'd always felt this way. It would have saved me a lot of angst.

Joyce said...

Just a few of the reasons that we have down sized our gift giving radically. And give cash to the grandchildren.

Henri said...

Having three son's of my own , I'm with Lee -- find the absolutely perfect gift for one and then truly agonise over the others .
You can only try your best and give with all your love .
Happy Festive Season to Everyone .

Strider said...

My wife has a book on "Love Languages." People have different things that tell them they are loved. Some are buying or receiving gifts, sone is quality time, etc. I am not a gift person, so it is hard for me to shop for someone who likes gifts. I'd rather get a $50 bill than a $50 gift. My brother in law would think you didn't like him because a gift means everything to him. Maybe that is some of the problems with this time of many lanquages speaking at once!!! Have a good weekend. Strider

ancient one said...

I think we all stress too much over the holidays. Save all receipts so they can take it back? LOL

meggie said...

Hi All, I see I am not alone in having agony over gift giving. I like Pauline's reasoning. Any gift IS a gift!
I always say, if I can have my family around me, that is all the gift I need!

VioletSky said...

Strider has a good point - I am definitely a gift person. I love buying and receiving presents. It is such a wonderful feeling to find a treasure that you know is perfect for someone. I often find them at art or craft fairs and start in the spring.

Having said that, I always leave the most difficult people til last and still have no idea what to get two (men, if figures!). And it is a sinking feeling when you get it so wrong, as that is where so much thought has been put.

Rosie said...

I've given up... no presents in our family...its all too stressful, and the kids are big now with none of their own what a relief!

Anonymous said...

I love to watch and listen to others in public. I am a shameless eavesdropper on coffee times and lunches, and the Christmas banter is the best ;)

~Bren~ said...

This is so true!! I detest Christmas shopping, not because of my own attitude, but those out there would think people would be more kind during the holidays. Now this year in the states we have had several DEATHS because of Christmas shopping!!! UNREAL, yet a sign of the times.

Isabelle said...

Love your overhearings, and how funny - I'd just posted some of mine from my morning shopping. Trouble is, I'm much more interested in people than I am in shopping... so I'm not finished, not at all.

Jellyhead said...

Meggie your observations and snippets of conversations are priceless. It's always such a joy to read your blog!

Yes, presents are always tricky. I am always a bit disappointed when I can tell a gift I have given was evidently 'not quite right'.

I'm off to the shops very early this morning for one or two last gifts. Wish me luck!!

Anonymous said...

Well... it is the season of joy and goodwill amongst all people - and doesn't shopping bring that out in all of us!

Blue Mountains Mary said...

My family is having a Christmas of not buying for anyone else but their own families and Mum - we are all a little worn out by that buying caper ...

amazing how much that means you can focus on just being together!!

Q said...

Dear Meggie,
All that you say is very true. Slowly over the years we have stop the gift giving at Christmas. We still send the kids a check.
I remember trying to find something in my price range for all the family memebers and my kids. I loved giving books and music! Seems I could alweays find something for everyone.

Thimbleanna said...

Ah buying. What a tangled web. I still have a few (males, of course) on my list that have me stumped!

fifi said...

I don't think any of this christmas fanackery is about's about fulfilling orders!

I hate it!!!

Pearl said...

Hello Meggie,
I love the overheard snippets of conversations, they are often quite funny.

Warty Mammal said...

When I first read this, I was concerned that an elderly woman was being admonished for incontinence. I hope that wasn't the case. If so, how humiliating for her!

It is amazing the personal things people will talk about in public. The other day my husband took our son to a commercial indoor play park and heard three people talking about bondage (!) as well as the configuration of certain bits of anatomy and other details. Holy cow!

That syndrome you described where people are determined to buy what you've already gotten them - argh!

h&b said...

I love your eavesdrops .. and who on earth buys themselves things at this time of year ? Consumerism gone mad.

I too, am saddened when I get something that REALLY is not me, not in the slightest. It makes me wonder what the giver thinks or knows of me.

AB and I are wondering what his brother will give us this year. Last year we gave him back all his movie vouchers in an envelope ( 3 consecutive years worth ) - we don't go, and they were piling up, and yet, we knew he'd use them, and we couldn't stand receiving any more, so something had to finally be said.

It felt really awful to do that, but he's the type that really doesn't care anyway .. still ...

And yes, I wonder what other people think of our gifts - especially his parents - no matter what it is, you just never see it again, although they insist they use/love it, they just like things packed away in cupboards ?

I give up :/

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