Thursday, August 6

Current Crop of Queries..

Ok, the current crop of queries or questions, on my mind are not all of a ~shall we say~ 'pleasant' nature.

So I have interspersed some odd pics, to lighten the mood~ perhaps.

This is Tara. She is a Settlers Bear, which are supposedly "collectable bears". I don't care one way or another, I just like her, & her small embroidered dress. She watches me compose my posts... & I suspect she sniggers, as she reads my thoughts!

This is the "Fisherman" from some other "Collectable Hug", but I just love his air of supreme disconcern. I applaud it, because I have forgotten how VIP it is!! haha. Even though it appears he has dropped his fish!! Just too Snooty to Care!!

Here is one of the Questions.

I heard on some news bulletin, about sporting people or persons, which I dont actually regard as NEWS that some "Player" had fractured his Big Toe in (seven), 7, places!!??

WTH? How can a Big Toe have seven places??

Here follow some hideous images of my two Big Toes. One is diseased by arthritis,( I am presuming, not having had it diagnosed, professionally) one is seemingly 'normal'. Neither have been broken, to the best of my knowledge. But I still ask you, "How is it possible for a Big Toe to be broken in SEVEN places???" The mind boggles.
Supposedly "Normal" Big toe.
Hideously Abnormal Big Toe. Deformed by assumes

A solved mystery, about the wonderful perfume wafting over my senses, is the blooming of my Daphne Shrub. I had forgotten this is the time of year it flowers. Because it is in a garden out of sight, I forget to check upon it's growth...( which is perhaps, why) it has flourished, & survived to present me with wonderful blossom every year!

This is a blurry pic, sorry it is so indistinct. Somehow it indicates the lovely ethereal quality of the perfume.

Here it is again, slightly clearer. Such small blooms, giving such robust & gorgeous scent to our world.

Here, our wonderful reality, of days of Winter Splendour!

Our lovely Neighbours, Mr & Mrs NN, take out their neighbouring children, for a time at the Waterfront.

Could a day be more perfect?

Look at the blue sky. The blue reflected on the water in the bay. This is our local Waterfront. Paradise?

I think so.

A little girl & a dog, a sunny day, blue skies, calm conditions! Such joy in this pic!
I swear that "little dog laughed, to see such sport"
"And the dish ran away with the spoon!"
It seems to be Full Moon time again here. The dreams increse in intensity. The primal longings are perhaps awakened?
Family have health crises.
I find August to be a month of tension, trying times, & challenges. It does seem to be a recurring, tense, & highly charged time in my life.
This month will see the anniverary of my mother's death, my father's death, plus his birth, plus Gom's birthday, my fahter's birthday, & some loved rellies birthdays, & unfortunately some deaths. A very crucial month I think.

Such an old song.
I still love it today.
Sam Cooke, You Send Me.


Kathy's Klothesline said...

Love that song! It will be in my head all day....perhaps I will serenade love of my life. I am with you about the toe fractures. Only thing I can think is that it was somehow crushed, causing many pieces to break. Ouch!

ancient one said...

I was able to sing along... wow that's an old song...I agree with the above poster... had to be crushed... Loved the pictures..

Q said...

Wonderful song!
Perhaps the 7 fractures were tiny!
The older I get the more the months fill with anniversaries. Thank goodness August is all about my wedding other detractions...
I love the Full Moons and the New Moons....

Christine Thresh said...

Daphne, oh how I love the scent. Just reading about it and seeing your picture brings the smell to mind.
I don't think I can grow Daphne where I live, but I can ask around.

VioletSky said...

I've never heard of 'Daphne' before - so looked it up and every description of every variety goes on about its sweet scent and high fragrance... so I must dream (or move to a a zone 6-9!)

Thimbleanna said...

You are always full of such wonders Meggie! (And btw, your toes look pretty good to me -- much better than mine!) The moon here was gorgeous last night -- I wish I could capture it's beauty with my camera!

Finn said...

It's all good Meggie, all but the month it's happening in. Love the song, love the bears. And yes, the first has a definite sneer, but I'm sure she loves you to pieces!
About the big toes?? Yours look pretty good to me, all things considered...hehehehe!
All the joy of the season, sunshine, blue skies, happy children. Only history carrying the darker load. Sending big happy hugs, fast, fast, faster, Finn

Rhubarb Whine said...

Oh, I am very familiar and sympathetic to broken toes and toe pain! Love the bears. I have a suitcase full of bears packed away, I wonder what I shall do with them...

lovelyprism said...

That IS odd, the big toe only has two bones.
I love these old songs. I have a collection of old records and we listen to them during dinner. I'll have to see if I have this one.

Jo said...

I have always loved that song. Thanks for reminding me. :-) I'm going to have it going through my head all day now.

August is a strange month here too. Summer is winding down ... *sigh*

The Sagittarian said...

Dear Sam - what a talent laid to rest so young! Mind you, he had a bit of energy about him didn't he!? August is a busy month for us too, mostly birthdays and lotsd of them@

Tanya said...

Your toes look better than mine... I have bunions and no way would I take a close up pic!

Angie said...

Love your blog - I remember looking at it before when you spoke about the price of leeks (I picked up a pack of leeks for $2 albeit a bit old but good enough to make leek & potato soup.)
Thanks for your visit (do you know the 4 people in my monochrome post?)

Warty Mammal said...

Seven fractures! I'm envisioning something involving a grand piano. How would even fix a toe so thoroughly broken?