Monday, August 24


Scene One.
At the Medical Centre with a relative, who wanted support, & company for the wait, which is often over 2 hours. We had gone away, -on advice- only to be informed on our return, that "Your name came out. You are now at the back of the queue!" Nastily told.

A very well dressed, well coiffed, elderly woman, wearing makeup, & well..., to be honest, literally Reeking of Money, comes to sit next to us. We see a Taxi pull up outside the entrance to the Centre, then a grill & partial front of a cream car. Up gets Elegant Ms R of M, & totters on her expensive shoes, out the door. Not to the cab.
No, to the cream fronted car. Out leaps the driver, very neat & swish. He opens a back door, we cannot see. Next thing, he moves forward, opens the front passenger door.

Elegant Ms R of M, climbs into the front seat...... of what turns out to be an ENORMOUS, s- t- r- e- t- c- h limousine!! It took a 4 point turn to get the wretched thing around the turn to leave the pickup area.
We were left to ponder why someone who obviously had money to spare, would come to a humble suburb, to attend a Bulk Billing -ie, free, Medical Centre??
My son suggested that may be why she was Ms R of M?


Scene Two.
Son is a smoker, and since it is now illegal for smokers to be indoors in Pubs & Clubs most have provided outdoor seating areas for the wretched addicted.
Son is sitting quietly puffing. Large, loud, woman is on her mobile phone at the next table. He described her as being of the sort one would gnaw off one's own arm to escape from. Overweight, loud & aging gracelessly.

Conversation goes like this.
"Oh Hi! Hi it's me, yeah, I'm at the Club. Yeah.
You know whathisname? Yeah, Yeah, well apparently I slept with him the other night! I was p!ssed outa my brain. Yeah. Woke up in the lounge naked. Yeah the kids said I was really really drunk- passed out! Yeah."
Son was flabbergasted to say the least.
As he said, why would someone boast about something like that?? In a loud voice?

Scene Three.

Gom took the long suffering M out to lunch today. It is his birthday month, & a Club we belong to, has a free birthday meal for members.
The Restaurant is an All You Can Eat Buffet. It is really nice, with a huge variety of food, so all tastes are catered for.
It seemed to be Ferals Day Out today.
I watched as a family of what I assumed were the parents, with two teenage girls & one 9 year old son, entered to do the troughs buffet tables justice. I know he was 9, because the children are charged a dollar per year of age, for the meal.
Who ever knew that one 9 year old boy could drink 8 huge glasses of soft drink?? As I watched him gallop from table to drinks machine I began counting.
Being a buffet it is all help yourself. And help yourself again, and again, and again!
It is not nice to watch a girl pick her nose, knowing she is not going to wash her hands, & she is going to be handling the utensils for dishing up the food, that I will have to also handle, if I want any of the dishes she has chosen.

Another family of Ferals. Two skinny girls. Running (Why?) to the sweets, again & again. I wonder if they will remain thin. I note the mother appears very thin, so they might have thin genes. Or maybe they only dine once a day.

A family member has been very ill with a stomach bug, which is apparently currently making life miserable for many. Another family member also got it. Of course, no matter how careful you are, it is not always possible to stop the spread of such things. Particularly if the first sufferer is in the incubation stage, without knowing he/she has been afflicted.
Hopefully it has gone, with no other members getting infected.
Explains why I am somewhat nervous of eating where contamination can occur.

Scene Four
Honey was very unwell. Vet visit. Wallet thinned. Antibiotics prescribed.
Wont go into details, nothing life threatening, but also nothing one wants to think about really. At least it was not eating anything inappropriate, like her brother.

She is well on the mend. She is her happy self again. We are told a further wallet lightening visit is needed.

Leo the Lad himself. The only thing he needs is a good grooming. He hates being brushed, clipped, or otherwise prettied up!


Jennifer said...

Ah yes.....there's nowt so queer as folk! Your header picture is very pretty and spring-like.

Robbie Payne said...

I hope Honey feels better. Our pets are the 'loves of our life' for sure. She and Leo look like sweethearts. Hope 'scene 5' for Tues. is everyone is well!

fifi said...

Good grief...this made me very gald that I worked from home today.
Sounds like someone let all the Bogans out for the day!!!

persiflage said...

There are some weird folk around, no doubt about it. Why do so many of them have to be revolting as well?
Obviously the reason people get rich is because they are really mean.

Q said...

People surprise me. I never know what to expect! I wonder if they have any idea what they are doing?
So happy Honey is okay...
I like nature she always seems appropriate...even with Autumn coming in early...

marigold jam said...

Oh dear - you do seem to have had a bad time one way or another!¬ As other blogsters have commented there's nowt so queer as folk! Let's hope that this week will be full of positive things to make up for it all!


Kate quilts... said...

Lots to ponder, Meggie, as usual. I can't get past Scene 2. Those poor children... what an example they are set!

Thimbleanna said...

Very interesting scenes from your life this week Meggie. I'm thinking life there is much like it is here...funny, huh?

Anonymous said...

Your description of the slag outside the pub where your son was having a smoke was priceless, as well as the one in the all you can eat restaurant. What is shocking isn't so much that these people are allowed to vote, they also have the right to bear children.

ancient one said...

Love your descriptions of people while you wait... did some of that myself this morning as I took mama in for a routine doctor's visit.

I was reading and eating a bowl of ice cream when I got to the part about the girl picking her nose... didn't help my enjoyment of my ice cream at all... LOL

You have a talent for asorbing what's going on around you and telling the story well... enjoyed these last posts...

The Sagittarian said...

My vet lightened my wallet yesterday too, damn rabbits!

Tanya said...

I don't get my money worth when I go to those buffet places anymore. And I tell hubby that he does not NEED to get his money's worth.

Glad to hear that Honey doesn't have anything seriously wrong. I spend the most at the vet than anywhere else. Fabric shop comes a not-very close second.

Granny J said...

Oh, my -- the great underarm of society...

Kathy's Klothesline said...

Oh no, did some of my campers go over your way for a visit. Oops, that was mean...and I meant every word!

h&b said...

People are so weird - I try to avoid where ferals meet - conversations like the one you overheard ... ack!! She obviously wanted all to hear :(

Love the paperwhites in your header - how heady is the scent? Divine !


Lucy said...

I can't get over that woman's mobile phone conversation... I'd like to have been a fly on the wall and seen your son's face and hers when she cam off the phone!

Hope Honey's well again soon, no choice but to pay up is there?

Ulrike said...

Scene 1, 2, 3 and 4 all really made me think what fifi said: Good grief!

But what got to me most of all was the nasty receptionist who said back to the end of the queue again with you. Mean.

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'm glad your cutie is ok. As for nose pickers at salad bars, strangely I'd never considered the possibility but now that I have, I will never go to one again.

Christine Thresh said...

Your "scenes" are fascinating. I can picture all the people in my head. Your descriptions are pithy and good. Short and sweet -- you paint word pictures.