Wednesday, August 12

What do you call it?? Elderly shopping.

This will be another of those muddling along, 'Brown's cows all over the place' posts.

I seemed to think of many profound things to blog about over the past week or so, but all ideas have fled.

I find visiting other blogs is often inspirational, & this morning, I found a lovely blog, with some wonderful posts, & some wonderful bags!! Please go & visit Marigold Jam. I particularly enjoyed her day trip to London, but there are more lovely posts I intend going to read.

Before I get onto the day's wittering, here, in her beauty, is a Beloved Cat, called Mindy.

Mr Catalyst, does she remind you a little of your Smoke??

Isn't she beautiful! She is an adoptee of my beloved cousins, & she has become the light of their life. She goes for walks with them, & she goes visiting with them. She probably thinks she is a dog or a person! On second thoughts, I am sure she knows she is a cat, therefore a Superior Being! The stories my cousin tells of her adventures would make a good blog.

I keep pleading with Gom to let us have a cat, but he is adamant he doesn't want one. I suppose 2 dogs are sufficient, but when it comes to animals, I am such a fool.

We have been out shopping for a very mundane item. A new toilet roll/tissue holder. Who knew there were so many varieties? Who knew you could pay up to $200 for such a functional, boring, item. We had a perfectly useful one, but it was made of plastic, & as everyone knows, plastic seems to become brittle with age & usage.

I broke ours, so decided that we would get a metal one this time, as this is the third replacement we have needed. When we bought the house, there was an old broken radio-roll holder- remember those? Ugh.
As an interesting aside here, yes, another of my digressionsit has been an idle pastime trying to think of all the names there are for the "smallest room in the house". They range from the terribly twee to the crudest, depending upon where you live I guess.
Toot, WC, Toilet, Loo, Bog, Head, Powder Room, Bathroom, Guest Bathroom, Facility, Thunderbox, Lavatory, Washroom, Lavvie, Crapper, Outhouse, Dunny, Sh!thouse, Potty, Throne room, Library, or my most despised, Little Girl's Room. this is probably because it is usually the 'little girl' of the house who has to clean it!I am sure I have missed some out.

Back to the ordeal of buying a new anything. Picture Gom & Meggie stumbling around Bunnings. Lost in the aisles. Finally find a non~friendly shop assistant, ~what is it about Bunnings assistants?? they all have faces like thunder! Or is that just me?~ we finally find the selection. There is drastic plastic, at hideous prices for such small pieces of junk. There are shiny gold plated edifices- yes, that is what they are! -they need a whole room to themselves, never mind one that contains a toilet suite as well.

Finally after much discussing, examining, several rudely muttered words from Meggie, along the lines of offs, how can this take all day we decide on a metal one, which seems suitable, does not cost the earth, appears functional without being too prominent, as our small room, is just that, small. Who would have thought it would take almost an hour!!
Then, we have to go traipsing after insect repellents. I won't bore you with those details! Because there is the "New Bed" story to add.

Here, by way, for some light relief, if a pic of my lovely Cousin J's Chook bags. Aren't they cute. I think she makes them for her sister to sell at her Doll stalls.

After we finally got out of Bunnings, alive, sort of, I suggested we go bed shopping.

Now I have read Molly's bed saga, also Persiflage's saga, & remember one of our previous sagas, so I do know that bed shopping is not for the faint hearted, & not to be taken lightly. I also know that male cooperation is likely to be almost nil.

As a light relief, in this harrowing tale, here is a winter sunset, taken about 3 nights ago, from our balcony. Looks cold, & it was.

On with the bed shopping. We did not do a serious round & round the rounds look. We went to a local shopping centre close to Bunnings.
I test drove several likely looking/sounding candidates. (I did not, however test drive the one named "The Workbench", which was being sniggered at by an elderly mother & her daughter!) None seemed particularly wonderful. Of course it is impossible to really relax on a bed on public display. I met with other people who were shopping. Most of them were mother/daughter couples, & I think that option is the wiser choice, since Gom would not deign to lie upon one mattress. Indeed, he tried his best to appear totally unconnected to the plump lump testing beds.

Twelve years ago, we bought a new ensemble. It had a certain type of mattress with a particularly comfortable style of innersprings. Box coil?? I forget now. The sad part was, though it was the best mattress I have ever slept upon, Gom's side collapsed! It sort of caved in, after about 4 months of use! So we had it replaced. The second replacement was faulty also, so we had our money back & bought a completely different style of bed, from another company. It is now past it's use by date. It was never as comfortable as it should have been, & it has become hard, & particularly unkind to aching bodies- mine in particular.

I was advised that latex is very nice, it moulds to your body? I wonder? There has been no decision yet. I will look a bit longer, & perhaps take my daughter with me. I must say, mattresses have increased in price beyond my wildest dreams. haha.

Catalyst, you may avert your eyes. I know you are not fond of Camelias.
This is a 'free' one we get from our neighbour's lovely tree, which leans into our garden, to get away from an ugly conifer on it's own side.

I took this pic at dusk, after taking the sunset.

Also this pic of another bloom.

Now, Gom is attempting to attach the new Roll holder.
I wonder how many days before it is actually in place???
I wonder how many nights I will toss & turn, & be haunted by words of Leonard Cohen songs? I wonder if a new bed will make sleep come easier?

I never had a Neil Young album. Not sure why. I love this song.
Neil Young, Harvest Moon.


Catalyst said...

That cat is a ringer for Smoke except for his white neck cloth. Beautiful!

As for camelias, where did you get the idea I didn't like them? I think yours are beautiful!

Granny J said...

Mattresses -- the big deal over hereis "memory foam", which I don't get. The ads always show a hand lifting from a bit of foam that still has the impressions of the fingers. What the hell good is that supposed to do? Once one has left the mattress (or pillow) one wants it to spring back to its original shape, right?

Meggie said...

Cat, So sorry, wrong man who dislikes camelias. I have yet to meet Mindy in the flesh. She is a very lovely looking girl!

GJ, I so agree with you! Marketing gimmicks can backfire!

I have since recalled the mattress I liked the best had something called Pocket Rods. A pity it collapsed!

marigold jam said...

Thank you for you so kind comments on my blog! I know just what you mean about shopping for beds as we too have been shopping for a new one and spent our first night on the newly delivered one last night - comfortable? I think not and all that after lying on every bed in the shop! There is all the difference in the world between lying for a few moments fully clothed on a bed in the show room and actually sleeping on it! This is the second attempt in since February when that one was so uncomfortable we decided to bite the bullet and go for something else. Wouldn't be so bad if they cost a couple of £s but at the price they are it is a nightmare (Pardon the pun!)


Meggie said...

Hi Jane, I so enjoyed your posts, & have gone back to some of your older posts too. That is my dread, buying the wrong bed! We cannot afford to buy more than one, so have to be so careful about choice!

persiflage said...

Meggie, I was talking to a friend in Canberra and they had bought a latex bed and found it is just too hot - this is even in Canberra! they sent it back and something was done but they are still not happy.
Good luck with it all. Mine is inner spring with another layer on top to give softness - or whatever. It is a Sealy Posturepaedic. And if GOM won't try lying on the bed, get one to suit yourself!
Loved the camellia. They are so beautiful. Also love the chook bags.
Spmeone should open a hardware shop for women!

Pauline said...

reading your posts is a bit like coming to your house for tea and a chat.

Your photos are always, always good!

Meggie said...

Margaret, that is a good tip about the latex, because I still seem to wake hot in the night, even in winter.

Pauline, why thankyou! I would love to have you all over for tea or coffee.

lovelyprism said...

I cannot believe his side of the bed collapsed! I laughed out loud, I hope you don't think me too rude! But it was funny. I need a new bed but I think I will put that off as long as humanly possible.
$200 for a paper holder?! Only the U.S. government would be crazy enough to pay that!

The Sagittarian said...

Somehow we called the loo "The Donut in Granny's Greenhouse" for years, no idea how we came by that expression at all!

Christine Thresh said...

We have had our bed for 26 years. We had new foam stuff put into the old cover twice. I hope I never have to go shopping for a bed. Our bed is so comfortable. Our bed is extra long, but it is only 46" wide. We had it custom made.
I hate shopping for anything.

Thimbleanna said...

Elderly shopping -- hahaha. Good luck with your bed shopping Meggie -- a dreadful task. My parents desperately need a new bed -- I think their current one is almost as old as I am. I think the task is just more than they can fathom. And just think...if you did have a kitty, it would probably unroll the paper from your new tp holder. ;-)

Selina Kingston said...

Have you not got one of those little dolls with the knitted dress that goes over the loo roll??

Meggie said...

We laughed too, though not much at the time!It was a gradual sinking, & ended up a hollow in the shape. Gave a whole new meaning to 'that sinking feeling'.

Amanda, I have never heard that one before. What a hoot!

Christine, I used to think a bed would be a lifetime thing, but now 'they' tell us they are good for 10 years only!

Anna, It is a daunting task. As I looked I was warned by other shoppers about how difficult it is!

Selina, No never had a doll roll holder. I do have a wooden spare holder which I painted with folk art flowers.

Q said...

Lots of shopping FUN! LOL!!! I needed the laughs tonight.
Enjoy winter...I am summer weary looking forward to the cool at least of Autumn.
Harvest Moon is my favorite!
Thanks for the romp and the song.

Meggie said...

Sherry, I was so happy to see you have cards from your wonderful photography!! Congratulations, & please, anyone reading this visit Sherry to see her wonderful artistic work!

Marianna said...

Ahh Mindy looks exactly like our cat lol Great pics Meggie!

Take care

Alby Mangroves said...

My Mr loves shopping. Thr catch, however, is that he likes not buying anything. He's mad for research, and will spend hours on the net looking stuff up and comparing. Not as fun as it sounds...

Isabelle said...

Who could not like camellias?

Get a cat! Go on! They purr.

Warty Mammal said...

May I submit another toilet moniker? "The growler". I don't even want to think about why or where that came from.

So GOM isn't into the bed testing? Ah, is he in for a surprise! May I suggest taking him lingerie shopping as a sort of revenge?

VioletSky said...

This is interesting as I am in the midst of mattress shopping, which I thought might be fun trying them all out. Boy, was I wrong. And it is compounded by my old bed that does not take a boxspring - I do not want to change beds, only get a newer than ancient mattress. (It is well over 10 years old)

Tanya said...

Pretty kitty! My husband was never a cat lover until I threw one in his lap. Now he is the one who says "Quick, get the camera. The cat is so cute!"

You could call throne room an otearai (Japanese of course) It could be your secret language! Or pick another unusual language!