Saturday, August 1

Crapsticks. Or HELP!!!

Edited to add: It is now Sunday morning, & I see all is working again! I left the new counter but have moved it down the page. It is quite interesting to see the new visitors. I tried to add a counter to my other blog, but it won't play with me at all this morning.
Thankyou Warty for your support!!

Today I tried to change templates for my blog site.

DISMAL failure would seem to be the order of the day.
I had previously clocked visits from 161 various countries. I have successfully ported this info from one template to another.
However it seems this time I have lost the lot, & am back to 1 visitor from 1 country? How can this be?? I have tried to 'go back'. to restore. to no avail. I am slightly fuming...
I must remind myself, this is a cyber site, & nothing is guaranteed.. but still I fail to understand why, in previous changes, I did not lose any of the statistical sites or figures?? GRRRR!! Perhaps some computer whizz can help me??

I suppose this is all related to my change of ISP. Who knew it was so problematical?? I suppose computer savvy people know or knew. But dumb old me, did not. So now I seem to be up the creek with no paddles, & less current?
SOM... Silly Old Moo?? Yep that is me!!


Teodolinda said...

Meggie I hope that all is better now.
I saw your counter with 161 countries under the bunny hill designs.
ciao ciao

Warty Mammal said...

It's me!!! I'm the one visitor!!!! Hiiiiii Meggieeeee!

Kathy's Klothesline said...

From someone who can't even figure out how to put a counter on her site......... sorry for your troubles!

~Bren~ said...

It is still there have 2 Neocounters now... one at the top which is new and your older one further down.

Catalyst said...

I have tried, repeatedly, to put one of those stickers from Weather Underground on my site. To date - no success.

I do, however, see the two Neo Counters on your site. But how do you get 7 visitors from Mongolia and only one from the U.S. Virgin Islands. I guess it must be that the beaches are better in the Virgin Islands!

Marianna said...

I hope the problem is solved now :)
Have a great weekend Meggie!

Marja said...

Oh how frustrating Hope it will be sorted out. I always keep my fingers crossed when I change something. Only had minor hickups luckily

Thimbleanna said...

Glad it's working now Meggie. ISP and template problems drive me crazy. My ISP is always doing something goofy!