Monday, August 13

My Corner

Here is a picture of my corner of the world this morning. Rafts of clouds appearing from the South West- I think!

And, I have been watching with fascination, as a pair of large black birds, perhaps crows, appear to be building a nest, in the top most branches of the centre tree.

They come flying from the East usually, bearing quite large sticks in their beaks, & appear to land on the tips of the top most branches, then disappear into the foliage. I must get the binoculars out, & see if I can get them to focus on the birds at closer range, to see if I can tell what type of birds they are.

I dont know what type of pine tree it is, that centre one. But to me, it is quite unlovely. I really dislike the growth pattern, with the oddly balanced branches. It is very old, one of the original planted in this area. There used to be orange groves in those grounds, & all around here.

And, at the bottom of our street, there is a grave stone, surrounded by a fence. It is supposedly the grave of a man named Hely. It is close to the banks of the stream. Council men told us there was no sign of any bones or body when the site was restored, so noone knows where the actual grave was, but it was marked, for many years, as being there, so they have kept it in good condition.

There is a house beside the grave, & the owners say they feel quite comfortable supposedly having old Hely in the vicinity of their lovely new house. Even if he is not actually in 'residence'!

I have always had a fascination for Cemetaries with old graves & stories of families to be found on the headstones. I have always found them to be places of such serenity, with a feeling of utter peace.

On to other matters.
I was awarded this Nice Matters Award, by Bren, of Pieces from Me.
As I understand it, I am to pass it along to a further 7 worthy recipients.
This is something I usually avoid, if I can. I hate to play favourites, haha.

However I will endeavour to choose 7 blogs I feel are very 'Nice' indeed.

Connie, of Simply Quilted. Who could not love Connie. She has a lovely blog, & also shows us glimpses of her life.

Joni, of My Farm Life. Joni is children friendly, & always has items of such interest to present.

Jeanette, at Jens Chronicles. If you are feeling down, & need a laugh, Jen's your girl!

Kim of Ragged Roses. Her creations take your breath away, and are indeed very Nice!

Sheila, of Birdwoman blogspot. Sheila has a heart of gold.

Mari-Nanci, at Smilnsigh. Beautiful pictures & a "Nice" place to visit.

Jelly, at Jellyhead Rambles. Jelly is such a lovely person, & her stories are wonderful.

And, Crafty, at Craftymum, has awarded me the Rockin Girl award! Not bad for an oldie!

So here goes for some passing it forward

Wanda, at Exuberant Colour! Those colours sure rock!

Joyce, at J's Quilting Blog. Joyce is about my vintage, & we can still rock!- even if it is only in our minds, haha.

Aunty, of Evil Manor. She sure rocks, & her humour is just great. I see she has already been awarded, so she is a mulitple rocker!

Bren, of Pieces from Me. She has to rock, because she has taken on young children after having raised her own, & it must take a lot of energy!

Isabelle, of In This Life. Isabelle has to be a rocker, to keep up with those kittens!

Well I understand there were five Rockin Stars to be passed along.

I dont want to make anyone feel obligated or stressed over it. After all it is just a bit of fun!

Well, I am off to see what GOM is getting up to, today. He is all dressed up, so something must be afoot.

Elton John, Crocodile Rock.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your awards. You deserve them. I like your corner. If you find out what the birds are, be sure to tell us. ~ann

joyce said...

Thanks for the Rockin' Girl Blogger. I haven't been called a girl for quite some time! Most of the rockin I do is in a rockin chair but hey, that counts too. Not sure I will pass it on though, as I just passed on the nice girl blogger awards and my head won't stand for too much of that sort of activity at once.

Josie said...

That's quite an interesting tree, isn't it? Sort of stunted, but not stunted...

Your corner of the world is so different from mine. Thanks for sharing the picture.

And congratulations on the awards :-)


Aunty Evil said...

Aw thanks for the award Meggie! I feel honoured that there are people who enjoy reading my blog. I wonder sometimes whether I am just a cure for insomnia. :)

sMC said...

thanks for the award Meggie, not sure I deserve it. My writing is not as colourful as ours.

crafty said...

Congrats Meggie!
I too think cemeteries are peaceful places, and enjoy wandering about, reading headstones, and imagining all the lives that have gone before.

Ragged Roses said...

Congrat Meggie - your awards are really well deserved. Thank you for nominating me too, I'nm very flattered, your comments about my things are very generous and kind. Your corner of the world looks beautiful. I love cemetaries too they are very peaceful places.


Alice said...

I think that pine tree must have lost quite a few branches to high winds over the years, hence its peculiar shape. Certainly not the most beautiful tree on this earth, is it?

Katie said...

We are new in North Carolina and are fascinated by all the little cemeteries all over the place. I guess most of them were family plots on farms that no longer exist. It's interesting. :)

sheoflittlebrain said...

Congratulations on your well deserved awards, meggie, as well as another interesting post!
Here, the ravens seem to pick the tip-top of a pine tree for their nests too.

Joni said...

Hey thank you so much!! Waiting on the id of those birds now!

Guðrún said...

Congratulations on your award. Yes that pine tree is not very beautiful.

jellyhead said...

Good morning Meggie! Aren't you the popular blogger, receiving awards left, right and centre! It's no wonder, because your blog has it all - funny stories, sad stories, intriguing stories, and all told with your unique and lovable Meggie style.

Thanks for passing on some of your 'niceness' to me :) I am tickled pink!

mereth said...

Been catching up on your posts, and the tales of your grandson made me laugh. My middle son used to talk about his 'damages' too. Once he fell over and had three nasty grazes on his leg. As I was cleaning them he wailed "How can a boy survive three damages on One leg!!" Well, he's 23 now, so he obviously did!
Get your binoculars out,the birds might be something interesting and you can spy on them ,like David Attenborough...

h&b said...

Perhaps Hely drowned and was never recovered ? His marker might be just that - a marker ?

Or else, so close to the water, in flood one year, the old bones of hely might have simply washed away.

We had big tides once at Eden - before my time - but as the cemetary is right on the beach, apparently there were old bones aplenty - uncovered and awash !

Henri said...

Aslings Beach in Eden ? --
Wonder what happened to the ' Pickets' we bought there Meggie ?? haha . Not too certain any of our ' bones' were there anyway .