Saturday, August 25

Remember Big Hair? & other oddities...

Remember Big Hair? This was taken around 1963. I have always hated going to the hairdresser's & used to do my own hair.
In this photo I am with a family friend, who is now dead. It seems sad to think he has gone. He was younger than I, & his whole family has died, apart from his children & grandchildren.

I was very lucky, I had an unusual dressing table with 3 mirrors, & the side mirrors were hinged, & I could sit in the lower centre part, & see all sides of my hair. I even used to cut my own hair quite often. And I would love to have that dear old dressing table in my life today!

I remember the clouds of hairspray those high hair styles took! And the little black dress could have told many tales. My Best Friend J used to share it with me! It saw many a night of fun, & dancing. Would that I should be that slim today!

And this next ugly picture is of my 'groove' these days! It is the groove made by my socks on my swollen leg! Needless to say I dont wear those socks very often.

This next pic, is really a refugee from the Crimes Against Craft. The whole trouser suit thing, with those hideous caps, seemed to be a 70s thing. I never owned nor wore one!

And on a happier note, here is a little bear that came home with me today. I was assured he is a French Bear, by the French man who sold him to me. Never mind that the label says 'Made in China'.

In view of the scandal about Chinese made goods, GOM said I had better not give it to the dogs, they might get poisoned. I indignantly told him it is not for the dogs!! It is for me. "All the more reason not to have it!" he said. But I am not sure he meant that in a kind way.

And last, but not least, here is a patchwork pattern I got last weekend at the rained out school Fete. I rather like the chooks so will try to get myself into the state of mind needed to begin to make something from the pattern.

It is another bleak, cold, grey day, so a good one to spend indoors.
Hope you all have some nice plans for your weekend.
And keep warm or cool, depending on where you are located.
Bob Dylan, Beyond the Horizon


bluemountainsmary said...

A lovely cold weekend for knitting up here! Have a lovely weekend Meggie

Ragged Roses said...

The sun's come out here today - at last! I remember my mum's big hair and hairspray! I also use to have a mirror with 2 side mirrors on my dressing table and I was obsessed with my hair - much like my oldest is these days! Have a good weekend
Kim x

meggie said...

Mary, I tried to email you, but you dont have an email contact.
Kim, thank you for your comment. Big hair was sooo coool!I was surprised to find my husbands native Island called dressing tables, Duchess'es. I never got used to that! They told me it was a Scottish name, but I never verified that. I wonder if it is true? Some Scottish reader, help? Isabelle??

Henri said...

Meggie , Told you you are an Arctophile! -- French or Chinese .
C. is still with us .
I like the chook collection too.

Alice said...

A day right out of the box here - perfect Spring day (even if it's not quite Spring yet).

Dad and I used to cut my hair - true. It was very curly so I would cut the front and the sides and he would cut the back. The curl hid all the faults - and the cows didn't

joyce said...

All that hairspray had to go when the wierd hats came into style. My aunt was a hairdresser so I always had free haircuts but I was trying to grow long hair and she kept snipping off the ends. Lol. When she died I let it grow and it's been long ever since. The chickns will make a cute quilt.

Exuberant Color said...

I love the big hair photo. As I was looking back though photos to post I came across some of me like that too.
I like pieced chicken patterns. I have the old Country Threads patterns with log cabin chickens.
Don't need to worry about staying warm here (US), we're trying too cool off.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Boy, do I remember big hair, teasing and clouds of hairspray! LOL!
Love the chicken pattern..

ancient one said...

I have that thin stringy straight as a stick hair. I couldn't even have "big" hair even with a perm..LOL My grandmother had a dresser like yours with those same mirrors. Mom has it now. We all loved those mirrors. Even on bad hair days, we still looked. I wore my hair in a pony tail back in that day.

smilnsigh said...

Oh yes my Dear, I most certainly remember big hair! "Helmet Heads" we had then. -giggles-

And I love the idea of sharing a 'little black dress,' with a friend.

Down memory lane and all ~~ wasn't the 60's the time of 'The Avengers' on tv? I thought 'Mrs. Peel' was THE BABE. I had my hair in as close to her long flip, as I could get it. -grin-

Ahhh the old days!


Ian Lidster said...

I love knowing you now, and I definitely would have loved knowing you in 1963, you big-haired heartbreaker, you.

Aunty Evil said...

Photos like your big hair indicate why men needed to be taller than the woman in those days! Just the hairstyle alone added a foot to your height! :)

Kathie said...

We should get together to compare swollen legs. :-(

Isabelle said...

Never heard of duchesses, apart from married to dukes. I don't think it's a Scottish term.

What a sad story about your lovely stepdaughter.

fifi said...

Holy concrete, it's the Lord Jesus.....

Perhaps that little dog with the smart hat on has been channelling forces of which you have been unaware. No doubt you will have Our Lady of the toast making an appearance. I'd be confiscating the dog's hat and searching its room for religious paraphernalia before John the Baptist appears on the toilet paper.