Sunday, August 12

Small matters to ponder..

What cunning swine designed packages, which, while displaying the contents handsomely, are :

1. Impossible to open, without resorting to incredible lengths of nail tearing frantic hunting for the 'utility scissors', or a sharp knife for hacking apart the snugly fitted packaging, resulting in blue aired surroundings.

2. Provided with a nicely perforated little aperture, suitable for accessing the contents, which, when ripped apart, one discovers that the instructions have been completely & utterly destroyed by the ripping access aperture.

3. Said instructions are written in some type of heiroglyphic nonsense which is meaningless to any one but a Rocket Scientist. Or an Ancient Egyptian.

4. The written instructions which are not heiroglyphic, are in writing so small you would need a huge magnifiying glass to be able to read.Another small ponder is swinery. Or piggery. Or the love of all things porcine.
My Daughter J loves pigs. Real ones too, but mostly the ones she can keep in her house, as decorative items. Yesterday's find were these two items for her collection. One is a bottle opener, I can see, but I am not sure about the other? A useless small dish? Anyway, I could not resist getting them for her collection.
And upon our return home, yesterday, we found that Leo had been test driving my sunglasses. They were the nice fitover ones that I can wear with my normal glasses. They are now sans lenses. He even got the small ones at the side out of the frames. And made sure to mangle them, so they could not be refitted.
And here he is, the picture of innocense.
"But Mum, I am so cute! You cant stay mad at me!"
He is almost 2. He will be 2 on the 21st August. I am hoping that will be the age of reason & the getting of some wisdom. I recently read that they dont consider training guide dogs until they are 2 years old, as this is when they are deemed to be old enough to train. So, we are just hoping Leo will get some wisdom!
The concrete has now been repaired. Yesterday was the day GOM suddenly decided to act. I stayed well away, so as not to be critical. I hope it never has to be dug up again.
And later, in the evening, a warning news item. The wonderful effective drug I have been prescribed, & been taking with much relief of pain, has now been declared very dangerous. It is to be ripped off the market, & anyone who has taken it, must see their Doctor for a liver function test. Deaths were mentioned, so I guess the Drug Company must be panicking.
I am sure I am ok, I have no problems, but suppose my GP will be onto it. Next time I visit will do. Never keen to have blood tests, since my veins cringe & shrivel in horror at the mere thought!
Yesterday, was one of those magic days. The weather was just perfect, clear blue skies, & warm breeze. Unseasonal for August, which is usually the month of high battering bloody sodding blustery winds. None so far. And today is looking just as pleasant, thus far. So I had better get off here, & see about enjoying it while it lasts.
Hope you have all had, or are having, lovely weekends.

Ben Harper, Momma's got a Girlfriend Now.


ancient one said...

Enjoy your wonder weather while you can. At last, yesterday, a cold front came through. We had some heavy winds that knocked the tops out of some already dead trees and they all fell the right way... did not break the goat fence. Electricity off about half an hour.. And today, it only got up to 88 degrees. Cloudy all day so it felt cool. Had to laugh at the dog test driving your glasses. ~ann

Melinda said...

SOOOOOOOOOo with you on unnecessary packaging. I spent 15 minutes today trying to get two AA batteries out of the package. I used: fingernails, knife, scissors, larger scissors, and teeth. It took a combination of all of them to finally get the stupid batteries out!

Quilting Kim said...

Meggie, once again you have captured the way everyone feels about unnecessary packaging.

Love the pigs -- I think the dish is for a scouring pad.

I think that Leo and Bailey must be related - Bailey chewed up my glasses when he was about that age. Gives a whole new meaning to "My Dog Ate It!!!" LOL.

tracey petersen said...

Sorry to tell you that last week our dogs chewed up the paint brush that my Pete had been using to paint the house. They are eleven years old. That is 77 in dogs years, surely they should know better!

PS leave those packages out and maybe the dogs could chew them open for you.

verniciousknids said...

Hope your liver will be should get to the doctor soon!

Here in Japan, most packages are pretty easy to rip open as they have a provided aperture! The only time it's difficult is when they get wet!

crafty said...

Packaging! God! and what about kids toys? Have you tried getting a kids toy out of its package?

Stomper Girl said...

Scary news about the drugs and the liver. Hope you find a safe replacement.

Alice said...

I certainly hope you have not suffered any ill effects from the medication. Shame that something so effective for you is now unavailable. Let's hope something else will take it's place without side effects.

The other day I bought new ear plugs for my iPod. I thought I would undo the packaging carefully in case I needed to return them for some reason. Well, if I do they will certainly be going without their packaging, which was totally destroyed and my hands nearly went the same way.

I'm glad someone else wears (or did wear fitover sunglasses. My kids think they're the pits but they work well for me AND I can still see where I'm going too.

keryn said...

Once I bought an accessory for the computer and spent 10 minutes trying to pry it out of the packaging. I resorted to the kitchen scissors in the end, cutting the packet open with great force, only to discover that I had also cut through the CD containing the drivers for the wretched thing. Said some bad things.

A friend's dog once ate all the straps off a $2000 show saddle; it was the work of minutes, and she ws beside herself when she found the remains. I would have killed the dog, especially as it did the same thing to the horse rugs the next week....

joyce said...

When Simba goes home next month when our son and his family move into their country home, if we decide to get another dog, it will be a mature one from the shelter. I couldn't go through all that chewing again no matter how cute puppies are.
I'm with you on the packaging. One day I got up and found a child-safe asprin bottle with a pair of pliers beside it and the lid on the counter. Guess who had a migraine in the night and I wasn't awake to open the bottle? Lol.

Sheila said...

I totally agree about the packaging. Here everything is bilingual, and it goes without saying that whenever I look for instructions etc, it's always the French side I get first..!

Tanya Brown said...

So sorry about the pain meds. That's the (insert crude phrase related to excretion).

Aren't you a wonderful mother to get your daughter piggie accessories?

Willow said...

Maybe the piggy dish is a soap dish.

velcro said...

I hope those pain meds haven't caused any damage to you, and that the doc gives you some better ones to replace them.

piggie dish - I would have said a soap dish too

meggie said...

Hi All, I have been sitting here in fits of laughter at some of your dog destruction tales, & package horrors. I also laughed at Joyce's tale of the aspirin bottle. It is usually me who cant open those, my hands have got too weak!
Honey never destroyed anything, & she only put small puncture marks in a new pair of shoes- I wore them anyway & the holes were small. I thought it might be a male dog thing? We have never had a male before.

Angie said...

I could not agree more with you, Meggie, with regard to that damn packaging with teee tiny print and Ancient Egyptian, and that Leo is just absolutely the most adorable, incorrigible little dog! LOL

Thimbleanna said...

Meggie. Shame on you, blaming that poor little innocent Leo for your sunglasses. He's just too cute. Perhaps you have gremlins or something??? Hope you get your medicine straightened out -- that's a bummer.