Thursday, August 23

Thin Ladies Can Sing Too!

When we first came to Australia, just on 24 years ago, we went shopping for furniture. We had not brought any items of furniture with us, & the few pieces we did choose to bring, were on a container, & didnt arrive for a couple of months after we did.

We were very lucky to find a partially furnished house to rent initially, but we needed some beds, & various items of linen, crockery cutlery etc.

And of course Television, as the Cricket season was in full swing, & perish the thought that GOM should miss that! So we got the requisite TV, & a VideoRecorder, it seemed so the neighbour children could spend all day in our house, playing wretched games, or watching cartoons, since their mother was not too keen on having them mess up her house.

While we were out shopping for beds, GOM spotted two figurines. They are tall elegant ladies in the 1920s style of dress & thinness. He fell in love with these elegant figures & enquired as to their cost. One of the ladies had 'lost' a hand clasping a purse, & so we were able to purchase the pair of figurines for a fraction of their original cost. Apparently an errant child had broken the hand-plus-purse in a mad rampage around the shop.

And we have enjoyed them over the past 24 years, albeit one hand, clutching the purse, was always resting down on the base upon which the lady stands.

Over the years as we have moved from place to place, I have fancied the lady less the hand, has been comforted by her partner, the lady with both hands.

I finally decided it was time for some repair.
Well, that is untrue really. I had decided long ago to effect repair. I bought some Super Glue & duly glued the hand with purse onto the slim wrist. Of course the first time I moved it, it promptly fell off!

But I remembered over the weekend, that Mr Nice Neighbour is very artistic at mending things, & has on occasion, mended items for us before. So I asked if he was prepared to try to mend our lady less the hand. He agreed he would, & today he returned her fully restored.

And, you know, I swear I can hear her singing! And I swear she and the lady of two hands, are singing duets!
These are truly lousy pics of the ladies concerned, but you will get the idea.

This is the slender lady, who for so long was handless. Now happily clutching her purse once again, thanks to kind Mr Nice Neighbour.

And this is she of two hands, who is rejoicing with her friend- I swear. Perhaps now, if they go out for cocktails, the purse can be opened to pay!
They are much nicer in real life. These pics do them no favours, the flash was most unkind, & as the light was lousy, I stood them on the floor to try to get a good photo.
Mr & Mrs Nice Neighbour brought their little boy Beau over to visit. It was largely a success. They have been giving Beau training & he has responded so well to it all, he is a very well behaved little lad now.
Our little Honey is in love with Mr NN, & also loves Mrs NN, so she tolerates Beau. But Leo the Lionheart... well he is another story. He is a very aggressive little boy, & thinks he should be biting Beau, or at least snapping at him, for daring to visit. So we had a little lesson-giving to Leo. And he responded quite well, for a beginner.
Mr & Mrs NN have kindly lent us a video on how to train your recalcitrant dog to behave, & we are now hoping to have two well behaved dogs to present to visitors, in the near future.
We had Small Grandson here for the morning. He was very happy, & spent some time drawing- his artistic flair is not really evident as yet! - well not in pencil.
And he discovered some skeleton items I had, plastic & rubbery models, & a large vampire bat, a rubber one, I hasten to add. He is very like his Uncle B, in that he is not in the least scared by such things, he finds them very interesting. He told me he would mince the bat up, I could eat it, it would go down & around in my tummy, then I would wee it out, & it would be angry with me, so it would come to suck my blood! Which seemed to me to be quite a long thought process, & quite a well thought out story.
He went & played Donkey Kong on the old Nintendo video game, & GOM says he is quite skilled really. Just as well we have some of these old 'antique' things for little kids to play with now & then. A friend's little lad quite likes it -out of desperation, perhaps!
Emmylou Harris, Michelangelo.


joyce said...

THe ladies are elegant indeed. How big are they?

Aunty Evil said...

Well now, that puts a whole new spin on the "I can't pay, I forgot to bring my wallet". How about "I can't pay, I have no hand to get the money out"?

Molly said...

Your ladies are so elegant. Fancy waiting, uncomplainingly, all those years to have your hand glued back on! patient too....!

ancient one said...

Loved the ladies. I'm glad the one got her hand and purse back. As for Small Grandson, I think he takes after Grandmother... he will be a detailed story teller. I enjoy your posts so much!!

Exuberant Color said...

I love the bat story, what an imagination.


Isabelle said...

Isn't it amazing how, sometimes after some years (24?) it suddenly becomes just the right time to do some little chore?

Great stories as usual.

Floss said...

Love the ladies. I have a couple of ladies myself, one has a broken hat, but if you stand her at the correct angle to a wall, no one can tell.

Tanya said...

What a nice story. How wonderful for you to finally have her "healed". But how amazing that you hadn't lost the hand during those 24 years. That alone deserves a shout and a cheer!

crafty said...

Love SG's bat story.

Hann said...

Meggie my live in Australia started like yours almost, I came over almost 8 years ago with no furniture too and rented a furnished unit.
Now many years later I can at least say I have a full house now.
Your ladies are indeed very nice, I would have bought them too.

Colleen said...

I just wandered onto your post and thoroughly enjoyed you story. I'm new at blogging and just getting to know people.

bluemountainsmary said...

Sometimes with the things kids say and the stories they tell i could just EAT them (then they would go around my tummy and I would wee them out I s'pose).

Fairlie said...

How nice to have such a *handy* neighbour!

Josie said...

You have a little Stephen King in the making there. What an imagination...! *wow*

Love the ladies. They are tres elegant. I can see why you fell in love with them.


smilnsigh said...

I love the title on this post! -giggles- And I'm sure those lovely thin ladies ARE singing!