Thursday, August 30

A Time Warp.

I don't know what is wrong with me. I seem to be feeling in the wrong season.

I feel like Three Dog Night's hit, Pieces of April.
"I've got pieces of April,
And it's a morning in May"

Except I've got pieces of April, & its a morning in August. Almost on the eve of Spring.

Perhaps the weather has added to my mood's confusion. It has been warm & mild, & quite Autumnal, not blustery or Spring like at all.

And perhaps the Eclipse had some effect on my mood. Who knows.

This disappointing shot is the best I got on the night. It is of the clouds feathering across the moon, as it rose above my horizon.
The later shots I attempted to take, look like bright dust motes. I suppose they were! I couldnt seem to get a focus on the actual moon. Never mind, there have been a lot of really good photos, on other blogs.


I seem to have this feeling that time is rushing past me, & I havent got the time to do all the things I want. The fact that I seem to be spending rather a lot of time sitting vacantly staring into space 'smelling the roses', is not helping!

My lovely Cousin J, sent me some pics of her latest projects in the quilting world, & I am posting them, because she has done a fabulous job with them.

She & her husband came over to Oz & bought a huge Bus which had been converted to a caravan/motorhome. They spent 3 years travelling around, working here & there, & generally having a great time, sightseeing this 'wide brown land'. They used our place as "Home Base" & we had a wonderful Xmas with them here, as they travelled about.

Cousin J has always been a wonderful sewing artist, & when she saw my quilts she was very intrigued, & decided to try it for herself. And since then, she has made some fantastic quilts. Her lovely warm home is adorned with her work, & she had made many beautiful keepsakes for her grandchildren & family members.

This is a quilt she made for her husband, filled with memories of their happy days spent travelling about, over here. She called it 'OutBack Stars, & Wattle'.
And this is a gorgeous wall hanging she has made for her BIL.
I am not sure if she had the pattern for this one, but I just adore it.
It is called "Kororareka" Sweet Blue Penguin.
Makes me feel homesick, for New Zealand, somehow.
In terribly sad news, A 2 week old baby was mauled by the family's pet Husky. the baby died, & they Husky has been put to death. It was a bizarre unfortunate accident, the parents believing the dog was outside. I feel so desperately sorry for those parents. It is just too tragic to contemplate.
I know the dog haters out there will snarl & scorn the family, but loving children and dogs, as I do, I just cant imagine their double grief.
And now, I had better flog myself into some productive action. Even if it is only dratted housework. Or finally getting this room finished!

Shane Nicholson, Nice to Be Here.


crafty said...

I heard yesterday that there is a total fire ban in Adelaide. Total fire ban? in August? That's just not right.

I hate to hear of such tragic news.

We had one of our dogs put down when we had kids. He had this huge mouth, he was like some kind of pig dog, we knew if he ever 'snapped' there wouldn't be a second chance. Mind you our first baby was a toddler before we did it, the dog got in a fight with a pit-bull, and the pit bull came off worse, that was the clincher for us. He was the loyal sort too, had the appetite of a labrador (he was definitely part labrador) didn't eat for two days at the pound, seperated from husband. Not the kind of dog you can re-home.

sMC said...

must be the moon .... not to worry soon be Spring (and its allergies lol)

ancient one said...

Those were beautiful quilts.

Sorry about the news. I know the family is devastated.

I liked your moon picture.

Whatever you have (feeling as if time is swiftly moving on) is catching. I have a hard time getting started on anything, any more!

Enjoy your day!!

bluemountainsmary said...

Meggie I think the change of season thing is particularly strong this year - especially with this crazy warm weather we are having. Makes me a bit nervous about bushfires. Amazing quilts , it was really terrible about that baby and the dog. More perspective for me I must say. I had to take 527,348 photos to get four good ones of that moon. Hope you feel more settled soon.

The Sagittarian said...

I think you have "itis" in "Monday-itis" or "spring-itis"...have a wine, it will pass!

Alice said...

Sometimes I think it's symptomatic of the change of seasons, especially from winter into spring, that we feel there's just not enough time to do all we want. Especially in the garden where everything takes off like a rocket, especially the weeds.

Harmany Quilting said...

I'm glad that someone saw the lunar eclipse and that it was you. The boys and I got all excited remembering the time and that it was NOW, and then running outside cloud cover. Thought of you today - we had some blowies too. Feeling antsy too, this to will pass.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The quilts are lovely... especially that blue penguin. The tragic news is horrible beyond imagination. It's really OK to take the time you need to stop and smell the roses...

Aunty Evil said...

Very tragic about the baby, I can't even imagine what it must be like for the parents. You wouldn't suspect a Husky of being capable of such horror.

Lee said...

Wow! That post had something for everyone!

joyce said...

You need to come over here where it actually is fall! I just changed the bedding on the spare bed in the basement and it's got one of my fave quilts on it just waiting for you! If that doesn't work out, just contemplate those two lovely quilts and you should feel better soon. And maybe stop listening to the news.It's all too sad and distressing.

CONNIE W said...

The quilts are so pretty.
The poor infant who died is a horrible tragedy, how terribly sad for that family.
I can relate to the feeling you describe, for it has been creeping around me for days and I have to fight off the urge to just give in and be downright lazy. I hope it passes soon.

Bren said...

That feeling you have is seasonal and will pass. Pull out a needle, maybe you can "stab" it away.
Tragic about the little baby. Those poor parents.

Angie said...

Oh Meggie, that is truly a horrible tragedy, and I'm like you, the family has twice the grief. Just too too sad. Those quilts your cousin made are beautiful! I think the seasons are screwed up all over the world now! :(

teodo said...

That tragedy is terrible and I'm sorry about what happened.........

ciao ciao

Thimbleanna said...

Meggie, I know just how you feel. Where is time going. Sometimes I feel like I'm outside of myself, looking in at everything just whizzing by. I think we just need to pick up some projects and get to work! Very sad about the baby, just can't imagine....

jellyhead said...

Meggie, I can relate to how you feel. Sometimes I feel like all my time is spent of 'maintenance' (work, house, family duties), and none on actually achieving anything! I feel like life is slipping away and I can't halt this inexorable slide of time.

I prescribe for you what I dose myself with - a walk in the fresh air, a chat with a lovely friend, a visit to the library for a good fat book to read!

Hope your day is a happy one :)

Ian Lidster said...

"The time is out of joint," quoth the Bard. I get those feelings and musings. It reminds me of the classic Punch cartoon that showed two hippos up to their snouts in a pond, and one says to the other: "Funny, I keep thinking it's Tuesday." It's so silly it's actually very funny.

Isabelle said...

Great quilts, terrible event about the baby and - I'm catching up on blogs here - you like flying??? I really don't understand that. I HATE it. Shudder.

Hope you're feeling more like yourself now.

Lucy said...

Lovely quilting work, the second one is so NZ!
I always feel a pang for the dog too, though when it's a dog that has been bred for dog-fighting, as the last fatal mauling of a child in the UK I remember hearing about, I rather think the dog's better off out of it.
Actually, I really like that moon pic - it looks like a Whistler nocturne!

smilnsigh said...

Guess it doesn't make any difference, which Hemisphere one is in. Or which season we are changing to. I've read more than you, in blog land, say that time is rushing by, etc.

Maybe it's us, hu? -smile-

Guess all we can do is sort of stop giving TIME so much importance. The more we think it very important and try to fill it with *meaningful* doings, the more it is given the ability to mock us. Maybe. 'Cause we all get the same 24 hours. How we feel about them, is more under our control, than we give ourselves credit for. Maybe.. :-)