Monday, January 14


Maybe I am getting the hang of these photos after all. I am still trying to work out how to get a satisfactory down load off the camera.
Prior to getting this new computer, I had Arcsoft Impressions, & it worked a treat. Currently I am using the hp programme, which came with the camera, & am not happy at how it works, so I am trying to get the hang of using Picasa.
We are having a visit today, from a Dog Whisperer.
For some time we have had trouble with Leo, having 'little accidents' in the house. Recently, he has become worse, & so the time for action has come. I have spoken to the Whisperer, & what he says makes perfect sense, so I am very hopeful we can have a positive outcome.
It is raining in a soft steady misty way. The actual temperature is much lower than it was yesterday, but I suspect the hideous humidity must be running at about 98%! My hair is dripping & any exertion results in further perspiration floods.
All my life I have suffered from extreme sweating of the hands & feet. I was born during the war, & the quality of the wool available to knit bootees- remember those?- was very poor. My mother said as fast as she knitted them, they shrunk badly, & she had to knit more.
My Beloved Brother has the same problem, but to a much lesser extent. My eldest son, has the same extreme as I do. It also affects our scalps, so we have a hard time keeping dry hair in the the humid summers in Australia.
When my granddaughter was little she once told me she had the same problem as me, with her wet hands. I was surprised as I had not noticed it before. Turned out she had sneaked off & wet her hands to trick me!
When I was at school I had problems with my work, due to sweat damage on the pages. I am left handed too, so the problem was made even worse. I would resort to using a blotter or a handkerchief, as a mop for the wet drips.
Imagine being a teenager & having a boyfriend who might want to hold your hand! The horror of it! Standing at the counter of a shop, trying to remember never to touch the counter, because wet hand prints will remain. Eyes would widen in shocked horror, at the little -or large- pool of sweat left behind.
When I learnt to drive a car, I was about 27, & had some professional lessons. I explained to the driving instructor, my problem. He laughed it off saying not to worry about it. He was rather laughing on the other side of his face, when he saw the pool of sweat left by the back of my legs on his driver's seat. Next time I took a towel with me, so sit on. There was nothing to be done about the saturated steering wheel!! I did dry it off with remaining dry corners of the towel.
When my children were babies, they would invariably be rather damp feeling when I had held them, in the summer time. It made my life an utter misery, at times, & I cursed the fate that gave the genetic fault. I also cursed the fact that my son has inherited the problem. Rest assured during the course of my life, no curse word has been left unused for the condition!
I feel that all this high humidity 'greases' the Speed of Stupidity, which is a wonderful concept I found over at Mike's. He has supplied the formula for working it out. I am not good with figures, but I will take his word for it, & am stunned I had not discovered this factor of life for myself.
I suspect this Speed of Stupidity, is also what strikes young males, whose testosterone levels add to the mix. They kill themselves off very efficiently, in bullet like vehicles. The pity is, they often also, kill off their mates, & girlfriends.
In other news I have some sort of asthma which is troubling me, & my chest at times sounds like squinting bagpipes.
Don't ask me how I know they are 'squinting'- I just do!
Some thing or some one, wakes me at 3am every morning, & once I have been woken up, I cannot for the life of me get back to sleep, so I often get up, & read.
This weather absolutely precludes any sort of hand craft or I could surely knit or stitch, in the wee hours.
The whine & wheeze of the chest alarms even me, at times. Since the dogs usually come out with me, they hear it too, but they seem to have got used to it now.
Eric Clapton, Tears in Heaven.
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Mike said...

I am having the same wheezing issue, but I know what mine is coming from--a very bad habit I picked up a long time ago that I now need to quit.

I am certain that your weather is quite horrible, but having been in the icy grip of winter for what seems like forever now, I would love to feel a little heat and humidity!

Sheila said...

I've heard of this excessive perspiration before, and there is surgery for it. I don't know what they do, and it sounds rather drastic, but perhaps some people do become desparate enough to go for it. We are in for another nasty cold spell, some heat would be good about now.

bluemountainsmary said...

I hope that Asthma improves Meggie - such an odd time of year to be suffering from it.

I had a dog whisperer in for a labrador I was temporarily in possession of a couple of years ago. And when (and if ) I purchase a new puppy - will get one in then too - just for the tips and advice.

meggie said...

Mike, I used to smoke too, but it is 20 years since I gave up. I just occasionally get the wheezing now.

Sheila, I heard about surgery, but mostly I have learned to live with it. It is only the palms & feet & scalp. I try to console myself that at least I have GOT hands & feet!

Mary, I have pinned high hopes on this man, so I hope he is successful. We never had any trouble with Honey, but we have never had a male dog before. Leo's brother is fine, & has never peed inside, but he has had other issues to be dealt with!

Joyce said...

You need a cold climate like here. There is very little perspiration aronud here right now! It's -27 with a wind chill of -32.

Katie said...

My goodness!

ancient one said...

I've always had COLD hands. I had a boy tell me once that I had dead person hands. You know that made me feel good. LOL

Stomper Girl said...

A friend of mine has children with excessively sweaty heads - the poor things look quite bedraggled in summer! Hope your asthma improves, you are going to get your chest listened to, i hope?

Josie said...

Maggie, I had a friend in school who had the same problem, and she had surgery for it. It seemed to help.

There is always Crabtree and Evelyn Summerhill dusting powder. It's wonderful....!


CresceNet said...

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teodo said...

I'm afraid about your sweaty and your asthma.......I remember my mother that when breathed it seems that she had a whistle in her throat.
Hugs ciao ciao

Anonymous said...

oh dear - maybe the whisperer can help you too? I don't have any of the problems you mention except the early waking one and it is a real pain. I wake at about 4am and I simply can't get back to sleep and I have no idea what wakes me up. I even had the rather stupid idea of setting my alarm for 3.50am to see if I could work out what woke me, but I am none the wiser and just lost an extra ten minutes' sleep.

I have very cold hands.

Asthma is no fun. I hope it improves rapidly. Humidity is usually good for getting rid of such things.

Make sure you take care of yourself.

Thimbleanna said...

Oh Meggie -- sorry you're not feeling well. Hopefully things will cool off soon and your asthma will improve. Dog whiperer huh? It sounds very interesting. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

Joni said...

Meggie, if I could box up this cold and send it I would... maybe it would be better if we just traded homes! Hope Leo does better.

Tanya Brown said...

I am fascinated by your tale of sweating hands and feet! You must have a very, very efficient cooling system. Sorry about the asthma, though.

smilnsigh said...

Oh the troubles with getting used to using new things! Yish...

Let's have that wheezing checked out, please.

Yes, I do hope the dog training perseveers. Please don;t let GOM stop it.

No one really likes an untrained dog. Even if some people try to be nice, and pretend they do. 'Twill be better for all concerned, to have this dog learn rules.


Sheila said...

I hope Leo (and you and Gom)survives this new way of doing things. I can see where it is for his own good. My Dad's dog was allowed to get away with pretty much whatever he wanted. When Dad went into the nursing home, my sister adopted his dog. He was introduced to a whole new way of doing things, and within a few weeks he became manageable again.
Now he is a pleasure to be around.