Sunday, January 20

Red Gum Flowers.

I wish I could say this was a tree in my garden. They are lovely. In someone else's lovely neat garden, & looking so healthy too.

Here are the little cups that form once the flower is spent. I remember playing with them as a child, & pretending they were little cups in a teaset.
These are the buds on the other little tree.
I used a little camera we got at a garage sale for $5, which we have given to our Granddaughter. She is not very interested in photography really, but has taken some nice photos of people with it.

I happened to have it in my bag yesterday, so whipped it out to take these pics. I think the neighbours wondered what I was doing. They surrepticiously came out & pretended to potter about on their front lawns, watching me. It was a little cul-de-sac, & I suppose any stranger would be noticed.

The rain has stopped for the time being. Steam is rising from the ground. Sitting in front of the fan is the only way I can keep sane.

Ben Harper, Gold to Me.
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ancient one said...

Those are pretty! And the pictures with the $5 camera are just great!!

We're still sitting around, peeking out every now and then to see if it's snowing yet? NO, not yet!

Catalyst said...

I'm reading "The African Queen". That ought to make anyone feel cool!

h&b said...

Nice pics from a cheap camera !!!

Yesterday a family of FIVE leaned on the new fence for like AGES, pointing at our ongoing garden work and discussing it.

I'm SURE they must have seen me bustling about in my bedroom, making my bed etc. The curtains were open and I was on full show.

Oh well :)

sueeeus said...

You're a flower stalker!!

What a deal. A $5 camera. Good find!

Mike said...

If you want to cool down, it is 10 degrees F here today. I think that is something like -12C.


Lee said...

They're a pretty little flower. Usually too high up to look at!

Leanne said...

My most favourite tree.

Jeanette said...

Hi Meggie, One of my favorite natives the flowering Gum/
The flowers remind me of the Gumnut babies..Its very warm here also had aircon on constantly.I live in Northern Victoria were it gets Bloody hot Melbourne had 23c the other day we had 35c . .phewwwwwwww

Stomper Girl said...

I love-love-love those trees/flowers. And you have photographed them beautifully.

Pauline said...

it is such fun to learn of another's countryside and plant growth. we don't have gum trees here.

and reading of your heat warmed me on this cold January morning where the temperature is struggling to get past 15 degrees!

Joyce said...

one of my favorite parts of going to Australia is looking at all the great plants that we don't have here. I just love the Jacaranda trees. Much too cold for them up here.

Joni said...

That is a pretty flower and so unusual. You might have been shot on our place just poking around. LOL. How is Leo doing?

Peggy said...