Friday, January 4


He said I am smashed.

She said, I know you are.

I watched as you gathered the shattered pieces.

Collected, buried, the broken dreams,
of the life you thought would be rich,

You built the wall of glass
About the wounded shards
of your soul, your broken heart.

You hide behind the glass
Afraid it will shatter
If you bend too close to look.

Don't rap, on my fragile walls,
Don't stare too hard within.
These walls might splinter.

The illusion of the glass cage
falling, is slivers.
As my broken being
into the reality of my life.


daysgoby said...

Very powerful, M!

Are the kids okay?

smilnsigh said...

Beautiful photo.

But sad poem.



sueeeus said...

Like they said... Powerful. Beautiful. Sad. I hope things are okay. Sending positive thoughts your way.

riseoutofme said...

Its difficult being on the outside, watching the pain .... unable to save ...

Meggie, I hope your daughter is ok and that you are able to cope.

Thinking of you.

ancient one said...

So sad, this poem of yours.

Ian Lidster said...

That is awfully good.

Fairlie said...

Lovely. But sad.

fifi said...

a sad poem.

sending you love, hope you're ok.

bluemountainsmary said...

You OK there Meggie?

Lucy said...

Beautifully heartfelt, Meggie.

Molly said...

Meggie, I didn't know you were such a poet! Am catching up and am not sure what this refers to but it is a wonderful use of words......