Thursday, January 31

More Past, or Passed...

SG began school today. It seems incredible to realise he is 5, & is off to begin his adventure in Education.

He rang me, bubbling, & delighted, at his first day at School! He had a wonderful day, really likes his teacher, & has a new friend- a girl! His exact words were "I had a New Friend Made!" Wow!

It turns out, she is a girl, who was one of his friends at Pre School. It is nice to think he still likes her at 'Big School'.

We could not attend his first day drop-off, nor the collection. No car.

My Daughter J said she & his Sister collected him.
Because his sister is 18, he regards her as a second mother. She regards him almost as her son, she loves him so much. With many hugs & kisses, they greeted him.
DJ said the parents with Video cameras are quite offensive really, to other parents. One little girl was tracked for meters, photos & film footage of her back collected ad nauseum. DJ could not help but wonder why?? Just how many shots of your daughter's back, walking away, do you need?


I have previously posted about the car fiasco of DJ's & SIL. We lent our car to DJ to prevent her losing her job.


I am about to name names as to the wreckers who supplied parts for this rotten car, with written guarantees, which have proved to be worthless- of course!!. If you live on the Central Coast, NSW, & want the name of this germ, I am willing to give all details!! Please email me!!

Now, we have had to lend our lawnmower, since theirs has a broken handle. It was a gift from the FIL, to his son. SIL took it to the repair @$$hole who told them it is a 'cheap thing, not worth repairing' - that is a rude fecking insult. Don't look gift horses in the mouth. What a rude swine. One hopes his camel dung hill, is infested with fleas, & his ant polulation increases daily!!

The fact that SIL left it out in the rain probably doesn't endear him to our hearts, but on the other hand, the repair man doesn't have judging rights on the price, or quality, of an article.

Our DJ said to me, when the $hitheap of a car clapped out, that she wondered what else could follow. These things come in "Threes" were her words.

I told her not to say such things, & not to tempt Murphy, or whoever.

Well, now there is the mower. What the hell is next on the list for Losers??
Or the CCTPPO??*


To Someone I Love.

You know I love you more than life.
I gave birth to you-

I can no longer hold the candle

At the door of your defence.

I cannot wear the mask
In the face or your pretence.

Or try to shed a light
On the path of your destruction.

Or your reasons, & excuses,

Your tides, your deduction.

I know you made the choices
for the drugs & your destruction

And your denial refuses,
To admit your wasted talent.
Your gifts untold, recluses.

Your art will remain unkown.

Your poetry - unsown.

A wasted talent

O my son,

A seed perhaps ungrown?


I suspect the Black Dog is upon me.

I just think to acknowledge the prescence.

Bob Dylan, Not Dark Yet.


jellyhead said...

Big hugs to you Meggie.

I'm glad all went well for SG's first day of school :)

Ragged Roses said...

Hi Meggie, hope all is well with you today.

riseoutofme said...

Meggie, your poem makes me very sad ... what a burden you have to carry... thinking of you.

Mike said...

Glad SG had a good first day. That's important.

Sorry about all of your mechanical issues. That does truly suck. Hope the sun starts shining for you soon.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Those little guys grow up too darn fast! I'm glad your Grandson had a good first day at school:)

I'd like to give that repair guy a swift kick in the...

Your poem is beautiful, Meggie, and my heart goes out to you..

Ian Lidster said...

The first day of school. Alas, I think that was the beginning of my downfall. Life was golden before I began school. Never quite the same since. And you can't say I wouldn't be able to write this if I hadn't been to school. I knew how to write before I began to trudge off to a classroom.

Christine Thresh said...

That poem speaks to me. Are you crediting Bob Dylan, or is it yours?

ancient one said...

Happy day for your grandson! He will enjoy big school.

Since my husband is a lawn mower repair man, I don't understand why that man didn't just put a new handle on the mower. Must have more business than he wants?

Now, your poem was sad. But I would like to add... never, never, give up on a person... Things can change...


bluemountainsmary said...

I wish I could throw a huge rock at that black dog and send him off.

Lovely about SG.


My float said...

Bloody black dog. May it be struck by pestilence and fleas, and vanish quickly.


Marja said...

Oh how well Sg did on his first day to school Meggie. My son ran away the first day. Somebody picked him up and he got stickers from the principal. That made his day.
Great poem
I've got a meme for you Meggie You don't have to do it. I would just like you to.

BBC said...


I don't know if that model is available in this country but it is unlikely that I would buy any model of Mitsubishi.

I was a master mechanic for years and still have a lot of tools and equipment and still fix my own rigs. If there is some new thing I don't understand I read up on it at the library or ask friends in the trade for help.

So I spend very little money keeping my rigs going. I've had my current rig over three years and have put less than two hundred dollars in it.

My favorite foreign rig to drive is a Toyota, as far as I'm concerned they are the best even if they cost a little more.

My current rig is a Dodge Dakota, a mid size pickup. Not my first choice but I got a super deal on it and it has treated me well so far.

I expect to have it until I have to stop driving. Not the best on fuel mileage but not bad either, and I need something to pull my camp trailer with.

I make up for the fuel mileage and pollution by not driving it all that much.

CONNIE W said...

Enjoyed reading about little grandson's first day at school. You're in my thoughts...take care.

Thimbleanna said...

Sweet Meggie -- so sorry you're having troubles. May SG's little joys help take your mind off your woes.

fifi said...

oh my god, last line.

The Sagittarian said...

Hi Meggie, hugs to you!
Our daughter starts high school on Tuesday, I know how you feel.
Your poem...I have a stepson in jail for hideous reasons, I think I know how you feel.
You can't let it drag you down, but there are "off days". Maybe it helps to know you're not alone. xx

Lucy said...

'I cannot wear the mask
In the face of your pretence.'

That's a good line. How we do that, and I'm never sure when we need to stop being positive and supportive because we're just enabling someone in their denial. But with real problems like addiction, I think we do have to stop. Tough love, etc, don't preach and don't pity... it's all so easy to say, but when it's flesh and blood it must be especially hard.

But SG's first day is a bright spot!

Anonymous said...

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