Thursday, January 17

Running on the Spot.

This is a pic of Leo, with his little pink belly showing through. He made a getaway bid yesterday, chewed through the green ropey thing we tied him up with, & he went outside to sit under the table, beside his beloved Gom.He also sneaked in the door- which Gom had left open- & snuck up to the bedroom, to sit by Gom's feet, as he searched for some papers. Gom 'pretended' he hadn't noticed. haha.

We have training exercises to do with Leo, & I am seen as the Big Bad Bitch Wolf, I think, & he is reluctant to approach me in case I tie him up again. I must ask our DogTech man about that. I think Gom should take a turn at being the Big Boss Wolf too.

I am not sure where we will do our training today- the backyard is very soggy as we have rain! Again. Thank goodness for some relief from yesterday's oppressive heat, but of course it is still humid. I wont grumble though, as it is cooler, though still enervating.

I have just been having a quick read of some of my favourite blogs, & was totally fascinated with this story at Christine's Winnowings blogspot. Please check it out. Who would have ever guessed the humble mushroom hid so many wonderful colour secrets!! Of course credit needs to go to Miriam C. Rice, for unlocking all those secrets! I would be tempted to get the book, but I dont think I need to begin any further hobbies!

Yesterday saw us running our daughter & Sil about, still trying to sort out the car fiasco. I have managed to talk myself into seeing reason, & letting our daughter use our car for work. It was either that, or she lost her job. At least it is she who will be driving, & not Sil, whose skills in that area, I regard as maniacal a tad faster than I like. DJ is now added to our insurance, so at least we & she are covered. It is her passengers I am not so keen on, but she may not need to use our car much anyway.

On my list of People to be Very Wary About, car repairers & wreckers have gone to the top of the list. It did seem very odd that the car, when taken for repairs, barely able to be driven, had a full tank of petrol. It has been in pieces in vairous workshops since, unable to be driven anywhere, so they are told, but Sil found it had barely enough sniff of petrol left to coast it to the closest petrol station! How curious. Evaporation??

Thank goodness for nice neighbours. Mrs Nice Neighbour is very good friend, & a willing ear. Bless you for being there Mrs N N.


Another Waiting Room story.
The GP's we go to for our health worries or check ups, are a very popular husband & wife team. Consequently the waiting is usually rather lengthy, but that is all part of it, & I usually take a book with me. It is nice to think I will not be hustled & bustled with my consultation too, so we make allowances.

I watched in secret amazement as a Doting Dad, with a little girl, obviously Daddie's Darling, read to her, patiently, let her climb all over him, & smiled indulgently. Then she took her shoes off, & offered them to his nose, so he could sniff them!! Offered them right onto his nose in fact! Still he smiled indulgently, & looked at her with complete devotion! What is he thinking! She will grow up to be a monster! She looked to be about 4 or 5.

Another routine visit to the Dotor yesterday revealed another interesting, though rather terrifying story. The man sitting next to me, was covered in bloodied patches of what looked like dressings, all over his legs, & arms. There were also quite a lot of holes, & slices of skin off his legs.
It was a hot hot day outside, & though the airconditioner was roaring away, it still seemed slightly steamy & sleep inducing. I swear I nodded off at one stage, & the man with the patches, was almost falling off his chair, as he, several times, nodded off.
He got up, & went to talk to the receptionist, about something, & then he told her he had been in hospital -again.

When he came back to sit beside me, I jokingly asked him if he had been "Wrestling with the Roses?"
He then told us he had been attacked by dogs! Imagine our collective horror as he told us the story. He has a small Papillion/Jack Russell, a very small dog. Two huge, known-to-be vicious dogs got out of an open window in a vehicle, & attacked the man's little dog. Of course he scooped the dog up, & so the dogs just attacked him. His legs had huge gashes that looked to still be bleeding under the patches. His arms were bandaged, & black all over the parts that were visible.

He told us the dogs owner managed to get the vicious dogs off him 'eventually'. I had to ask if his dog was ok, & he laughed & said "Yes, actually he is fine."
Of course then we all asked if the dangerous dogs are going to be put down. As my name was called, I heard him say he didnt know, as he 'knows the man'. I got the impression he wouldn't be making a complaint about the dogs.

When I said "Poor man" to my Dr, she said, "Did you get his life story?" Her eyes widened in horror too, when I told her about the dogs. She owns a similar dog to our Leo. I dont know that her dog is such a bully though. I am glad we are having Leo's behaviour patterns modified, even if it breaks our hearts not to be able to cuddle him at present.

I wonder what fresh Splatters the Universe will throw at me today.
I am wanting a haircut. That is always good for weeping & gnashing! Getting a haircut, is always a sort of psychic 'hair shirt' for me!

A new edition of my favourite magazine, Australian Country Threads, arrived in my mailbox yesterday, so all is not doom & gloom.

Roy Orbison, Blue Bayou.


Mike said...

I think car repair people are some of the most unscrupulous people around. I have had some horrible dealing with those people and break out into a cold sweat when something goes wrong with my truck.

daysgoby said...

I'm trying to train our beast right now - not at all sure I've got the confident, assured attitude down at all!

I don't think I'm a terrific pack leader - may have to ask for backup!

How did you find your dog man?

meggie said...

Hi Mike, those gorillas in the car business seem semi human, to me.

DGB, I found out about them through a local pet shop. They have a web site,
They have gone international, but I have forgotten in which countries they operating.

Catalyst said...

While your dogs are cute, cats are much better!

Katie said...

You always have such an interesting point of view. :-)

bluemountainsmary said...

I love Dogtech. To people who don't know their methods are in fact very gentle and I guess Leo is being taught who are the pack leaders in his house - and it ain't him!

The horror of that dog attack!

meggie said...

Cat, you are right about cats in one respect- they are ALWAYS the boss, & everybody knows it, so there is no dispute!

Katie. Just can't help it.

BMM, Yes you are right about gentle. No raised voices, no violence, & only firm control. Which seems to be very effective, thus far.

Tanya said...

What exactly did you Dog Whisperer advise? Choco has her own issues and I'm thinking that the one time with a dog trainer worked out so well that I ought to make an appointment again (but $40) for an hour is a little steep. What is tying the fellow up supposed to teach him? Tying Choco up teaches her that she can rearrange furniture!

meggie said...

Hi Tanya, tying leo to one corner of the lounge teaches him, he is NOT top dog, & he has to know his 'place' in our home. He had become very bad at 'markiing his teritory' about the house, & I could not live with that!!
I cannot adivse, as they tailor each individual dog for the home situation. I see they have DogTech in Japan!

Gom is so sad, but I see a lovely obedient dog at the end of the tunnel!

jellyhead said...

What a gory story about the man with his little dog being attacked.

Good to hear you're feeling positive about things with Leo :)

ancient one said...

Leo sounds like a regular child... trying to see what he can get away with...I'm sure it is killing GOM to have to be tough.

Your doctor's visit was more entertaining than our's was on Monday. All every one wanted to talk about was the female Marine that was killed in Jacksonville. They have a world-wife search for the suspect. That's what our whole local news has been about for the last three weeks.

It is raining here today and it is cold. Still we are so thankful for it!

Hope your day is good!!

sheoflittlebrain said...

It's sounds as though Leo is begining to see that you, if not GOM is top dog! What a difficult situation....but fun, I mean interesting, to read about:)

I feel bad for the man who saved his little dog..what a guy not to press charges!

Thimbleanna said...

Poor lil' Leo. Please let him know of our concern. ;-) Maybe the daddy in the waiting room could use the services of your dog whisperer for his little girl! And as for the missing gas -- gee, I think it's probably been spilled onto the ground. And environmental spill! You should probably call your local environmental policing agency and send them over to the car shop for an investigation! LOL!!!

riseoutofme said...

Poor Leo! Not easy being less than Topdog ... especially if you KNOW you really are ...

Bit like people ...

A photo of your new hair style maybe???

Ian Lidster said...

An eclectic day and eclectic thoughts and reflections, what could be better?