Wednesday, January 2

New Beginnings? Or River Flowing On?

I find it hard to regard the 'New Year' as anything more than a man made date, & tend to think of time as a ribbon, continuing along as a pre ordained path.

I know this is not popular, as many would rather believe we have the chance to make a clean slate, & begin it all again.

The days are passing, whatever we believe.

Honey doesn't care what day it is. As long as she can sit where she likes.

Leo doesn't care either, as long as he is close to Gom.

The lemon tree is trying really hard to recover from the attack of the Stink Beetles!

An old forgotten project. This is Florence. She is waiting patiently for her clothes. This will be the 5th year she has waited to be dressed. She does have knickers, & a felt flower on her hat. Since she doesnt have any breasts she is not ashamed of her naked torso.
I have lost a project. I have torn this room apart looking for it, & it has not turned up. I got all hot & extremely bothered. I found Florence while I searched for the other project. She seems to be so calm & serene. I have asked her to help me remember where the project is hidden. So far she has not divulged the secret!

Is this the portal to the New Year? Don't ask why it is so small. New learning curves in the photo department!

The lovely green of the new growth, after all our recent rains. The poor Asplenium Nidus, or Birdsnest Fern suffers badly from the lack of water. I love the bright lime green of the new leaves unfurling.

Here at the base of the Birdsnest, contrasts of colour & leaves. A Begonia keeps growing a few leaves among the Birdsnest. The flower is an Ixorus, ( I think this is the correct name) or Prince of Orange. the colour seems a little red in this pic. It is really more of a rich orange than a pink or red.

This is the Fern tree we saved. The parent plant has died, we know not why. Luckily this seems to be happy. It has been badly burnt on a 45 degree day, last year. It seems happy at present, with the recent rainfall, & it continues to thrive.
My Beloved Brother has returned from the Island sojourn, & all is well with the world.
Janis Ian, Hymn.


Stomper Girl said...

Glad your lemon tree survived, it looks like a beauty.

peppermintpatcher said...

I'm glad that Florence at least has her undies to preserve her dignity!

joyce said...

It's nice to see pictures of green and flowers after all our white around here. Happy New Year.

Ian Lidster said...

We carry on regardless, don't we? I like the idea of a clean slate, too, but we are products of our histories, so an arbitrary change in date doesn't make much difference. However, there is a slight psychology at play that tells us that where we might have failed, we can perhaps try again. May your 2008 be a good one.

Christine Thresh said...

Florence is ready for a new year. I'm glad you found her.

Mike said...

I prefer to think of the new year as just another trip around the sun. Happy New Trip Around The Sun to you Meggie.

sheoflittlebrain said...

Lovely post Meggie! I always love to see what's growing in your garden..a lemon tree..wonderful..

Im quite taken with Florence with her pleased look and her jaunty hat..I think she's very pleased with herself just as she is. Would that we all could be like that.

It was wise of you not to make resolutions. I've already broken a couple of mine:( But then again..oh well:)

Catalyst said...

I want a lemon tree!

bluemountainsmary said...

Time is a ribbon - I agree but as Ian said there is that pschyological thing of new year new beginnings.

I love the expression on Florence's face.

Tanya Brown said...

No breasts, eh? Sounds like me up to about the age of 25.

Now I'm curious; what's the missing project?

You're right that the "New Year" is an arbitrary date. If we're going to make a clean slate, we can do it any time - no need to wait until January 1 on the Gregorian calendar. However, life and the seasons do have a cyclical nature. Perhaps the whole "new year" thing gives people a psychological boost to try something they've been dragging their heels on.

Regardless, I hope that 2008 is kind to you and your loved ones, and that your beautiful vegetation survives the tender ministrations of GOM.

Surfing Free said...

Florence looks like she still thinking about what she'd like to wear :) Our crow's nest fern has made stellar progress this year as well, thanks to the lovely rain.

Exuberant Color said...

I love your plant pictures. What a contrast with our snow right now.

ancient one said...

Always love your blog! Pictures are great!!

Molly said...

All Florence needs is a smile and a flower in her hair. In the heat you seem to be having clothing would be superfluous!