Friday, February 15

Critters, & Bittersweet Memories.

This little bright lime green grasshopper came to spend a little time in the garden. My skills as a photographer seem to be lessening!

A wily spider had made herself a cunning little home in this dried leaf. She had woven her web around it, suspended in the air, & though I tried to capture her out, on her web, she seemed to sense it, & quickly dashed back to safety. She had wonderful markings on her back. Yellow dots.

This, last night's evocative sunset afterglow. The promise was false. We had heavy rain during the night, & this morning. Though on reflection, perhaps the promise was not so empty. We had a fine day, & our washing all dried on the line outdoors.

Having had some earlier success with a music clip, I wanted to post another.
You would not believe the hours I have spent trying to get this to work again!

This was the UK No 1 hit in 1950.

I was 7 years old, that year. I remember it as a running theme to the soundtrack of my childhood. I wonder does anyone else have a 'theme tune' to their life?
For some reason this theme has always made me want to cry. I dont know why, but I found the sound of the Zither haunting, & intricate, & I have always wanted to see it played. Now, through the magic of You Tube, I have. I find this version a little stilted, somehow, & feel that the rich original version had more depth. Because Anton Karas was younger? Played with more precision? A studio to record in? I have no idea.

I have never seen the movie, The Third Man. One day, I guess I will see it. I tried to buy it on Video one year. It was 'unavailable'. I have watched several clips from the movie this afternoon, in my quest to find the music. As an older person, (though I was too young, for his hey day) I never could see the attraction to Joseph Cotton. Though technically 'good looking', he never appealed to me.

I didn't 'get' Orson Welles either. Though I tend to like men who are, shall we say, slightly portly, or pleasantly plump, cuddly, I just didn't find Orson Welles attractive. I don't think I could make a judgement really, since I never saw him in a Movie. He always rather reminded me of Bob Hope, or vice versa, & neither appealed to me.

As I have previously stated, I grew up hearing a lot of classical music on the radio, (remember those?) which played most of the day, & the evenings. Another theme track to my life was Mozart's 'Eine kliene Nachtmusik', which I love to this day.

Throughout my teens, those 'troubled years', the pop songs of the day were to the fore. But always in the background the 'Themes' remained, favourites ever.
I am thinking I may do a Portrait Post, or 2. Of people I have known. Just for fun. They might even be caricutures of the written variety.
Randy Crawford, Same old Story ( Same old Song)


Mike said...

I never cared much for Orson Wells myself. I guess I just didn't "get him" much like I didn't get other "greats" like Marlon Brando.

I guess it is all a matter of taste.

BBC said...

Lets see, I was 7 in 1950 and don't think I listened to much music back then, was always outside being a boy.

Speaking of gardening, I have to get my apple tree trimmed by the end of the month, or not.

Yolanda said...

I loved these photos.Thanks for sharing them.

ancient one said...

I loved your photos.. The grasshopper especially. I have never been able to get close shots like those. I don't remember much music (except county music at night) on our radios. Baseball games on Granddaddy's radio. Still don't listen to much music unless I'm riding... then its gospel music! I'm 'kinda dull, huh?

meggie said...

Mike, another 'great' I never got was James Dean. Looked like a moody ferret.

Billy, I guess trimming an apple tree is not an easy task.

Yolanda, thanks for visiting & leaving me a comment.

Anne, I used to listen to country music at night in bed, on a little transistor radio. I just love all music.

Jeanette said...

hi Meggie, great photo of the grasshopper and the little spder try to hide...

Anonymous said...

I always feel that there is a soundtrack to my life. If I hear certain tracks it will take me back to a particular time or place just like that. But yes, there are over-riding songs too that are always there in the background. And songs that I can't bear to listen to because they bring back such sadness. I love music - all types. I spend hours on youtube sometimes.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh I remember that piece of music being played on my dad's huge old accumulator radio that sat on a small table in the kitchen, next to the Rayburn. I haven't thought of that for many years. I was 5 in 1950, living in UK. I haven't seen the movie either. One day I'll catch it on late night TV I expect.
Happy memories are flooding back, thank you!

Henri said...

Meggie , I well remember The Harry Lime Theme also , but my all time favourite from our childhood was the theme music used for the radio show called , I think, the Legion of The Lost ? -- it was Ravel's Bolero , which stirs me still .-- I'm with you and Reluctant Blogger , different music brings memories , tastes , emotions , smells & colours flooding back .Good stuff !!

Tanya Brown said...

I like your grasshopper photo. How tiny that little fellow must be, yet his antennae are immensely long!

Granny J said...

meggie -- I fell in love with Orson Welles when he played The Shadow on radio. Such a glorious voice he had. The Third Man is a must see; Welles is his younger, slimmer self & makes a grand villain. I agree: Joseph Cotten was never a turn-on; apparently that has to do with the fact that he's blonde. Some recent reading I've come across says that in the movies, proper heroes should have dark hair and blonde is only suitable for villains!