Saturday, February 9

Flights of Fancy.

Cloudbursts early morning! Rain just pouring down. I think this might be the wettest Summer we have ever experienced since moving to Australia.

I told Gom I didn't think we needed to bother about garage sales, but he got up & got ready so off we went. The rain had stopped, but everything was sodden, & slightly drowned looking.

The people-watching was interesting. The dear little old couple we see regularly, holding hands, supporting each other up a steep drive. Being careful not to slip on the wet concrete. He, with his little, now-bent, legs, & his gnome like ears, with their hearing aids nestling in the fuzzy holes. He cannot hear anyway, unless you are facing him. She, with her neatly combed hair, & makeup. A truly lovely couple who were prominent in the Salvation Army, & live their lives accordingly. No false Christians there.

The dark complected man, who is suspected of being a thief. He has been seen palming items into his pocket. He has a permanent expression on his face of being in pain, or disdain, perhaps from having just dined at the Heinous Anus. Who can tell. An odd waft of curry, emanates.

One wonders who would feel the need to steal from a garage sale? Mostly the items are ludicrously cheap, or can be bartered down to a satisfactory level. Not so many people out this morning. Vendors cramped in their garages, tarps dripping with rain out the front. One sale, up a very steep drive, the most glorious garden, all carefully laid out on the steep bank. Like a tropical paradise, & so lush in the rain.

We made no purchases, & my only find was this wonderful rock, with these lichens richly covering the surface. I leant over the fence to take the picture. Luckily I had taken my shots, before a huge shaggy dog, the size of a pony, came bounding out of nowhere, & barked ferociously! Scared me out of my wits!

Here are some previously posted pics of treasured old china. I have posted these for Sagittarian, who posted some of her treasures for me. This cup saucer & plate set was my mother's & I always loved the delicat pink blossoms. It is called Blossom Time, & is Royal Albert.
This pink striped jug & sugar bowl are the Czechoslovakian set I got from an Antique shop in Sydenham many years ago, for $5. I originally bought it for the bowl, which I was going to use for plants, but I fell in love with it, & have never used either item.

This Nasturtium plate was my Grandmother's & I just love it. I think it is Royal Doulton. The supper cloth it is standing on, was made by my other Grandmother, my father's mother, who did a lot of needlework, & crochet.

Finally to the Flight of Fancy.
Sewing has begun! I have actually cut fabric, been on the machine, been ironing!
No not clothes. They can wait. Ironing seams. Ironing fabric.
Sitting at the machine.
Such a gloomy grey day. Nice & cool! Ideal for sewing. My flight of fancy is that I will achieve an end result this time!

Gom seems reasonably happy to see me at the sewing again. He has his books & his video games he sometimes plays.

Hot Chocolate, You Sexy Thing.


Jeanne said...

What will you be sewing on?
Stay dry ~ Jeanne

Tanya Brown said...

Great characterizations.

I swear some of that china looks as though it could be from the 1930s or earlier. Lovely collection!

bluemountainsmary said...

The china and embroidered cloth are beautiful.

Hope you had a dance around the kitchen to Hot Chocolate.

ancient one said...

I don't think I've ever been yard selling (or buying) in the rain. Got to be a nice day or I don't go...LOL

Loved seeing your dishes and supper cloth. Can't wait to see what you're sewing.

Sorry the dog scared you. Ours was doing a lot of barking outside tonight. Don't know why?

Tomorrow (Saturday) I have to remember to put my bag of canned goods on the front porch for the cute little cub scout to pick up for the food bank. Never said a word ..just handed me the paper explaining what they were doing.. his dad brought him over.. so cute! Reminded me of the days when I was a den mother ..oh that was long ago!! LOL

meggie said...

Jeanne, I have kept dry, & it has been so nice & cool! I have done a little sewing. I am just making a small lap quilt for the lounge. I have had the fabrics for a long time, & kept looking at them. Nothing special, but a start.

Tanya, I think some of the china is from the '20s but not sure about that. The pink stripes are rather art deco.

Mary, Hot Chocolate makes me want to dance every time!

Anne, The quilt will be strictly utility! Just a throw to keep things a bit clean.

fifi said...

Heinous Anus.

I looove that pink stripy bowl and jug!!

I used to collect china from 2nd hand shops, but I never have seen one like that...

Anonymous said...

I have been petrified of sewing machines since an unfortunate experience I had with one once in school. Vicious creatures!

I posted the piece you requested about the seasons. I enjoyed writing it - so thanks for the suggestion, it was a good one!

Have a lovely weekend!

BBC said...

I have some old china that belonged to my grandmother. Not sure what to do with it.

smilnsigh said...

Glad you had something fun, for a rainy day.


meggie said...

Fifi, I couldnt resist the striking beauty of the china, the shape of the jug.

RB, I have been to read your post, an excellent piece. Well done.

Billy, Someone would love it. Or just keep it & admire it.

MN, Rained almost all day, very heavily. The sewing went well, in the cooler temperature.

jellyhead said...

My weekend is just not complete without one of your fabulous, imaginative & descriptive posts. Thanks Meggie for some great Sunday reading!

meggie said...

Thankyou Jellie. Hope you are feeling a little lighter!

The Sagittarian said...

Thanks for that Meggie, I'm sure I have seen that pink striped stuff somewhere recently...good, an excuse to go "trawling" again. Thanks for the link too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Meggie,
Love that square plate.
Congratulations on getting the fabric out, cut up and pressed. Good start. Now we need to see the 1st block, then the 2nd and so on. You can do it!
Repeat after me. "I CAN DO IT"

Mike said...

That china looks like some stuff that my grandmother used to have. Not at all sure whatever happened to it.

Leanne said...

I love the little Nasturtium plate good luck with the sewing

Lee said...

Rain? Rain? You're just saying that to tease me, aren't you!

Isabelle said...

It's so nice to have these little slices of your life, Meggie. I enjoyed reading it and seeing your treasures.

sheoflittlebrain said...

I'm playing "catch up" again, Meggie. I always enjoy your posts.
Love the cherry blossom china and your grandmother's nasturtium plate.
Tagging along when you go to yard sales is great fun.

Sheila said...

You have had a lot of rain this summer, I know it's not what we want at that time of year, but I know how badly it is needed. I used to have garage sales, and I had things stolen. I used to donate to the charity shop, and the 'volunteers' would take the good stuff home for themselves. My kids don't want or need anything else, so most times I bin it. I find I don't buy much nowadays as I'm paring down, so it's not a big deal. You wonder why when as you say it can usually be bought from these places for next to nothing. Make sure to show us the finished product of your sewing Meggie..!

Ex-Shammickite said...

I like to browse around garage sales too, but the actual G Sale season won't really start here until May. Weather too cold before that.

Molly said...

I love people watching too! Amazing that eyes, noses mouths and chins can be arranged in such a stunning variety of ways! I have a challenge for you...come by when you can.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I love the last shot of your machine by the window. The promise of good things to come, indeed! Enjoy, Meggie.

leslie said...

Sounds like a very nice day. I often wish I hadn't sold my old sewing machine, but I seldom used it anymore. I used to make my daughters' clothes until they started wanting to wear jeans to school. Oh well.....

meggie said...

Hi all, I suppose because we have such a temperate climate, we dont have to 'season' our garage sales.

I love watching people, & always have.

I used to do a lot of sewing & knitting for my children, as they grew up. Suddenly it was not the 'done thing' & all that stopped.
I guess quilts is a good way to still give the love, that is sewn in, without the reciever having the embarrassment of having to show the public! haha.

Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad to see you are sewing again. I think it is the most calming thing there is to do. I love that square nastusium plate.

Lucy said...

'his gnome like ears, with their hearing aids nestling in the fuzzy holes'
I love that!

Granny J said...

It's a weird year, weather-wise. As a rule, when AZ gets good rain, OZ is dry as a bone. This Dec.-Feb. we've had good moisture -- and so has my bro in Perth. I'll take all the precips we can get, of course, & know the bro will as well.

PS -- love that pansy dish.