Tuesday, February 19

Officially Old!

Well, today I turn 65. I am now "Officially Old", which is funny really, since I still feel about 23, 3osomething, 45, 50, 58, & all the ages in between.

Having never been 65 before, I suppose I have no idea how I am supposed to feel, but I don't think it is how I really feel. Does that make sense? I can still laugh at the same things I laughed at when I was much younger. I can now laugh at some things that would never have amused me when I was much younger. I feel I have the best of all worlds.

The state of the bod leaves a lot to be desired, but the mind seems to be not too bad. The years I have lived, have taught me a lot of things. I am grateful that at least I did learn. I would rather have learnt many things, in less painful ways. Perhaps the pain was necessary to make the lesson stick. Who knows. I also realise there are many things I will never learn, & that makes me a little sad. I still find I learn something new every day, though, so as long as I can do that, I suppose I am 'living'.

I am forever grateful that one of the worst times of my life, led to me one of the best people I have ever known. My Best Friend J. A treasure in my life. A gem that helped me get through at the worst of times. A life long friend, who knows me warts & all. We have laughed & cried together. We have shared joy, & sadness. We can just take up where we left off, & though she is far away, I know she is there, & the world seems ok. Everyone should be lucky enough to have a BFJ.

It is still raining, & overcast. I know that on the day I was born, so long ago, in a small country town's Maternity Hospital, it was an extremely hot day. My mother gave birth just after 11.30am, & she said the staff all rushed off to lunch, & left her, lying alone, & all she could see of me, were two huge eyes, looking around at the world.

I wonder at her bravery, giving birth to me, all alone, while my father was in another country fighting in a war. I wonder if they had discussed names before I was born, via letters. She gave me an Irish name, which I never liked, & still dislike. Luckily noone uses it except 2 Aunts, & an Uncle. My mother also gave me a middle name. Another name I dislike. I dislike it even more than the first name. It was the name of a friend she was very fond of. I suppose it is a form of vanity to dislike your given names. One of my cousins recieved Mabel, as a middle name, after her maternal Grandmother. She hated it so, she had it changed. Who could blame her!


In the meantime, I am sewing. I have begun my Granddaughter's quilt, with the stitcheries. She doesn't very often read the blog, so I have put some progress pics here. I have done the first 2 setting rounds. I am now auditioning what comes next. I have had several changes of heart about the colours. Quite often a photo will point the way, more so than just looking at the test runs.

I think I rather like that bit of yellow in there. I will have to rummage around & see what various colours in yellow I have.The fabric on the left in the pic, is really a light lilac. It has more of a purple hue than the photo would indicate. The brown on the right is a lot more golden. It is such a dull day, even the light in the window is dull.

I have decided that the container used to cook food can make a big difference to the end result.
I bought this handmade crockery casserole dish some time ago, at a flea market for $1. I bought it purely for it's appearance. We have some high cupboards in the kitchen that have a gap between the top & the ceiling. I decided to put some pottery items up there purely for decoration. I have a basket or two, & thought the pottery would add another dimension.
I loved the look, & the feel of this pot, & decided to try it for cooking potatoes in the microwave. I could not believe the fantastic result. It took less time for the potatoes to cook, than a plastic or glass container, & somehow the potatoes just tasted much better. I use it all the time now, & our favourite, is herbed potatoes. I just throw mint, oregano, & thyme, a little water, into the pot with the cut up potatoes, & cook them for 10 minutes. The end result is wonderfully herb infused potatoes, & best of all, no fat. I often add a tablespoon of chopped parsley just before serving.

I wonder if the potter would feel happy to know their pot is bringing such pleasure? I have also used it in the oven to cook casseroles, & it is equally good for that purpose.

We are going out for lunch. Chinese Yum Cha, my very favourite. I love the Squid!! Our Granddaughter is coming with us, but our daughter has to work.
Our son says he will be up for the weekend, so no doubt we will all get together then.

Gom came bounding in here, & told me Honey sent me a kiss for my birthday.

Then..... He licked me!!

Still not too old to laugh! Thank Goodness.

Paul Simon, The Sound of Silence.


Feather on a Wire said...

Happy, happy birthday!!!

Catalyst said...

Happy birthday, Meggie. And 65 - old? Good heavens, then I'm ancient!

Mike said...

Happy Birthday Meggie.

That Gom "lick" is hilarious.

We stopped using plastic in the microwave a while ago and it made a huge difference in the way the food tastes. I don't know if it is my imagination or not, but I swear I could taste plastic in the food anytime we used plastic containers.

daysgoby said...

Happy, HAPPY birthday, Darling Meggie!

GOM is sweet.

sueeeus said...

You are a bright light, Meggie! Happiest of birthdays to you!!

Your quilt is coming along and is quite lovely. I like the colors, as they appear on my screen.

I love pottery, and a $1 find!! How could it be better?!

Finally, what a hoot, to get a lick on the face!! That cracked me up!

Happy Birthday again!

Exuberant Color said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Aunty Evil said...

Happy birthday Meggie! Enjoy the Yum Cha!

leslie said...

Happy birthday to YOOOOO
Happy birthday to YOOOOO
Happy birthday dear Meggieeeeeee
Happy birthday to YOOOOO!

I love your name - reminds me of the character in The Thorn Birds. At least it's a girl's name, not like mine being unisex. My daughter is naming her children gender-specific names because she's tired of our family using names that could be male or female.

Have a wonderful day! :D

Emma said...

Happy birthday Meggie! I love your name. Perhaps because I have a much loved sister called Megan (not Meee-gan). We call her Meggie sometimes.

Anyway, have a lovely day. Sixty five these days is not even close to old!

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday Meggie. I wish I got taken out to Yum cha on my birthday!

Tanya Brown said...

Happy Birthday! Hooray for Meggie!

I wonder; does anyone particularly like his or her name? I suppose someone must, but I think all most people can conjure up is a vague feeling of "okay". I ran into a lady at a museum the other day who'd named her tykes Sterling and Maverick. That isn't quite as bad as the lady I read about who wanted to name her son Meconium, but one does wonder whether how they'll feel a bit later on.

GOM is a bit of a rascal. I can see why you've kept him for 40+ years; life with him would never be dull.

CONNIE W said...

Sending you a big Happy Birthday and wishes for many, many more to come. I've been hearing that "60 is the new 40" so 65 is the new 45 then. When making a negative comment about my birthday last year a friend told me to always celebrate one's birthday, the more the better. Here's a birthday cyber-hug to go with the well wishes. xoxo

Tanya said...

Happy Birthday Meggie! You are a young 65 and your writing reflects it! Very open and honest, not afraid to say what you think! If you hadn't said (and hadn't written about your grandson) no one would guess your age! Is that good or bad?

Love the kitty stitchery, but you know that without me saying it, right?

Josie said...

Meggie, you are definitely NOT old. My goodness! I don't think people are "officially old" until they reach their 80s.

Happy Birthday!

I love the quilt, it's beautiful!


Suse said...

Happy birthday!


bluemountainsmary said...

happy Birthday dearest Meggie

with love from me in the mountains

Henri said...

Meggie Many More ' Happies ' to you . As one who knows your actual names I can say I do like them -- I sometimes call you the first one -- I love the names our Mother gave me -- especially in light of the ones our Father was going to ' confer ' ( inflict? ) on me HaHa . Much Love and Licks to You !

Ali Honey said...

Congratulations on the creativity!
Congratulations on the Birthday!That's a lovely number. Be proud to be still having Birthdays, I had some friends who aren't now, so have decided every one I clock up is a good one.

Yum Cha - I love that! Do enjoy!

I'm quite lucky cause I like all my names.

Have a wonderful day Meggie, and many, many more! Hugs from Ali.

Lucy said...

Happy, happy birthday, Meggie, and thanks for all you do and give here and at ours.

Molly sends a big virtual lick too!

Lovely to see the sewing...

Reluctant Blogger said...

Oh happy birthday. I hope you have a lovely day.

As for age - well, some people are "old" from when they are 25 and some people never seem old to me. You certainly don't. That's one of the beauties of blogging really - it brings together people from all over the world and all ages. In real life most of my friends, and most of the people I chat to are of a similar age to me but on blogger I am much less aware of age and am sometimes surprised to learn that someone is "only" 16 or indeed 65. It matters not. That's why I quite like blogs without profile pics as I don't need to think of how old or young someone is, or how they perhaps "should" be different to me - I just take them as I find them. It is a bit more difficult sometimes to do that in Real Life however hard I try.

And yes, I have a Best Friend, J too.

Enjoy your squid!


keryn said...

Happy birthday Meggie, may you remain ageless. I'm still 22 inside I'm sure. Your stitcheries are just wonderful, they will make a lovely gift for your grand-daughter. You Time For Roses quilt is so pretty; glad you're back to quilting and stitching.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Meggie! best wishes for a positively glorious day!

jellyhead said...

Hip hip hooray! and a very Happy Birthday to you Meggie.

I love GOM's birthday present he passed on to you from Honey!!

Ian Lidster said...

Congratulations, and you are only getting better and better zll the time. At least, that's what I try to tell myself, since you and I are in the same chronological neighbourhood.

BBC said...

Happy Birthday, it's a few more months before I hit 65. I'm surprised I lived this long, wasn't really trying to.

Nice quilt, I posted one that Laurel made for me.

My quilt

julieQ said...

The older I get, the younger that sounds! Happy Birthday and I am glad you feel so well. Love your crockery! What a great find.

ancient one said...

So I'm older than you... almost 5 months older...LOL

Happy Birthday! May you have many, many, more!!

That is going to be one pretty quilt. I love the colors!!

Q said...

Happy Birthday!
Hope you enjoyed every minute.
Your quilt is so pretty. Your granddaughter will treasure it.
Laughter is what keeps me young.
I get tickled whenever I come visiting you. I feel young at least in my heart.

smilnsigh said...

You said; "Well, today I turn 65. I am now "Officially Old"

Happy Birthday! But I beg to differ with you, Hon. I will turn 71 next month. And I am not "Officially Old" yet! ,-) It's all in the mind and the attitude.

Sure, the bod goes, in this way and that way. No stopping that. For some, it's better than for others, in this category too. But... I still say, age is all in the mind and the attitude.

Recently I went looking for geriatric bloggers. Guess what? I don't enjoy those I found. ,-) No, I don't have any hold on how to age! Good grief nooooo!

But most of the old folks I recently found, .... well... what? I can't exactly put my finger on it. But anyway, after a bit, I decided against adding them, to the blogs I try to get to, often.

Anyway, I have enough trouble trying to have time to get around to the *zillion* I already have, in my Google Reader!!!


Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!
lovely quilt too...I'm still sixteen inside, so I avoid mirrors that might tell me otherwise!

Molly said...

Happy Birthday, Birthday Girl!
lovely quilt too...I'm still sixteen inside, so I avoid mirrors that might tell me otherwise!

Molly said...

There I go, stuttering again! can you delete it?

jason said...
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jason said...

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caramaena said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Meggie!! I also think the GOM lick was very funny :)

The Sagittarian said...

Hope you had a great day Meggie, reading your blog is always fun and interesting...I don't "see" an age at all to be honest. I am so pleased for you to have a life long friend, you are very lucky.

warriorwoman said...

Happy birthday from Canada. I like your blog.
65 isn't old as compared to 90. I'm not trying to be smart, I actually heard someone say that once.

Karen said...

Happy Happy Bithday!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, Happy, Happy Birthday dear Meggie! And HOW could you not like your name? I LOVE it -- it's one of my all time favorites -- maybe something to do with the Thornbirds LOL? You're making great progress on the quilt -- it will be much loved. And those potatoes sound wonderful. My mother swears by her pottery dishes and she uses them all the time. We're always looking for new ones at art shows. Happy Birthday and many, many more!!!!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Happy Birthday O'wizen one. :)

Jeanne said...

Belated Happy Birthday, dear Meggie!
Hugs ~ Jeanne

Harmany Quilting said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! for yesterday.

Nicola in West Australia

Bren said...

Happy Happy Birthday!!!!
It has been slow catching up!!! Hope you had a great Birthday...65 is YOUNG...it is todays 45!

Lindi said...

Happy belated birthday, Meggie!
I think you're one of us "forever young" ones!
We're better than the young things 'cause we have experience and wisdom and we know not to take it all too seriously. We also know how to really have fun!

Yolanda said...

Happy Birthday Sweetie. I hope you had a good one. Thanks so much for your kind thoughts and prayers.

Kitty said...

Hello Meggie - thank you for visiting me. I have had such a nice time here, looking through your bloggy bits. That little quilt you made is just lovely. I'd like to wish you a very happy (belated) birthday - hope you had a lovely day, and here's hoping you have a wonderful year ahead.

I'll definitely drop by again! x

Ragged Roses said...

Happy belated Birthday to you Meggie! Very wise words on your post.
Love the quilt, especially all the detail.
Hope you got to enjoy your Chinese

Leanne said...

Wishing you a very happy Birthday.

jenniebeth said...

happy birthday, Meggie! And thank you for visiting my blog!...It is so nice to meet someone from far away! I am excited to visit you, often!


peppermintpatcher said...

I hope you have been showered with treats on your birthday!

Katie said...

You're not old! :-)

Happy Birthday...and BTW, I've tagged you. :-)

corry said...

A happy (late) birthday to you Meggie! x

sheoflittlebrain said...

A Belated Happy Birthday Meggie!
I hope you have an absolutely wonderful year!
I too, love your name:)

paula said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Meggie!

fifi said...

Happy birthday dear Meggie.
You have a wonderful way of seeing things and telling their stories.
And the quilts are gorgeous! Well done you!!

have a great day.


Marja said...

Happy brthday Meggie and I sent you lots of hugs and kisses from New Zealand. Yes you are as young as you feel inside. Have a great day

alice said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, from a complete stranger who reads your blog :)