Tuesday, February 5

The Internal Dialogue

I don't know about you, but I seem to have an internal dialogue I find almost impossible to shut up.

I get up early in the morning. Let out the dogs. Fill the jug for coffee- no fancy stuff for us, just good old instant. The days of filtering & espressoing are over. Gom's Cappucino machine rests quietly in the back of a cupboard. His days of making exotic brews are done.

The filter machine is resting there too. Too much hassle to bother with it. Now that we only have about 2 coffees a day, maximum, we dont bother about fancy.

All the while I am talking to myself, inside. ( I assure you, I dont usually talk to myself aloud- yet!) I am promising myself all sorts of nice things.
I will just have a look at the emails.
I will just check a few blogs, perhaps make a small comment or 3?
I will check out my own blog. See if any nice people have called to comment.
I will laugh a little, or cry, at other's news.
I will have my shower, & perhaps dream up a post.
I will definitely get some sewing done today. I know just what I want to make...but then there is...or perhaps...
Well, while I make up my mind, another quick check of blogs, while I eat my breakfast. Take the pills to keep the blood pressure normal. Gah I hate this rain, we have had enough. I need some dry air to breath.
Just read one more blog, then do some house work. Groan. There is ironing that needs attention. I can get by without that shirt, it can wait, I have a Tshirt that will do just as well. We have no car, I wont be appearing in public. It wont matter if I look like a refugee from the Sally bin.

The sudden dogs' barking noise interrupts the 'conversation'. Why are they rushing down the stairs, acting like they have never had a lesson in how to behave?? Door is opening. In the midst of doggy dilerium, in walks our lovely Granddaughter. She is wringing wet, perspiration is running down her face. No it isn't raining just at the moment. She has just walked all the way from SG's school, to our house. It is a very steep climb, & it is a very very humid morning. Her work uniform is soaked.

Off with her shirt, into the washing machine. Towels to dry the wet. She has time to wait for her clothing to dry. She starts work later.

Tragedy has struck though. With the damp, her glorious hair has become BIG. She hates it. It springs into curls, & goes, to use her word, POUF! She has anticipated this, & has brought her hair straightener. A dreadful weapon that Nanna hates. I love her beautiful untamed thick hair. Of course the fashion is for sleek flat & straight. Humidity is her enemy.

While she waits for her clothes to wash & dry, she is straightening her poor hair.
The POUF has to go, the little curly tendrils that rest upon her neck, must all be straightened out! Not so much as a small ringlet is to be left curly.

All the layers must be pinned up, the bottom tortured & straightened.
This Taming the Fuzz takes a long time, & a lot of energy.

It is getting there. Just have to get this front bit straight!!

Here we are. Tamed at last! Even the wayward tendrils have been heated into submission.

Clothes dry. Redress. Off to walk to work. Taking the Brolly, which has done overtime for the past 2 days.

Yesterday Gom got a bee in his bonnet over something. He tried making phone calls, but could not understand or hear the Ms Bollywood who, he said spoke English quite well, but he was unable to hear her. It was a Govt Dept, so he doubts he was speaking to India.

He decided to go & 'see someone' about it. We did not have our car. So off he went in the rain. Using the Brolly. He caught the bus. He attended to his business, decided it was too long to wait for the bus home, so he walked home. IN the rain. The Brolly being rather inadequate. He was wet all over when he arrived. If he had only waited till today or tomorrow, he would have had our car back. Stubborn old man!!

All the while he was gone, I talked to myself about siezing the opportunity to sew. I even got the cutting mat out, the fabrics. I got a really strong headache, & it wouldn't go away with drinks of water.

I gave up, took 2 Paracetamol, & just rested. I still have it today. I dont get headaches often, so maybe I'm 'Sickening" as we used to say. Yes, yes, I hear you.

This morning, before Granddaughter arrived I got out the ruler, & the cutter. Maybe tomorrow I will even get something cut!

Other efforts to sew have been thwarted by the temptation of DVDs to watch. We have seen rather a lot recently.
"Atonement" was very very good. We both enjoyed it, but I would defy a woman not to like it. Great acting, great clothes of the period. Really liked everything about it. 11/10.

This is a little 'odd shot', for today.
I really like this little Buddha. I got him for $1 at the Anglican Church fete sale. It makes me smile to think of it, every time I look at him. Somehow it pleases me no end. He lives on my kitchen window sill, & I smile at him every day. (sometimes I talk to him- out loud!)
The pot is one my Son painted. He did some really nice ones, & I was keen for him to do more, but he drifted onto other things.

I think the little plant was a garage sale find. It just seemed to suit SB's pot, & lives on the windowsill, along with Bud.

j d lang, Till the Heart Caves In.


Granny J said...

Jerry Pournelle over at Chaos Manor has a wonderful description for it (being all that you -- and I -- didn't accomplish):

The day was eaten by locusts.

Elaine Adair said...

"To everything there is a season" Even if it's to sew or not to sew.

Why do we women (many of us) measure our value by what we acomplish during the day? And no matter how much we actually get 'done', we chide ourselves for not doing more? Men (the ones I know) don't.

bluemountainsmary said...

That internal dialogue drives me crazy. On and on and on it goes. It never stops.

Maybe that 's why I love blogging. Because it is a way of giving some of that internal dialogue an airing.

Catalyst said...

That is a lovely buddha. I collect them, large and small, and the BRD has taken up the hobby, too. Neither of us is Buddhist, at least not yet.

meggie said...

Hi Granny J. I like that expression! I might use it.
Elaine, Yes men never seem to care whether they dont get it all done!
Mary, Exactly! The blog does act as a vent of sorts!
Cat, I rather like Buddhas too, & in fact we have quite a few of them. I liked the ones in Thailand. We noted they are much slimmer than the other ones.

leslie said...

Gosh, your morning dialogue is a lot like mine, only I don't really think I acutally think about what is going on. I check emails, blogs, read the newspaper, all the while thinking I should be "doing" something. Today was a real do nothing day as my back is acting up. Probably cuz my grandson was over for the weekend and I played too hard. (see my post about it) Hope your granddaughter is happy with her straight hair now. My daughter #2 is like that - has naturally curly hair and heat straightens it. What a shame to waste such pretty curls.

Tanya Brown said...

I like Granny J's description.

Your son's pot painting is great; I don't think I've seen anything quite like that before.

meggie said...

Leslie, I did visit & your grandson is just gorgeous! I agree they tire you out severely, but they are worth every minute. At least you know you are alive. Adult Granddaughters are pretty special too!
Tanya, Son B did it with an airbrush, & he did some fantastic patterns. We thought he could have sold them at his local markets.
He loved cactuses, & had some wonderful specimens, & he designed the pots to match the plants.

Ali Honey said...

Great pot design.

Meggie I read an article today, (that made me think of you and another friend I have,)in the NZ Listener - weekly magazine. Hyperthidrosis ( excessive sweating)is suffered by 3% of the population; more women than men; and can be treated in 3 different ways. All sound a bit horrendous; the best maybe is a sympathectomy. The article listed tips for sweat busting - all of which you probably know or have tried, but it did suggest caffeine, spicy food, and medicatation are all bad. ( have you googled the subject? )

Stomper Girl said...

Funny how people are about their hair! I love humidity for mine because I get such gorgeous almost-ringlets! That I would have paid a lot of money for in the 80s!

Anonymous said...

Oh I talk to myself all the time. I don't usually confess to it incase people think I am mad. But I am constantly giving myself a running commentary or a little pep talk.

Is it normal?

Knot Garden said...

I have that internal dialogue as well, and often even talk to myself out loud.(Should get out more!) At night I find it difficult to switch my brain off and sleep, lol!

Thimbleanna said...

In enjoyed a peek into your little voice Meggie. I talk to myself all the time too!

BBC said...

I don't know about you, but I seem to have an internal dialogue I find almost impossible to shut up.

Boy, can I relate to that, my mind multi tasks a lot. And I notice that my mind switches sides a lot.

My posts and comments often reflect that. As the world gets more complex it gets worse, it seems to me.

We're all just going bat shit crazy. I'm just trying to enjoy the journey.

Ian Lidster said...

I'm a great internal dialoguer. In fact, if Wendy's away working, I make my dialogues verbal. It helps to establish a pattern to my day, and justification for what I have or haven't done.

smilnsigh said...

Wow! The day was eaten by locusts. Thanks Granny J. What a great saying!

Well, I have lots of days that are eaten by locusts! I think we all do. So Hon, just welcome to the club. :-)

Hope the headache is better.

The day was eaten by locusts.

smilnsigh said...

Oh that granddaughter. Straightening that beautiful hair. Booo hisssssss...


CONNIE W said...

I guess we all have lots of similarities in our behavior. But I'm not to the instant coffee stage yet, must be fairly freshly brewed, hot, and made in a drip pot. I'm set in my ways, Girlfriend.

meggie said...

Ali, I confess, I just live with it now. I did consider treatments when I was younger, but I am a coward! haha.

Stomper, I would give my eyeteeth to have hair like GD's.

RB, I don't really care if it is 'normal'. Too late to stop it now! It does give me some laughs sometimes.

Anna, sometimes it is a way to work things out!

Billy, you could be right. I am just going crazy!

Ian, I sometimes discuss things with the dog, when I cant shut the voice up!

Mari Nanci, I have many days eaten by locusts.

Connie, I used to love my coffee, but once I gave up smoking I didn't drink much of it. 1 or 2 cups a day. In the shop we had a commercial Espresso machine, so good coffee was on tap all day.

Molly said...

In defense of talking to one's self my father used to say "at least you'll be assured of an attentive audience!" hope your headache lifts and you make sewing progress!

Molly said...

In defense of talking to one's self my father used to say "at least you'll be assured of an attentive audience!" hope your headache lifts and you make sewing progress!

meggie said...

Molly, I always say to Gom, At least I get the right answers!

meggie said...

Knot Garden, sorry I missed you out. I also talk myself off to sleep. I wake often in the night, & the dialogue continues- often about whatever I have been dreaming!

sheoflittlebrain said...

What beautiful hair your Granddaughter has! That dark, rich color would look lovely no matter how it's worn..kids:)
Hope your headach's gone, and ou're feeling better.

meggie said...

Solb, She has just recently dyed her hair. It is a lovely colour without dye, but you can't convince the young ones.
She hates the fact that it is 'big' hair, but it is just her Italian heritage I think. Her father's hair went curly once he hit puberty.

Mike said...

My "internal dialogue" seems to be slipping out a lot these days. I can't tell you how many times a day I catch myself talking to myself. That's bad enough, but when someone else (usually my wife) catches me, it is even worse.

meggie said...

Mike I wouldnt mind my internal dialogue slipping out, but it is the developing Tourettes that is a worry!

mereth said...

Keryn and I are in the bad habit, after a few months of seeing each other every day, of verbalising the internal dialogue. We're constantly muttering to each other about what we should do next or what we're doing at that very minute "I'll just put the kettle on..." She can SEE me doing it,I don't have to SAY it!! Gotta stop this or we'll end up potty.
I had a friend that attacked my limp locks with a straightener and I don't think it's ever been the same since. I love thick curly hair and would love the grand-daughter's tresses, sigh....

meggie said...

Mereth, I do that with my daughter. The most annoying thing I say is, "I think I will just go to the loo". What the hell? I AM going to the loo. What is that all about??

ancient one said...

I tried to leave a comment... and that one failed... trying again...

Java said...

Oh good does that mean we are all normal then, speaking of internal dialogues, and then I kept thinking "Must blog this, must blog this" LOL
Great post, I enjoy reading it.
Hope you guys sorted the "problem" out.